22 New Standard Decks from Kaldheim

Are you looking for new Kaldheim decks? Here’s some awesome options for you with 20 different new Kaldheim Standard decklists from various different streamers. They played most of them during the Early Access Streamer event.

If you like a deck, make sure to check the streamer’s Twitch or YouTube channel by clicking on their name (next to played by).

Each decklist opens in a separate tab, to avoid problems with the loading speed that we had when we put multiple decklists in one article. When you open a decklist, you can copy it by clicking the Arena icon in the top right corner. Then import it to Arena by going to Decks section and click Import.

With that said, let’s get right to it.

Kaldheim Decks With Planeswalkers

First up, some Kaldheim decks that contain new planeswalkers.

Dance of the Mance feat. Niko Aris

Played by: Filipa Carola

Dance of the Manse Kaldheim: Decklist

If you enjoyed your previous Dance of the Manse decks, you’re going to like this one to. The deck plays Yorion, Sky Nomad as a companion, which means it contains 80 cards.

It plays a full playset of Niko Aris, so it’s a great deck if you want to try this planeswalker out. Perhaps, you won’t get the most millage out of the +1, but other than that, you’ll be able to use all other parts to get both removal and plenty of card advantage.

The deck contains plenty of other Kaldheim cards, for example:

Abzan 60 Card Yorion feat. Kaya & Tibalt

Played by: yoman5

Abzan 60 Card Yorion: Decklist

This deck uses plenty of Kaldheim cards, Kaya and Tibalt are the two planeswalkers, but additionally there are also two powerful sagas – Firja’s Retribution and Binding the Old Gods.

As you can imagine, both of them are pretty good with Yorion. However, yoman5 didn’t decide to go with an 80-card deck, but used the more consistent 60-card version.

If you like grindy decks, you should try this one out.

Tibalt & Kroxa

Played by: TheUltimaRatio

Tibalt & Kroxa: Decklist

Did you enjoy casting Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger in the previous Standard, but now you’re a bit bored with it? Don’t worry, as this deck can definitely spice up the experience.

The deck already contained a bunch of self-mill synergies, so it can quite easily support Quakebringer. Both Kroxa and Bonecrusher Giant can fill its Giant-clause, and your opponents will be taking damage from everywhere.

Kaldheim Tribal Standard Decklists

Kaldheim has plenty of tribal synergies, especially considering the changelings. Here are some various tribal Kaldheim decks.

Kaldheim Elf Tribal

Tyvar Kell Elf Tribal Standard Deck Kaldheim

Played by: Reid Duke

Kaldheim Elf Tribal: Decklist

Perhaps you’ve noticed that one of the planeswalkers was missing from the previous section. That’s because Tyvar Kell fits much better in the tribal category.

The other two payoffs are Harald, King of Skemfar and Elvish Warmaster. If you decide to further modify this deck, you might want to add some copies of Realmwalker, which can be a good card advantage engine.

Blue-Red Kaldheim Giants

Played by: Saffron Olive

Blue-Red Kaldheim Giants: Decklist

This deck is all about Giants and the synergies they have. If you want to enjoy an unusual, yet powerful tribal deck, you should certainly try this one. It looks like it might be at least somewhat viable in Standard.

Black-Red Berserker Tribal

The Bloodsky Massacre Kaldheim Decklists Berserker Tribal

Played by: TitanSmashMTG

Black-Red Berserker Tribal: Decklist

While the two big tribes of the set are most certainly Elves and Giants, there are some minor synergies for other creature types as well.

For starters, this deck is built around Berserker. There aren’t that many payoffs for Berserkers, but The Bloodsky Massacre is a really amazing card if you can support it. It just does everything – makes a relevant body, provides card advantage and a mana boost. What more would you want?

Additionally, you also use Skemfar Avenger for card advantage. Since you really want to play a lot of Berserkers, you do end up with some sub-optimal creatures. However, the deck is a really fun one to play, and might even be somewhat viable.

Snow Zombie Tribal

Played by: MTG Joe

Snow Zombie Tribal: Decklist

Do you want to play a snow deck or Zombie tribal? Why not a little bit of both?

This deck plays heavily towards snow synergies. For example, there’s Frost Augur, which has approximately 50% chance of drawing you a card, whenever you activate it – around half of the deck is presented by snow cards.

Narfi, Betrayer King pumps all creatures in your deck, while Jorn, God of Winter gives you some interesting options by becoming Kaldring, the Rimestaff.

Another Kaldheim card in the deck is Draugr Necromancer, which seems pretty sweet if you manage to make it work.

