New Standard Decks From Core Set 2021

Are you looking for a new Standard deck to play on Arena? You can take a look at these 21 new Core Set 2021 Standard decklists, from 21 different streamers.

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Each decklists opens in a separate tab, as we had some problems with the loading speed, when we put multiple decklists in one article. When you open a decklist, you can copy it by clicking the Arena icon in the top right corner. Then import it to Arena by going to Decks section and click Import.

Mono Color

First, we’ll take a look at some mono colored decks. These are great for newer players, as you won’t need dual lands, which makes them more affordable.

Mono White Life Gain

Speaker of the Heavens new core set 2021 decklists

Played by: MTG Jeff

Mono White Life Gain: Decklist

Mono white life gain might finally have enough cards to be somewhat viable.

Core cards are still Heliod, Sun-Crowned, Ajani’s Pridemate and Daxos, Blessed by the Sun. The new synergy addition is Speaker of the Heavens, which can be quite powerful, if you can make it work.

The problem with white decks in the past was lack of resilience after a board wipe. Quite a few cards from M21 can help with that, and this deck takes full advantage of them by playing:

Deck looks pretty fun, but if you want to make it more competitive, you should probably cut some pure life gain stuff like Light of Hope and Revitalize in favor of some removal spells like Conclave Tribunal.

Mono Black Vito

Mono Black Vito new standard decks m21

Played by: AliasV

Mono Black Vito: Decklist

Did you miss Gray Merchant of Asphodel? Well, he’s back with Vito to help him kill your opponents out of nowhere.

Deck is using the old combo of Lampad of Death’s Vigil and Nightmare Shepherd to both drain your opponent and trigger enter-the-battlefield effects again.

This also works nicely with another new addition to the deck – Massacre Wurm, which can be a very good finisher on its own as well.

Mono Red Subira

subira red deck new m21 decklists

Played by: Titansfan920

Mono Red Subira Decklist

Subira is definitely a strong card. It might become even better after rotation, when some stronger cards rotate out. However, it’s already playable in a deck like this one.

It’s built around Cavalcade of Calamity. One powered creatures work well with this enchantment and with Subira too.

You’ll discover a lot of sweet plays with this deck. For example, Cavalcade works great with Chandra’s Spitfire and Chandra’s Pyreling, making them really big – of course, you can make them unblockable before combat with Subira.

So if you’re looking for a mono red aggressive deck, which uses M21 cards this is certainly a good option.

Big Red Orrery

chromatic orrery decks core set 2021

Played by: TheNewDrSpilikin

Big Red Orrery Decklist

Here’s another mono red deck. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be more different from the previous one.

It’s essentially a ramp deck, which uses Irencrag Feat to ramp into various big spells like:

Deck also takes advantage of Karn, the Great Creator and a sideboard full of artifacts to get just the one you need.

If you want to try a deck that does its very own thing, Big Red Orrery is a cool option to try.

Green Conclave Mentor

conclave mentor new decks m21

Played by: Amazonian

Green Conclave Mentor: Decklist

Amazonian built this deck from a mono green deck. She added a very light white splash for Conclave Mentor. Most of the cards in the deck work with +1/+1 counters and Mentor enables some insane starts.

Just curving Pelt Collector into Mentor gives you a 3/3 attacker on turn two. If you manage to land Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig on the following turn, you’re probably winning that game.

This deck is great for anyone who likes counters and misses Winding Constrictor.


Are you a fan of tribal decks? Here’s a couple of suggestions for you.

Rin and Seri

Rin and Seri Inseparable

Played by: Absurd Heroine

Rin and Seri, Inseparable: Decklist

Absurd Heroine built this deck around Rin and Seri, Inseparable, so it takes advantages of both Cats and Dogs.

Pack Leader buffs your dogs, while Feline Sovereign does the same for cats. Of course, both buff Rin and Seri.

Deck uses Banishing Light as a removal spell of choice and Vivien, Champion of the Wilds as a source of card advantage. It won’t be winning any tournaments soon, but if you want to play with Cats and Dogs, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Buy-a-Box Promo

Just a reminder – Rin and Seri is a Buy-a-Box promo, which means you can’t get it in regular boosters. You can either craft it (using your mythic wildcards) or by buying 45 Booster Pack deal in Store. In paper you get it by buying a Core 2021 booster box.

Naya Cats

Feline Sovereign cat deck core set 2021 decklist

Played by: PowrDragn

Naya Cats: Decklist

Do you like cats? If so, you’re gonna love this decklist. All 28 creatures in the deck are cats. So what are your payoffs (besides having the cutest creatures ever)?

