Serialized Doctor Who MTG Cards: Complete Guide

Magic the Gathering has done various serialized cards in the past year or so. These are always very popular among players and collector, hence their high prices. The latest such release are the serialized Doctor Who cards. In this article, you’ll be able to find out everything about them, including:

  • How many serialized Doctor Who cards are there?
  • Where can you acquire the serialized Doctor cards?
  • How much are serialized Doctor Who cards worth?
  • And more!

As you see, there’s a lot to discuss, so we better get right to it.

What are the Serialized Doctor Who Cards?

Serialized Doctor cards are uniquely numbered TARDIS Showcase Doctors. There are 501 copies of the First Doctor, 502 copies of the Second Doctor, and so one. Here’s an example of how such a card looks like, with the Tenth Doctor. (Only 510 of them will be printed with the number.)

The Tenth Serialized Doctor Who Collector Booster Contents

The Xes will be replaced by their unique number. While all serialized Doctors will be valuable, the ones with iconic numbers will be even more sought-after. For example for the tenth Doctor the most valuable numbers could be 001/510, 010/510, 510/510.

These will probably end up being some of the most premium collectors items in the whole Doctor Who set.

Full List of Serialized Doctor Who Cards

Here you can see the thirteen Doctors that will receive a serialized version. The art will be the same as pictured, but there will be a box with its unique number on it, just like on the version you saw above. Furthermore, they’ll use a special foiling process, called double rainbow foil.

The Thirteenth Doctorr Who Serialized Doctor Cards Guide List

Where to Get Serialized Doctor Who Cards?

You can decide between two options if you want to acquire these iconic cards. The first one is to purchase the exact card you want on the secondary market. The second one is to try your luck and open some Doctor Who Collector boosters.

But beware, the odds of opening a serialized card are quite low. (Less than 1% per single booster.)

Doctor Who Serialized Doctor Cards List How To Get Collector Booster

You can find detailed Doctor Who Collector booster contents here. This way you’ll be able to make a more educated decision on whether buying some Collector boosters makes sense for you or not.

Serialized Doctors – FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions players and collector ask about this product.

How many serialized Doctor Who cards are there?

There are around 500 cards per Doctor (500 + the Doctor’s number). So, the First Doctor receives 501 versions, the Second 502, and so on. Given that there are a total of thirteen Doctors, there will be 6591 serialized Doctor cards in the whole world.

How much are the serialized Doctor Who cards worth?

It’s to early to tell for sure, but it’s likely that they will sell for mid-three figures, with the best ones perhaps breaking the four figures. We’ll be able to provide more accurate numbers a couple of weeks after the release.

Which serialized Doctor card will be worth the most?

That’s hard to know for certain. However, it’ll probably be a card representing one of the more popular Doctors, and with an iconic number to make it even more desirable.

What are the odds of opening a serialized Doctor in a Collector booster?

While the exact odds aren’t known, we do know that a single Doctor Who Collector booster has a lower than 1% chance of containing a serialized Doctor card.

Can you open a serialized Doctor card in a Commander deck?

No, you can’t.


So, now you know practically everything about serialized Doctors. Is there something else, that interests you? Something that we perhaps missed and didn’t talk about? If so, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you want to learn more about this interesting release, you can find the four Doctor Who Commander decks here. In that article, you’ll find all main commanders, as well as additional information about the precons.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Until next time, have fun, and may you open a serialized Doctor in your Collector booster. Geronimo!

16 thoughts on “Serialized Doctor Who MTG Cards: Complete Guide”

    • It’s hard to say, but it being low four-figure item, doesn’t seem out of question. A lot will depend on how much non-MTG players, who are Doctor Who fans want these. If there will be lots of them, that adds more demand, with the same supply, so their price would increase.

  1. Ninth doctor 190/509. What is the best way to go about selling a serialized card like this? It would be amazing to keep but my kids deserve an awesome Christmas.

    • That’s amazing to hear! The easiest way to sell it, is by going to a local game store / vendor, and sell the card to them. However, you’re getting less value, typically around 50-65% of the market value. The other thing you can do is to try and sell it online, either on TCGPlayer (US) or Cardmarket (EU). Finally, you could also try to find a local MTG forum / Facebook group, and try to sell it there. There’s more hassle with these two options, but you’ll typically be able to sell the card for closer to its actual value.


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