New Capenna Triomes: List of All & Styles

Wizards completed yet another cycle, this time with five New Capenna Triomes. They come in not one, but in three different styles. In this article you’ll be able to find all of them. We’ll also share some additional information about them, which you might find useful.

New Capenna Triomes – Regular Version

First up, here are the regular, simple versions:

Jetmir's Garden New Capenna Triomes
Spara's Headquarters New Capenna Spoilers
Raffine's Tower New Capenna Spoilers
Xander's Longue New Capenna Triomes
Ziatora's Proving Ground New Capenna Spoilers

New Capenna Triomes – Skyscraper Version

These are the so-called skyscraper versions of the New Capenna triomes. They have a special frame and text box. There’s also no flavor text, nor reminder text, which makes the card cleaner to read.

Jetmir's Garden Skyscraper Triomes New Capenna
Spara's Headquarters New Capenna Tri Lands Alternate Art
Raffine's Tower Skyscraper Triomes New Capenna
Xander's Lounge New Capenna Three Color Lands Alt Art
Ziatora's Proving Ground Skyscraper Triomes New Capenna

New Capenna Triomes – Borderless Version

Next up, are the borderless versions. These have a bigger art which goes right to the edge of a card. The reminder text is also gone, and the text box is smaller. The art is in focus with these, and these are expected to be the most sought after triomes.

Jetmir's Garden Borderless Triomes New Capenna
Spara's Headquarters Borderless Triomes New Capenna
Raffine's Tower New Capenna Tri Lands Promo
Xander's Lounge Cycling Lands New Capenna
Ziatora's Proving Ground Alt Art Triomes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get New Capenna triomes?

You’ll be able to open these in Draft, Set or Collector Boosters of New Capenna. Of course, the Draft boosters most likely contain the regular versions, while Collector Boosters have the biggest chance for premium alternate-art versions.

Why are Capenna 3-color lands called triomes?

Because when this type of a land first appeared back in Ikoria, all five were named Triomes, like Zagoth Triome.

Why are triomes good?

Multiple reasons. They provide three colors of mana. YOu can cycle them away, when you don’t need them. Finally, they also have three basic land types, which makes them work with fetch lands, like Flooded Strand.


Anyways that’s all about the New Capenna triomes. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time, have fun, and may you open your favorite triome in your next Capenna pack!

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