You get Feline Sovereign, which makes your cats stronger and able to destroy enchantments and artifacts. There are quite a few targets for that ability in Standard currently. Wilderness Reclamation and Embercleave come to mind.

Another payoff is Kaheera, the Orphanguard, which serves as your companion. Of course, after the companion change, it’s not as good as it was, but hey – it’s a free card, we’ll take it. There are also two copies of Kaheera in the main deck.

Naya Cats isn’t one of the most competitive decks from M21, but if you’re looking for a tribal deck, this one’s pretty fun.

Two Color

Following up are some good old two color Standard decks using new cards from Core 2021.

Red – White Houndmaster

rw houndmaster new m21 decklists

Played by: Felix Sloo

Red – White Houndmaster: Decklist

Alpine Houndmaster and his two dogs might look like draft chaff, but as it turns out, they’re actually playable in Standard.

Two mana 2/2 that draws you two cards is pretty strong, even if those cards aren’t the best ones. Once you equip one of the with Embercleave they aren’t bad anymore. That’s why the deck plays 4 copies of it.

The deck is very resilient, Houndmaster provides you with card advantage, Seasoned Hallowblade protects itself, while Selfless Savior protects others.

One card worth protecting is certainly Winota, Joiner of Forces. Sure, she’s not as strong as she used to be in other shells, but getting free Tajic, Legion’s Edge or Houndmaster is still perfectly fine.

Anyaways, if you’re looking for an aggressive deck with some good boys, this one looks pretty promising.

Blue – Red Spells

ur spells frantic inventory

Played by: VTCLA

Blue – Red Spells: Decklist

Remember Crackling Drake? Pepperidge farm VTCLA remembers.

This deck uses a bunch of creatures that synergise with instants and sorceries, including:

It uses a bunch of cantrips to power them up, as well as Frantic Inventory, which can be quite powerful, once there’s at least one in the yard.

If you missed this type of deck, now is a perfect opportunity to try it out. It can also be pretty cheap as you might already have most of the cards for it.

Red – Green Monsters

radha heart of keld decklist core set 2021

Played by: Delmo

Red – Green Monsters: Decklist

Red and green got some nice upgrades in Core Set 2021 including:

There’s also a one-of Primal Might, that can sometimes win you the game unexpectedly.

This deck wants to play big creatures a turn earlier, that’s why it includes Arboreal Grazer, Marauding Raptor and Migratory Greathorn.

If you like big efficient creatures and attacking, then you should definitely try this one out.

Black – White Patrician

indulging patrician

Played by: Merchant

Black-White Patrician Decklist

Black-White archetype in M21 draft is life gain and it looks like it could be viable in Standard as well.

Deck includes a combo with Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose and Revival / Revenge. If you have at least half as much life as your opponent, these two cards combined win you the game on the spot.

There are a bunch of other life gain payoffs, the best one is probably Silversmote Ghoul. Who would’ve thought that free creatures are great?

Blue – White Blink

niambi blink decklist m21 new decks

Played by: CovertGoBlue

Blue – White Blink: Decklist

This deck is great for everyone who likes value. It’s packed full of creatures with enter-the-battlefield effects. You can then reuse them with Niambi, Esteemed Speaker or Barrin, Tolarian Archmage.

Afterwards you can blink your whole board with Yorion, Sky Nomad to get even more value. Yorion is very good in this deck, so it’s not just a companion – there’re also 3 additional copies in main deck.

The deck really is fun to play and it might even be competitive. How bad can a deck playing four copies of Teferi, Time Raveler really be?

Blue – Green Endless Turns

blue green discontinuity core set 2021 m21 decklists new

Played by: Day9

Blue – Green Endless Turns: Decklist

Are you one of the players who actually miss Nexus of Fate in Standard? Well, Core 2021 has a new spell to annoy your opponents with.

Discontinuity won’t simply give you an extra turn, though. You’ll have to pass the turn to your opponent – but you can cast it in their upkeep, to get your turn back immediately. Of course they can cast instant spells in response, so keep that in mind.

You can still do plenty of interesting stuff with Discontinuity, for example:

  • Cast it after they play Yorion, Sky Nomad, so they won’t get their permanents back.
  • Use it in your turn as a quasi counterspell for two mana.
  • When playing against Wilderness Reclamation you can counter their first spell plus deny them additional untap steps.

It also works nicely with Teferi, Master of Time, giving you plenty of chances of activating him, which can quickly lead to the ultimate and two extra turns.

All in all, the deck is basically a green-blue ramp deck with Ugin, and will serve you just fine, even without the Discontinuity shenanigans. However, using this blue sorcery can lead to some pretty fun moments.

