Upcoming MTG Sets 2023-2026

Looking forward to upcoming MTG sets? That’s great, because in this article, you’ll find all information you’ll need. We’ll take a look at all Standard and supplemental sets that are coming out in 2023 and 2024. Additionally, we also have some info about the sets of 2025 and 2026.

For each set, we’ll provide a short description of what to expect. If that’s not enough for you – don’t worry, and just click on the appropriate spoilers page (where available). There you’ll find, not only spoilers, but also all other info we currently have about the set.

Let’s get right to it.

Upcoming MTG Sets 2023

Two sets, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, and March of the Machine are already behind us in 2023. However, there are still two main sets coming:

  • Wilds of Eldraine
  • The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Wilds of Eldraine

We are returning to the fairy-tale world of Eldraine. With the previous Eldraine set, most of the focus was on the Realm part of this plane. This time around, we’ll instead go into the Wilds, which is bound to be more dangerous, and possibly even more exciting.

We’ll probably also get some of the missing references about fairy-tales, and hopefully no planeswalkers as broken as Oko, Thief of Crowns.

This set is also important story-wise. In the previous set, March of the Machine, the Phyrexian conflict was concluded. The effects of the invasion can be seen on Eldraine. The king and queen are dead, the sleeping curse that was used on Phyrexians affects many of the Eldraine inhabitants.

But that’s not all – Wilds of Eldraine also marks the beginning of a new overarching story-line, called the Omenpath Arc, which will conclude in 2026. Thus, this set is both the end and a beginning of a new Magic story.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

  • Release Date: November 2023 (Exact date TBD)
  • The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Spoilers (coming soon)

The fourth and last main set of 2023 is another return. We’re once again going to explore Ixalan. However, it has changed since our last visit, due to The Immortal Sun no longer being there.

Similarly to the Eldraine set, we’ll also explore new locations. Previously we’ve seen the sea and land of Ixalan, but this time we’ll go deeper, and see what lurks beneath the surface. Mechanically, this set will be much different from the original set, as it was originally designed as a brand-new underground plane.

Nevertheless, we can still expect the tribes of Ixalan (Dinousaurs, Merfolk, Pirates, and Vampires), as they all have their fans.

On top of that, we’re also getting a crossover with Jurassic Park. Cards from the popular dinosaur franchise will appear in Caverns of Ixalan boosters. Besides, the set is also introducing something called “Special Guests”, reprints of popular MTG cards designed in a way that match the plane. These will appear in Collector boosters, and on The List.

You can find more about Jurassic Park cards here.

Supplemental Releases 2023

Commander Masters

The first Masters set focusing on Commander is coming out in August 2023! You’ll be able to find many Commander staples reprinted in this set. You can find Commander Masters spoilers here.

Universes Beyond 2023

In 2023, there were plenty of Universes Beyond releases, including the most popular so far, Tales of Middle Earth. That set brought Lord of the Rings to Magic. Currently, we’re waiting just for one more UB release this year.

Doctor Who

Wizards also announced a collaboration with Doctor Who. There will be 4 Commander decks released.

Tales of Middle Earth Holiday Release

Lord of the Rings is getting a second release.

Jurassic Park

As we mentioned before, cards from this franchise will appear in the Ixalan, the world of dinosaurs. There will also be two Secret Lairs.

Upcoming MTG Sets 2024

In 2024, we’re getting four main sets:

  • Murders at Karlov Manor (Murder Mystery Set on Ravnica)
  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction (Wild West)
  • Bloomburrow
  • Duskmourn: House of Horror (Modern Horror)

Murders at Karlov Manor

Murders at Karlov Manor Upcoming MTG Sets 2024
  • Release date: Q1 2024

This set mark yet another return to the popular plane of Ravnica. The twist this time around is that it’s a murder mystery set first, and a Ravnica set second. If you want to experience the ten two color guilds, then a better set for you is Ravnica Remastered, but we’ll discuss that one in the Supplemental Releases section.

As far as Murders at Karlov Manor go, you can expect the typical tropes from a murder mysteries: suspects, murders, detectives, criminals, and more. The set’s mechanic will also have the feel of solving a mystery. This will probably be a great set to reuse Clue tokens.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Upcoming MTG Sets
  • Release date: Q2 2024

The second main set of 2024 is bringing us a brand new plane, called Thunder Junction. It’s a frontier, as this is Magic’s take on the Wild West, and all tropes that come with a Western genre.

