Ravnica Remastered Draft Tier List

Welcome to our Ravnica Remastered Draft Tier List. This article is meant as a companion to our Ravnica Remastered Draft Guide, in which you’ll find big picture view of the format. Here you’ll find grades for of each and every card in Ravnica Remastered draft. Hopefully, this will help you win more games.

Ravnica Remastered Draft Tier List – Legend

One thing before we get to the tier list – here’s a description of what each grade means:

  • A: The best bombs, these cards can win games on their own.
  • B: Strong cards that give you a reason to play their colors.
  • C: Fine cards, which you’ll often play when you’re in their colors.
  • D: Mediocre cards, which you’d rather avoid playing.
  • F: Unplayable cards.

All grades (except F), can come with a “+” or a “-” symbol. As expected, C+ is a better grade than C, which is better than C-.

Ravnica Remastered Draft Tier List

Angelic ExaltationC
Armory GuardD
Arrester's ZealC
Azorius ArresterC
Azorius JusticiarC+
Basilica GuardsB-
Blazing ArchonD
Blind ObedienceB+
Boros EliteC
Bulwark GiantC-
Conclave EquenautC+
Devouring LightB
Divine VisitationB-
Eyes in the SkiesC+
Faith's FettersB
Gideon BlackbladeA
Keening ApparitionC-
Makeshift BattalionC-
Ministrant of ObligationB+
Mistral ChargerC+
Rising PopulaceC-
Rootborn DefensesC
Summary JudgmentC
Sunhome StalwartB-
Syndicate MessengerB-
To Arms!C-
Tomik, Distinguished AdvokistB-
Unbreakable FormationA-
Urbis ProtectorB-
Balustrade SpyC
Blade JugglerB
Burglar RatC+
Crypt GhastB+
Dark ConfidantC-
Debtors' TransportC+
Dimir House GuardC
Golgari ThugC+
Ill-Gotten InheritanceC
Infernal TutorD
Last GaspB
Liliana, Dreadhorde GeneralA+
Lord of the VoidA-
Macabre WaltzC-
Massacre GirlA+
Mausoleum TurnkeyC+
Mephitic VaporsC-
Midnight ReaperA-
Orzhov EnforcerB
Orzhov EuthanistC
Priest of Forgotten GodsB-
Sewer ShamblerC+
Shadow Alley DenizenD
Stab WoundB
Thrill-Kill AssassinC
Ultimate PriceB-
Undercity's EmbraceC-
Vindictive VampireC+
Woebringer DemonB-
Arboreal GrazerD
Band TogetherB-
Birds of ParadiseB+
Chord of CallingB+
Drudge BeetleC+
Experiment OneB+
Fists of IronwoodC+
Forced AdaptationF
Forced LandingD
Fungal RebirthB-
Gather CourageC
Golgari Grave-TrollB-
Greater MossdogC-
Guardian ProjectB
Horncaller's ChantC-
Life from the LoamD
Loaming ShamanC
Moldervine CloakD+
Open the GatesC
Protean HulkA-
Rampaging RendhornC+
Siege WurmC
Silhana LedgewalkerC
Sprouting RenewalC
Titanic BrawlB-
Utopia SprawlC+
Wasteland ViperB-
Wurmweaver CoilC
Yeva, Nature's HeraldA-

Assemble the LegionA+
Aurelia, Exemplar of JusticeA
Azorius GuildmageB
Blind HunterB
Borborygmos EnragedC+
Boros GuildmageC+
Call of the ConclaveB-
Cartel AristocratB
Coiling OracleB
Conclave CavalierB
Crackling DrakeB+
Deathrite ShamanC+
Debt to the DeathlessC
Deputy of AcquittalsB-
Dimir GuildmageB
Domri RadeA-
Footlight FiendC
Fresh-Faced RecruitC
Frilled MysticB+
Glowspore ShamanC
Gobhobbler RatsC-
Goblin ElectromancerC+
Golgari FindbrokerB
Golgari GuildmageC+
Gruul GuildmageC+
Izzet CharmB
Izzet GuildmageB-
Judge's FamiliarC
Karlov of the Ghost CouncilB
Kaya, Orzhov UsurperC
Lavinia, Azorius RenegadeC-
Lazav, the MultifariousB
Lightning HelixB+
Master of CrueltiesA-
Mayhem DevilB
Merfolk of the DepthsD+
Mindleech MassD-
Mortus StriderD+
Mourning ThrullB-
Nicol Bolas, Dragon-GodA
Nightveil PredatorB
Niv-Mizzet, ParunA
Orzhov GuildmageC+
Prime Speaker ZeganaA
Rakdos FirewheelerB
Rakdos GuildmageC+
Rakdos, Lord of RiotsA-
Ral ZarekA-
Rhythm of the WildC
Savra, Queen of the GolgariB-
Scab-Clan MaulerC
Selesnya EvangelB
Selesnya GuildmageB+
Simic GuildmageC+
Sky HussarB
Skyknight LegionnaireB-
Sphinx of New PrahvB-
Sphinx's RevelationB+
Stitch in TimeF
Sunder ShamanB
Tajic, Legion's EdgeB+
Teferi, Time RavelerB+
Teysa, Orzhov ScionB-
Tolsimir WolfbloodA
Truefire CaptainB
Vernadi ShieldmateC-
Whisper AgentC+
Wild CantorD+
Warrant // WardenB+
Revival // RevengeC+
Connive // ConcoctA-
Expansion // ExplosionB
Bedeck // BedazzleB
Find // FinalityA+
Thrash // ThreatB+
Response // ResurgenceB+
Assure // AssembleA-
Repudiate // ReplicateC+

Azorius GuildgateC
Blood CryptC+
Boros GuildgateC
Breeding PoolC+
Dimir GuildgateC
Godless ShrineC+
Golgari GuildgateC
Gruul GuildgateC
Hallowed FountainC+
Izzet GuildgateC
Orzhov GuildgateC
Overgrown TombC+
Rakdos GuildgateC
Sacred FoundryC+
Selesnya GuildgateC
Simic GuildgateC
Steam VentsC+
Stomping GroundC+
Temple GardenC+
Watery GraveC+


That’s it for now. Do you agree with our grades? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to read the full Ravnica Remastered Draft Guide. With that article and these grade, you should nicely increase your chances of winning.

Good luck in your drafts!

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