Stranger Things MTG Cards

Wizards of the Coast announced that Magic the Gathering is doing a collaboration with a popular Netflix’s show, Stranger Things. If you’re looking for more information about the product, that’s great, as today we’ll discuss everything we know about Stranger Things MTG cards so far.

With that said, let’s get right to it!

Secret Lair: Stranger Things MTG Cards

Stranger Things MTG cards will first be released as a Secret Lair. If you aren’t an enfranchised Magic fan, you might ask yourself: “What’s a Secret Lair?”

Secret Lair is a sub-brand withing Magic the Gathering. Each Secret Lair is a small group of cards (usually around 4-10) that shares something, like:

  • Belonging to the same creature type
  • having a common theme
  • belonging to the same universe
  • etc.

Cards in Secret Lairs have a brand-new artwork, and often quite special one at that. In case of this Secret Lair, all the cards will belong to the Stranger Things universe.

Stranger Things MTG Cards List

Here are the four currently previewed cards:

Most of the look like very fun, and potentially powerful cards for Commander. You can use two legendaries as your Commanders thanks to the Friends forever ability, which looks similar to the partner ability. However, you’ll only be able to pair these cards with one another, as per Aaron Forsythe from Wizards of the Coast:

More Details

Universes Beyond

These cards belong to the Universes Beyond. That’s a new subgroup within Magic the Gathering. In general, that means collaboration with other franchises. For example, there has already been a Lord of the Rings Magic set confirmed.

Stranger Things MTG cards are black border and mechanically unique. This means no reprints. So Eleven won’t be depicted as Darksteell Colossus.

Stranger Things MTG Cards Clue Token

MTG World Versions

Wizards of the Coast will also print the same cards with a name and art style that fits into the Magic the Gathering world. So think something like the Godzilla cards that we’ve got in Ikoria.

On the left you see the Godzilla version of Yidaro, Wandering Monster. On the right side, it’s set in the MTG universe.

So something similar will happen with Stranger Things cards. That’s different from the last time Wizards did something like this, with The Walking Dead collaboration. The difference being that they won’t use the title bar treatment with another name beneath the name.

So if you want to play with Stranger things versions, you can do so. On the other hand, if you prefer the MTG-flavored cards, you have that option too.


Stranger Things MTG Cards will be legal in:

  • Legacy
  • Vintage
  • Commander

We also know some information about their design. Wizards didn’t design the cards for competitive constructed play. They are meant to be cool collectibles that really capture the characters, while being very interesting for Commander players.

They were designed by Glenn Jones, one of the lead Commander designers at Wizards of the Coast. These cards have also sent over to the entire Rules Committee of Commander for the review.

Where to Get MTG Stranger Things Cards?

The easiest way to get them will be from the Wizards’ Secret Lair Store. While the cards aren’t available for purchase yet, they’ll be in the future, and you’ll probably have around a couple of weeks to purchase them.

Additionally, these cards will be appearing in the Set Boosters on The List, appearing at higher frequencies than the other cards from The List. The cards will appear there six months after the release of the Stranger Things Secret Lair. You can find more information about Set Boosters here.

Additionally, Gavin Verhey, Senior Magic Designer at Wizards of the Coast confirmed that if that doesn’t get enough of these cards in the circulation, Wizards aren’t afraid to reprint them in other products.

However, only MTG-flavored versions will appear in the Set Boosters. Stranger Things MTG cards will remain exclusive to the Secret Lair.


That’s all about Stranger Things MTG cards we know so far. Once more information becomes available, you’ll be able to find it right here. Do you like the product? Dislike it? Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time, have fun and don’t get lost in the Upside Down.

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