Outlaws of Thunder Junction Special Guests: Full List

It looks like Special Guests are the a mainstay in big Magic sets. In today’s article, you’ll be able to find all Outlaws of Thunder Junction Special Guests cards. We’ll also provide information about your odds of opening them in boosters, as well as some more info for players unfamiliar with these special cards.

Let’s get right to it.

What Are Thunder Junction Special Guests?

Special Guests are reprints of (more or less) iconic cards from Magic’s past that can appear in some Outlaws of Thunder Junction boosters. There are 10 different cards, each with a new art. As you’ll notice the artwork is tied to this set, so all cards have that Wild West feel.

However, one important thing to remember about these is that they won’t be Standard legal. The inclusion of a card on a Special Guests list doesn’t change its legality in any format. Nevertheless, you can play them in Draft and Sealed if you open them.

Most of these cards are quite exciting pulls. But why spend any more time discussing them? See them for yourself!

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Special Guests Cards – Full List

Opening Odds for Outlaws Special Guests

So, what are your odds of opening some of these cards in boosters? That depends on which of the two booster types you’re cracking.

Play Boosters

Play boosters are the cheaper packs. Each one comes with a 20% chance for getting an “upgraded common slot”. When that happens a common is replaced with either a Big Score card or a Special Guests card.

Given that there are 30 Big Score cards, and 10 Special Guests cards, that means that each Play booster has a 5% chance for a Special Guest. (One per 20 boosters on average.)

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Booster Box

Given that a whole box of Play boosters comes with 36 packs, that means that you can expect around 1.8 Special Guests in a whole box. Of course, these numbers might vary in any give box, as these are simply averages.

Collector Boosters

Surprisingly enough, Collector boosters offer a smaller chance for a Special Guest card. It can appear in only one slot, and roughly 3% of the time. To be fair, it does come with foil treatment, so there’s that.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Collector Booster Box

A Collector booster box comes with 12 boosters, which gives you an average of 0.36 Special Guests per box. So, not a great product if you only care about these cards.

Outlaws Special Guests Checklist

Here’s a text list of all the card, in case you plan to collect all ten cards and want to check them off one by one.

Collector No.Special Guest Card
029Stoneforge Mystic
030Brazen Borrower
032Morbid Opportunist
033Port Razer
035Mystic Snake
036Notion Thief
038Prismatic Vista

Discover Other Alt-Art Cards in Thunder Junction

That’s it for the Special Guests. However, there are plenty of other exciting styles being released in this set. If you’re interested, check these articles:

Until next time, have fun, and may you open all the cards you’re looking for in your boosters.

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