Decklist: Turn 2 Ugin – Tibalt’s Trickery

This deck is build around trying to cheat Ugin, the Spirit Dragon into play on turn 2, by countering your own Stonecoil Serpent with Tibalt’s Trickery. The key is to mulligan until you have both Trickery and Serpent in hand.

The combo falls apart, if you hit another Trickery instead of Ugin.

Turn 2 Ugin - Tibalt's Trickery 

Gyruda, Doom of Depths
Planeswalkers (4)
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
Spells (4)
Tibalt's Trickery
Artifacts (4)
Stonecoil Serpent
Lands (48)
Blightstep Pathway
Riverglide Pathway
Cards (60)

While Gyruda, Doom of Depths and dual lands aren’t necessary for the combo, they also don’t hurt it in any way.

12 thoughts on “Decklist: Turn 2 Ugin – Tibalt’s Trickery”

  1. This deck is not viable. With only 13 non-lands, you have a high percentage of drawing a dud, as in another trickery. You’re better off putting some other powerful cards in there in addition, like Genesis ultimatum and some other doozy creatures, to dilute the odds of drawing another trickery.

    • Trickery is a counter spell, so if you draw it in resolution to another Trickery, you must counter your first Trickery; the 0 cmc spell you targeted with your first Trickery is already countered and off the stack by the time the second Trickery hits the stack. So Trickery counters Trickery, and you foil yourself.

      • You can’t counter trickery with another trickery like this, since it already resolved. Instead the second trickery just has no target and is countered by default or whatever they call “fizzles” now

  2. i’ve played against trickery decks prob 15 times in arena….13 have been duds and they quit straight away, one they got koma serpent, i unsummoned it and they quit, last one they got chromatic orrery but had mulliganed so much they had one card left so left me with an easy win….the chances of pulling it off are so slim its not worth it

    • Nod. True. Trickery is very weak in the face of some easy foils, the worst being Duress. As Trickery becomes more prevalent, so will Duress as an answer. No protection against that. To protect my combo, This I use a lot powerful hexproof and indestructible creatures, to dilute out the odds of drawing a dud with Trickery and protect me from pesky unsummoning shenanigans. My deck has a 60% combo rate, but this doesn’t necessarily equate to win rate if losing after a successful combo. Cheers, and good playing!

    • Btw, if you share your arena ID with me, I’d be happy to go against your deck with mine. I’m trying to prove through experience what I’ve calculated with my math. So far it works, but there’s always something new.

  3. Ok, new to MTG. I just tried this combo. Had cast Stonecoil for 0… I never was even given an option to cast my Trickery… what did I do wrong?

    • Well, it can be a bit… tricky. You have to click CTRL before you cast Stonecoil Serpent. This means you’re holding priority, and you’ll be able to cast Trickery.

  4. Just played against this deck. All it took was a brazen borrower and he quit. Even if you got Ugin out on turn 2, there are plenty of 2 and 3 drop spells that’ll remove him. Not viable.


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