Kaldheim Tribal Cats

Played by: yours truly

Cat Tribal: Decklist

Cat tribal is a pet deck of mine, so I tried building one with the new additions from Kaldheim. While the deck won’t win any tournaments, it can be fun to mess around with on Arena.

There’s definitely some potential with playing various buff cards such as:

When you have a couple of those in play, Esika’s Chariot brings two 4/4 cards, which can be very powerful. Additional token makers in Felidar Retreat and Cubwarden also greatly benefit from these buffs.

The deck could use some further tuning. If you have some good suggestions fell free to leave a comment below.

Kaldheim Dwarf Tribal

Magda Brazen Outlaw Kaldheim New Decks Standard MTGA Import

Played by: yours truly

Kaldheim Dwarf Tribal: Decklist

Here’s another deck that I tried building myself. Magda, Brazen Outlaw is certainly a powerful card. However, the rest of the Dwarfs are pretty weak. This could be one of the Kaldheim decks that improves with upcoming sets, if we get more Dwarfs.

For now, we have to play Staunch Shieldmate as our only one drop Dwarf. However, this enables a start where we have two Shieldmates and Magda in play on turn two, which isn’t too shabby.

The deck plays Seven Dwarves for flavor reasons, and because there really aren’t many playable Dwarfs in Standard. Perhaps you could try something with Runes and Runeforge Champion?

Finally, our two Dragons of choice are four copies of Goldspan Dragon and two copies of Terror of the Peaks. You can easily get them in play on turn four, and sometimes you can search for them with Magda’s last ability.

Anyways, we’re also playing Showdown of the Skalds and Embercleave as they are simply superb cards.

Kaldheim Decks (Build Arounds)

We’re continuing with four more new Standard decks, that are build around a specific Kaldheim card.

Showdowns of the Skalds Aggro

Showdown of the Skalds Decklist Kaldheim

Played by: Martin Juza

Showdowns of the Skalds Aggro: Decklist

This red-white deck is very strong. You’re playing an aggressive deck, that has a chance to reload with Showdown of the Skalds. Getting an aggressive deck with this kind of advantage doesn’t happen often.

You can always get the Saga back (even in response to the last trigger) with Shepherd of the Flock Adventure side. This way you’ll get four more cards, and keep the advantage train rolling.

If you’re looking for a powerful aggressive deck, this is certainly a fine choice.

Turn 2 Ugin – Tibalt’s Trickery

Tibalt's Trickery Turn 2 Ugin Decklist Kaldheim New Decks

Played by: various players

Turn 2 Ugin – Tibalt’s Trickery: Decklist

Now here’s a meme deck. It’s build around trying to cheat Ugin, the Spirit Dragon into play on turn 2, by countering your own Stonecoil Serpent with Tibalt’s Trickery. The key is to mulligan until you have both Trickery and Serpent in hand.

The combo falls apart, if you hit another Trickery instead of Ugin. Is it good? Probably not. Is it fun when it works? You bet!

Maybe it can be a way to get quick wins for your daily quests – you either win (almost) or lose on turn two. But make sure that you set a stop, before you cast the Serpent, so you’ll hold priority and be able to counter it with Trickery.

Since all the cards in the deck have even cost, I added Gyruda, Doom of Depths as a companion and appropriate untapped dual lands. It probably doesn’t come up the vast majority of the time, but it doesn’t hurt either. In theory, you could also add exactly one Temple of the appropriate color.

Dream Devourer Ramp

Played by: Felix Sloo

Dream Devourer Ramp: Decklist

Here’s another interesting deck. It’s basically a big green deck that splashes black for Dream Devourer, Binding the Old Gods and some sideboard cards.

Dream Devourer can certainly enable some interesting play patterns. If you like big green creatures, give this deck a try.

Fynn, the Fangbearer Poison

Fynn, the Fangbearer Poison Decklist New MTGA Decks Kaldheim

Played by: Merchant

Fynn, the Fangearer Poison: Decklist

Poision counters are back in Standard! If you’re a fan of alternate win conditions, you’re gonna love this deck. The deck is full of deathtouch creatures and has two lords – Fynn, the Fangbearer and Hooded Blightfang.

While you probably won’t win with Poison counters many times, it’s still an epic achievement if you manage to do so.

Updated Decks

There are also plenty of decks, that are based on the ones from the previous Standard format, but with new updates. These are great if you don’t want to craft too many new cards, but still want to have some in your decks.

Cosima Ramp

Played by: Andrea Mengucci

Cosima Ramp: Decklist

Do you like Temur ramp? Do you miss Escape to the Wilds, and wish it wasn’t banned? If so, you can play this updated Temur ramp deck.

