When Does Wilds of Eldraine Release on Arena?

Are you wondering when will Wilds of Eldraine release on Arena? If so, you came to the right place, as here you’ll find the exact time of Wilds of Eldraine MTGA release. Additionally, alongside a countdown timer and additional information about the newest Magic set.

Maintenance starts on Tuesday, September 5th, at 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC). It’s supposed to take around three hours. However, the set typically goes live very quickly after the maintenance begins. (There can be some lag in that early time frame.)

Wilds of Eldraine Release Time MTG Arena

Wilds of Eldraine is now LIVE! Restart your client to get the patch.

You can find the time of WoE release in your time zone, in the following table:

RegionWoE Release Time
USA, Canada (Pacific)11:00 PT (September 5th)
USA, Canada (Mountain)12:00 MT (September 5th)
USA, Canada (Central)13:00 CT (September 5th)
USA, Canada (Eastern)14:00 ET (September 5th)
USA, Canada (Atlantic)15:00 AT (September 5th)
Brazil16:00 BRT (September 5th)
United Kingdom19:00 BST (September 5th)
Central Europe20:00 CEST (September 5th)
Australia3:30 ACST (September 6th)

KEEP IN MIND: We assumed that the maintenance will take the full three hours. Want to know the absolute earliest time that you can start playing? Just remove three hours from the table or the countdown timer. However, you might encounter lag and bugs in this early time period.

Maintenance Progress Check

In case, you’d like to avoid any hassle with potential bugs and lag in the early release, you should check Wizards’ Customer Support on Twitter (or X or however it wants to be called nowadays). They’ll tweet once the maintenance starts, and when it’s completed.

Additionally, in case of potential delays and issues that can affect the gameplay, you’ll also be notified.

You also have a second option. That is to check MTG Arena Status Page. Game, Matches, and Logins systems should all be marked “operational” in order for you to run Arena smoothly.

While no downtime is expected, you still need to restart the client to get the Wilds of Eldraine patch.

More Tips for the New Eldraine Visit

If you’re reading this article shortly after it’s been posted, there’s still some time to pass before Wilds release on Arena. But don’t worry about boredom – we have some great articles and activities prepared for you

Wilds of Eldraine Articles

First up, you can find the new cards in our Wilds of Eldraine spoilers article. There are plenty of exciting cards with new mechanics, including:

Besides, this set also has a bonus sheet, similar to Retro Frame Artifacts in Brothers’ War. This means that each booster comes with an additional enchantment card from all over Magic’s past. You can find the list of so-called Enchanting Tales cards here.

Besides the main set, there’s a lot of hype around the two Wilds of Eldraine Commander decks. They both have cool new cards and valuable reprints. One is centered around Auras, while the other has a Faerie tribal focus.

Wilds of Eldraine Two Commander Decks

If you’re planning on drafting, you might want to improve your knowledge of the format. You can do so by reading our Wilds of Eldraine Draft Guide, and the accompanying Wilds of Eldraine Draft Tier List. With these two tools, you’ll surely be able to win more games.

On the other hand, if you’re a bigger fan of Constructed formats, you might want to check some fun Wilds of Eldraine Historic Brawl decks. They are build around some very interesting commanders, so you’ll enjoy playing with them.

Wilds of Eldraine Arena Code

Since there’s a new set, you might be looking for a new code. However, there was a change to the free packs’ system. Nowadays, you get 3 free Wilds of Eldraine booster packs directly into your inbox in MTGA. You can find it in the top right corner of the screen.

Nevertheless, if this were to change, you’ll still be able to find the new and other MTG Arena codes here. Don’t forget to check if you used all previously available codes, as you can still activate some old ones.

Watch Streamer Event

Even tough Wilds of Eldraine isn’t released yet, you’ll be able to watch your favorite streamers playing it early. That’s due to the Wilds of Eldraine Streamer Event happening on August 31st from 10AM PT forward. It will last around a whole day.

Wilds of Eldraine Release Time Arena Streamer Event

If you don’t know who to watch, just check the Magic’s section on Twitch. There are so many great streamers, that you’ll surely find someone you’ll like.

Wilds of Eldraine Events

Which events will you be able to play once Wilds of Eldraine goes live? As usual, two type of drafts will be available immediately after release. You can select either Premier (best-of-one) or Traditional Draft (best-of-three). However, if you prefer Quick Draft, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.

Sealed is also available in two different modes: Traditional Sealed and Best-of-one Sealed. These events won’t be around for as long as drafts, but you’ll still be able to get some practice in. That can come in handy, if you’ll play Arena Open or Qualifier.

As far as Standard goes, this set doesn’t come with a rotation. Instead, the new cards just get

MTGA Eldraine Release Time – FAQ

Before we wrap up, here are some answers to common questions that players might have about the Wilds of Eldraine release time on Arena.

When does Wilds of Eldraine release on MTG Arena?

It will be released on Tuesday, September 5th. The maintenance starts at 8:00 PT (15:00 UTC). It should be completed in about three hours at most. This means that the official release is at 11:00 PT (18:00 UTC), but the set might go live even, as we explained at the beginning.

When will I be able to open Wilds of Eldraine preorders on MTGA?

You will be able to open whichever products you preordered as soon as the set goes live. (See the answer above.)

Why are some streamers already able to play Wilds of Eldraine on Arena?

Because they are participating in the Wilds of Eldraine Streamer Event. That’s an early access event that’s only available for streamers between August 31st and September 1st.

If you have any additional questions, let us know in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


So, that’s all about the Wilds of Eldraine Arena release time. Let’s hope that the patch will be released without problems, and we’ll be able to start playing soon.

Finally, if you don’t want to miss our new articles, such as draft guides, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. There you’ll find reminders for new content, as well as some Magic memes. Until next time, have fun exploring Eldraine!

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