Additionally, this is a set very focused on various villains. There will be characters from Magic’s past, as well as some new ones. Something like this is possible due to the Phyrexian invasion, which left some Omenpaths open. These are portals, which allow non-planeswalker characters to travel between planes. That’s why you can expect villains from various different planes.


Bloomburrow Upcoming MTG Sets
  • Release date: Q3 2024

Bloomburrow is also a brand-new world. It’s full of anthropomorphic animals, which are the main characters of the set. There are absolutely no humans on the entire plane.

The animals are made in their real-world sizes, but they do have clothes, weapons, and tools. You’ll encounter rabbits, birds, mice, raccoons, squirrels, wolves, and many more.

It’s expected that this set will be one of the most charming and heartwarming Magic sets ever. The art is both warm, and full of many fantasy elements. The set also introduces another part in the overarching story, called the Dragon Arc.

Duskmourn: House of Horror

Duskmourn Upcoming MTG Sets 2024
  • Release date: Q4 2024

Now if the previous set was lovable and wholesome, this is the exact opposite of that, with the theme being modern horror. (Think seventies/eighties horror genre.)

Horror sets aren’t new to Magic, as both New Phyrexia and Innistrad feature that theme. However, Duskmourn is quite distinct from them, as it’s actually one giant, creepy house, with weird rooms, scary corridors, and of course monsters from your darkest nightmares.

The last main set of 2024 is bound to be terrifying.

Supplemental Releases 2024

  • Ravnica Remastered
  • Ravnica: Clue Edition
  • Modern Horizons 3

Ravnica Remastered

  • Release date: January / February 2024

This will be the very first set of 2024. Ravnica, a city where ten 2-color guilds battle for supremacy is one of the most popular planes in Magic the Gathering.

Before this year, we’ve been there three times before, with 9 different sets total. Ravnica Remastered will take cards from these sets and use them to make a new fun draft environment. It’ll play into everything that players love about Ravnica.

Of course, the set will have additionally goodies – iconic cards from Ravnica in retro frames. The fans of old borders will be happy to play with old-style shock lands, which weren’t available before.

Ravnica: Clue Edition

  • Release date: Q1 2024

Another Ravnica themed product releasing in 2024 is Ravnica: Clue Edition. It takes elements of both MTG and the popular board game Clue (which celebrates its 75th anniversary), and merges them into a new game.

You’ll still use Magic the Gathering cards, but the gameplay will offer you a brand-new way to play multiplayer games. The characters and settings will all be from Ravnica, hence the name. Speaking of the name, in some places of the world this product will be released as Ravnica: Cluedo Edition, as that’s what Clue is called in some parts of the world.

Modern Horizons 3

Release Date: Q2 2024

Modern Horizons sets bring brand-new cards directly into the Modern format. They can also include a small amount of reprints. (for example the enemy fetch lands were reprinted in MH2.)

The third installment of Modern Horizons includes double-faced cards, which wasn’t the case with the previous two. We might see creatures transforming into planeswalkers, similar to the Origins planeswalkers like Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, as well as other mechanics that can’t be done on single-faced cards.

The set is designed for experienced drafters, and you’ll be able to draft it on Arena! That’s right, this is the first MH set, that is coming to Magic’s newest digital platform.

Universes Beyond 2024

  • Fallout
  • Assassin’s Creed


  • Release date: March 2024

The first Universes Beyond release in 2024 will feature Fallout, the popular post-apocalyptic gaming franchise. You can expect gangs of bloodthirsty raider, towering super-mutants, irradiated monsters, deadly robots, humanity struggling for survival, and more.

This won’t be a full set release, but will instead feature four Commander precons.

Assassin’s Creed

  • Release date: July 2024

Another gaming franchise is coming to Magic in 2024. That’s Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft. The cards will depict characters and moments from all games set in this franchise. There will be both new cards and reprints. (We’re almost certainly getting an Assassinate, right?)

Contrary to the Fallout cards, these will be also legal in Modern. Instead of the Commander decks, you’ll be able to get these cards in a new kind of booster, called Beyond boosters.

Not much is currently known about the Beyond boosters, apart from the fact that they aren’t draftable. Once more information is available, you’ll be able to find it here.