It features most of the usual stuff, plus Cosima, God of the Voyage and Showdown of the Skalds as your absurd card advantage engines, that can somewhat replace Escape to the Wilds.

It certainly looks like something like this could be one of the better new Kaldheim decks.

Kaldheim Party

Played by: Riley Knight

Kaldheim Party: Decklist

Changeling work great with party, as they can fit in for any missing creature type. It’s worth mentioning that one Shapeshifter still counts only for one member in the party.

While this doesn’t make the deck super powerful, it makes it a little more viable. So if you’ve enjoyed the Party archetype, you might want to give this one a try – especially, since the new Changeling cards in the deck are just commons and uncommons, so you might already have the rest of the deck.

Maja Winota

Played by: Sidetrakisbad

Maja Winota: Decklist

Winota, Joiner of Forces used to be a power house in Standard, but has lately fallen out of the metagame. Nevertheless, a new powerful human, Maja, Bretagard Protector might be just what the deck was missing to become competitive once again.

Maja is also the only new card in the deck, so you might already have a larger part of the deck in your collection already.

Mono Red Snow

Played by: PowrDragn

Mono Red Snow: Decklist

Do you always like to play your trusty red deck? In that case, you might want to take this one to your battles. It contains quite some new cards from Kaldheim – both sides of Birgi can be really powerful in this deck, depending on what’s happening in the game.

In addition, there’s also Dragonkin Berserker, who can make some big Dragons, while already having an okay stats.

You’re playing Snow-Covered Mountains in order to power up Frost Bite and a powerful land Faceless Haven. If you’ll be editing a deck a bit, you might want to try out Tundra Fumarole, a powerful removal spell in a snow deck.

Kaldheim Naya Adventures

Played by: Crokeyz

Kaldheim Naya Adventures: Decklist

Crokeyz always very quickly finds good decks. So if you want one of the best early Kaldheim decks right out of the gates, this is a very solid choice.

The deck derives from the best deck in previous Standard, Red-Green adventures. With the addition of white, you get Showdown of the Skalds and two adventure creatures – Giant Killer and Shepherd of the Flock.

All in all it’s a pretty good deck, if you just want to win.

More Kaldheim Decks

Finally, we’re wrapping up with four more new Kaldheim decks.

Kaldheim Jund Mythics

Played by: Andrea Mengucci

Kaldheim Jund Mythics: Decklist

Do you have too many wildcards? Do you want to Jund your opponents out? In that case you have to try this deck.

In addition to the two big mythics you see above, the deck also features the following cards from Kaldheim:

Before you go burning your wild cards on this deck, just remember, that there’s no guarantee for this deck to be viable. However, it will certainly be very fun, and you could use most of the cards in various other decks.

Temur Alrund’s Epiphany

Played by: Bryan Gottlieb

Temur Alrund’s Epiphany: Decklist

Miss casting Nexus of Fate? Well, Alrund’s Epiphany is not quite that, but it’s certainly a very good version of the Time Walk effect.

The deck has lots of ramp, so it can get to a lot of mana very quickly. It has many subtle synergies, that you might enjoy. For example, if you foretold Saw it Coming, you can protect Goldspan Dragon when it attacks, even if you tapped out for it, as you’ll get a Treasure token, that can be cracked for two mana.

This certainly looks like one of the most fun new Kaldheim decks, and it might even be competitive.

Mono White Halvar

Played by: Rapsolo

Mono White Halvar: Decklist

If you’re looking for a white deck with a bunch of new cards, look no further. Besides Halvar, this deck also includes:

It’s certainly an interesting one.

Blue-White Foretell Control

Played by: Ali Eldrazi

Blue-White Niko Foretell Control: Decklist

Kaldheim has some great stuff for classic control players, with amazing foretell cards. If you foretell some cards, you can cast them for a really low cost – Doomskar becomes a three mana wrath, and Saw It Coming is a hard counterspell for two.

Additionally, you use Niko Defies Destiny to get all sorts of value with your foretell cards. Alrund’s Epiphany and Shark Typhoon also work nicely in this shell.

So if you want to play a classic control deck, this might be the one for you.

More Useful Kaldheim Information

That’s all about new Standard Kaldheim decks for Arena. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check MTGA codes, as there’s a new code for three free Kaldheim Packs plus various older ones. If you don’t want to miss any new ones (some can expire quickly), you can give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram. We post new codes, articles and Magic memes over there.

If you’re missing new cards, the best way to get the is probably through drafting, If you decide to do some drafts check our Kaldheim Draft Guide, where we talk about the best commons, archetypes and general tips.

Until next time, have fun and enjoy your new Kaldheim decks for a long time.

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