List of All 122 Old Frame Cards from Time Spiral Remastered

Looking for old frame cards from Time Spiral Remastered? You can find all 122 of them right here. In this article we’ll also talk about where you can get them, but first let’s start with the list.

Old Frame Cards – Full List

There are 121 old frame cards (also called timeshifted cards) that appear in Time Spiral Boosters. Additionally, there’s also a Lotus Bloom promo, which brings the total number to 122. The promo is available in some game stores as a buy-a-box promo.

There are no new cards here, all of them are reprints. However, all of them have the old Magic frame for the very first time, and most of them are playable in at least some formats. Take a look and find your favorite ones.

Where to Get Old Frame Timeshifted Cards?

Each pack of Time Spiral Remastered contains one old frame card. It can even be a foil. In that case it has another feature of the old school MTG design – the shooting star icon at the bottom of the card.

Time Spiral was designed with drafting in mind. If you decide to organize a draft, or just to crack a bunch of packs, your best choice is a booster box, which contains 36 packs.

Time Spiral Remastered Booster Box

You can get Time Spiral boosters at your local game store or on Amazon. You can contact the seller to find out if you’ll also receive a Lotus Bloom promo, if you decide to purchase a full box.


Which Time Spiral Remastered old frame card is your favorite? Which card do you wish was included? Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time, have fun and may your Time Spiral boosters contain your favorite retro card – in foil, of course!

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