Black – Green Dread Dryad

azusa new standard decks m21

Played by: LegenVD

Dread Dryad: Decklist

This deck uses Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove to play multiple lands in a single turn.

If those lands are Swamps, you can draw more fuel with Dread Presence or just start shooting things with it. Dryad gives your lands all basic land types, which means Fabled Passage can trigger Presence twice.

On the top end you have Bolas’s Citadel, which makes sure that you never run out of gas. It works even better then usually, because you can shift through multiple lands on top of your deck with Azusa and Dryad.

The rest of the deck is built with this plan in mind and it looks like one of the most fun new M21 Standard decks.

Tutelage Peer Mill

teferi's tutelage new standard decks

Played by: RatsRelyk7

Tutelage Peer Mill: Decklist

Now this decklist is something else! It’s one of the weirdest M21 decks out there.

It uses Teferi’s Tutelage and Peer Into the Abyss to try and mill your opponents, once you reach 7 mana.

Deck uses a bunch of control tools – removal and discard spells – to survive long enough. Sometimes you’ll get multiple copies of Tutelage in play and you won’t even need Peer. You do have cards like Teferi, Master of Time and Thirst for Knowledge, which can give you multiple Tutelage triggers.

The deck probably won’t win that many games, but when it does – it’s going to be in style.

Lurrus Vessel

archfiend's vessel new core set 2021 decklists

Played by: Cabezadebolo

Lurrus Vessel Decklist

There’s not much to say about this decklist. It’s your usual Red – Black Lurrus sacrifice deck, except it’s using Archfiend’s Vessel, to occasionally get a 5/5 flyer and a two drop with Call of the Death-Dweller. Now that’s some value!

The deck seems pretty well positioned currently, but there are plenty of different versions out there.


Do you like planeswalkers? Here are three decks that use the new ones. The section is wrapped up with a deck that uses 4 different planeswalkers, although zero new ones.

Garruk Tribal

garruk unleashed

Played by: Hello Good Game

Garruk Tribal: Decklist

This deck plays two different Garruks + two Garruk themed cards:

Wolf tokens from Cursed Huntsman work with both planeswalkers, which is pretty nice.

As you might expect from Garruk’s Uprising, deck plays 15 creatures with 4+ power. So if you like Garruk and big creatures, this is a great choice for you.

Basri Ket Tokens

basri ket tokens new core set 2021 decklists

Played by: Andrea Mengucci

Basri Ket Tokens: Decklist

You might think that Basri’s doesn’t work well with tokens, because of his second ability. However, the deck still plays 21 non-token creatures, which makes him very strong.

This deck can spew out a bunch of creatures very quickly and then buff them with Venerated Loxodon or Unbreakable Formation. Both of those are pretty much broken if you also have Conclave Mentor in play.

Anyways, this’s a great deck for anyone who likes tokens!

Bant Ramp

teferi master of time

Played by: Crokeyz

Bant Teferi Decklist

Crokeyz once again found a front runner for the best deck in Standard very quickly. Some variation of this Bant deck will probably be very powerful until the rotation (and maybe even beyond).

It uses 4 different planeswalkers – both Teferis, Nissa and Ugin. It ramps into them with Growth Spiral and Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath.

Deck also takes full advantage of a couple of two drops form Core 2021 – Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse and Scavenging Ooze. Both of them add a nice dimension to the deck.

If you want a very strong deck, you can’t go wrong with this one. However, it’s quite pricey containing 48 rares and 9 mythics.

Abzan Life Gain

griffin aeerie

Played by: Noxious

Abzan Life Gain: Decklist

This deck is a blast to play with. Each nonland card in the deck either gains you life or is a payoff for doing so. The payoffs are:

Vito once again combos with Revival / Revenge – nuking your opponents out of nowhere.

Deck plays four different planeswalkers. Each one of them has a way of gaining you life:

So if you want to play a deck with both life gain and a bunch of walkers, this is the one for you.


We’re ending 21 new decklists for Core Set 2021 Standard with a five color deck, featuring Sanctum of All.

5 Color Shrines

5 color shrines decklist standard new m21 core set 2021

Played by: Mono Black Magic

5 Color Shrines: Decklist

It’s basically a Doom Foretold / Dance of the Manse control deck, that also plays all five Shrines. Sometimes you’ll win without even playing your Shrines, which is a bit anticlimactic. However, it’s a nice way to make this deck at least somewhat viable.

The deck also uses the sideboard to get either the missing pieces or answers with Fae of Whishes.

All in all, the deck is pretty fun to play and you can certainly make some adjustments to suit you better.

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