When Does Strixhaven: School of Mages Release on Arena?

Do you need to know when Strixhaven releases on Arena? Exact time of Strixhaven release and additional information can be found here.

Maintenance will start on April, 15th at approximately 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC). It is expected to take around three hours – or a bit more, if something goes wrong. You can find more about the update below.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the information about the newest release, you can check when does Dominaria United release on Arena.

Strixhaven Release Time on MTG Arena

With that information, let’s count down to Strixhaven release:

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You can also check the approximate time of Strixhaven release, depending on your time zone, in the following table.

RegionStrixhaven Release Time
USA, Canada (Pacific)11:00 PT (April, 15th)
USA, Canada (Mountain)12:00 MT (April, 15th)
USA, Canada (Central)13:00 CT (April, 15th)
USA, Canada (Eastern)14:00 ET (April, 15th)
USA, Canada (Atlantic)15:00 AT (April, 15th)
Brazil15:00 BRT (April, 15th)
United Kingdom19:00 BST (April, 15th)
Central Europe20:00 CEST (April, 15th)
Australia3:30 ACST (April, 16th)

Check the Maintenance Progress

There might be some problems with the update, so if Arena doesn’t start as expected, make sure to check official Twitter account for more info. They’ll tweet once the maintenance starts, and once it is finished. Here you’ll also be able to learn about any possible delays.

During the downtime you can also take a look at MTG Arena Status Page. Game, Matches and Logins systems all have to be operational before you can run Arena without problems.

Strixhaven Quick Course

Strixhaven Events

You’ll be able to draft Strixhaven in a Premier or Traditional Draft. There will also be a Traditional Sealed and Best-of-one Sealed options. Additionally, you can find more upcoming events in the Arena Event Schedule.

Sadly, the Early Access Streamer Event has been cancelled. So you’ll only be able to watch your favorite streamers play Strixhaven when the update goes live for everyone.

Strixhaven Arena Code

A new code will be available for a 3 Strixhaven booster packs. You’ll be able to find Strixhaven code here along with all the previous ones. It should be available once maintenance is complete and when you’ve updated your client.

Do you want free Strixhaven sleeves? You can find all 5 codes for each of the Strixhaven House sleeves here.

Strixhaven Articles

If you’ll start drafting immediately, take a prep course at the School of Mages with at our Strixhaven Draft Guide.

We also wrote about new MTG mechanic Learn and its complementary subtype Lesson. In the article, we explained how they work, some examples of cards and interesting interactions with this mechanic.

You probably heard of Mystical Archive cards. But did you know you can open and play them in the Draft or Sealed? Here you will find a list of all 63 Mystical Archive cards.

As far as Strixhaven products are concerned, there are 4 type of boosters (Draft, Set, Theme and Strixhaven Collector Booster) and 5 new Commander decks, one of each college.

End of The Course

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Until next time, choose your college wisely and have fun!

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