Upcoming MTG Sets 2025

As usual, year 2025 also features four main sets. Since these are still a long while away, we only now some basic information about them, as well as their code names, which are just placeholders for the actual names. They are:

  • “Tennis”
  • “Ultimate”
  • “Volleyball”
  • “Wrestling”

This doesn’t give you much info about the sets, so let’s explore each one in more detail.

Tennis – Racing World

  • Release date: Q1 2025

The first main set of 2025 if bringing racing to Magic, and is actually happening on three different planes. This is possible due to the Omenpaths from Phyrexian invasion.

So, the folks from these three planes will be competing on the Death race with their race cars of different sorts. You should expect a lot of vehicles in this set.

While we don’t know which planes will be featured, we got a hint. Two of the planes we’ve already been to, but haven’t returned to them yet. The third plane we saw on the cards, but we haven’t actually visited it. Based on that, our best guess is Kaladesh, New Capenna, and Vryn.

Ultimate – Return to Tarkir

  • Release date: Q2 2025

After four main sets of new planes, here’s a returning one. We are going back to Tarkir.

This was a popular plane, but it showed two very different faces. In Khans of Tarkir, there were no dragons, and the focus was on the clans. In Dragons of Tarkir, the situation is reversed.

In this set, we’ll get the best of both worlds, so both dragons and clans. While the set will be reminiscent of the old Tarkir, it will also have a brand-new feeling to it.

Volleyball – Space Opera

  • Release date: Q3 2025

Third main set of 2025, has a very unusual theme: space opera. It will lean heavily into the science fiction aspect. It also begins the third part of the overarching story, but we don’t even know its name yet.

You’ll notice that the further we look into the future the less information we have. That’s due to the fact that a lot of things could change between now and then. Additionally, knowing things happening in this set, could spoil the story from the previous sets.

Wrestling – Return to Lorwyn

  • Release date: Q4 2025

Lorwyn is the oldest plane, that we haven’t return to. This is a charming plane, themed around Celtic lore. Similarly to the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, this set will try to bring back the things the players loved about the original set, with new additions. Therefore, the set should feel like a fresh experience, and not just as a rehash.

Supplemental Releases 2025

Currently, we know about a single supplemental release in 2025, and that is:

Innnistrad Remastered

This is another fan-favorite Magic plane. So far, seven Magic editions were set on Innistrad. Remastered version will use fan favorites from all of them and repack the cards into new and exciting draft environment.

Get ready for a fresh batch of zombies, werewolves, spirits, vampires, angles, and more.

Universes Beyond 2025

There’s not much information about Universes Beyond in 2025, apart from this next franchise, which you might’ve heard of.

Final Fantasy

This massive gaming franchise is coming to Magic. It will include characters and moments from each game, starting with the original, and going all the way to Final Fantasy 16.

The fans of FF will enjoy the fact that this is a full set release, similar to Lord of the Rings. So, you can expect different boosters, draft environment, and Commander decks. On top of that, the set is also coming to Arena.

Upcoming MTG Sets 2026

Main Sets

  • “Yachting” (Return to Arcavios / Strixhaven)
  • “Ziplining” (Conclusion of the Omenpath Arc)

Yachting – Return to Arcavios

You might be wondering what’s Arcavios, and that’s understandable, as no Magic set was named that. On the other hand, you probably know about Strixhaven, the magical college, which appeared in the set with the same name.

Well, Arcavios is the plane were Strixhaven is located. However, this time we’re going to explore the whole world, and won’t be confined to just the school.


This is the great finale of the overarching story that started with Wilds of Eldraine. This is a set similar to War of the Spark or March of the Machine lore-wise. It’s going to be the epic culmination of the story, that was present in Magic for three years.

Nothing else is known about it, because everything would be a major spoiler.


That’s all upcoming MTG sets that we know about so far. Once we get more information about these or any other sets, we’ll update the article. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Until next time, have fun and may your favorite trope get its own Magic set soon.

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    • Why is Fortnite the one where you lost the respect over? They have been doing stuff like this for years now… Secret lairs have been around for a while with all sorts of cringy crossovers including the walking dead crossover. Not to mention they released a standard legal D&D-themed set and have an upcoming modern legal LOTR set….

      In comparison the fortnite ones are just novelty reprints of cards…

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