Yu-Gi-Oh Gift Guide 2021 – Best Gifts for Yu-Gi-Oh Players

Are you looking for a gift for a Yu-Gi-Oh player? There are so many different products to choose from that it can be daunting. No need to worry, though. We got you covered with our Yu-Gi-Oh Gift Guide for 2020, so you’ll pick a great gift for birthday, Christmas or anything else.

So let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for a Yu-Gi-Oh player. For each gift you can click on either the button or the title and it’ll take you to the appropriate page on Amazon, where you can check the product’s price and potentially buy it.

Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Box

Booster Display (or Booster Box) is the gift which you simply can’t miss with. Each Booster Box contains 24 booster packs. That’s why opening a whole box of boosters is like getting a bunch of smaller gifts in a big one.

Opening boosters is therefore very exciting to Yu-Gi-Oh players and we really recommend boosters as a gift.

Yu-Gi-Oh Gift Guide Booster Box Phantom Rage

The latest editions are usually the best ones to get. The newest one is Phantom Rage, which was released on November 6th, 2020.

Next set is Genesis Impact. It will be released on December 4th, 2020 and is already available for preorder on Amazon.

You can find more about the best Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Boxes here.

Yu-Gi-Oh Golden Sarcophagus Tin

Golden Sarcophagus is a great box with an amazing design. It’s great to store cards in. But that’s not all – it also contains cards and is a great gift for any Yu-Gi-Oh player.

Yugioh gifts gold tin sarcophagus

Each Golden Sarcophagus contains 3 Mega Packs of 16 cards and additional 5 Prismatic Secret Rare cards. That’s 53 cards in total! And the design truly is great, as any Yu-Gi-Oh fan can tell you. It’s made after the iconic Gold Sarcophagus that often appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh story.

Legendary Dragon Decks Box

Who doesn’t love dragons? This box comes with three decks, each featuring some of the most powerful dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh such as Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and more.

Yugioh gift guide 2018 Legendary Dragon Decks Box

Each box contains:

  • One 41-card deck
  • Two 40-card decks
  • Three 10-11 card extra decks
  • Four Dragon cards with special art
  • Fifteen foil cards – 5 for each deck

Since each box comes with a total of three main decks, this is also a great gift idea if you have multiple children who play Yu-Gi-Oh.

The only problem with this box is that it’s a bit older and therefore more enfranchised players may already have one.

Legendary Hero Decks Box

These decks are based around legendary Yu-Gi-Oh heroes (such as Yuto and Aster Pheonix). They are packed in an awesome looking box.

Yugioh gift guide 2018 Legendary Hero Decks Box

Each box contains:

  • Three 40-card deck
  • Three 10-card extra decks
  • Fifteen foil Ultra Rare cards – 5 for each deck

In box you’ll find three decks. Because of this, it’s an awesome gift that can also be used as a stand alone board game – no other cards are necessary.

Yu-Gi-Oh Advent Calendar

Yeah, you read that right. You can get a Yu-Gi-Oh Advent Calendar as a gift and it’s so cute. Just look at this thing!

Yu-Gi-Oh Gift Guide Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar contains 24 cards total:

  • 7 Ultra Rare cards
  • 17 Super Rare cards

Most of the the cards are usually holiday themed with names such as Santa Claws or Gift Exchange.

Yugioh gift guide 2018 gift exchange

However , the problem with this gift is that there isn’t one for 2020 specifically. Since cards aren’t chocolates and won’t go bad, you can buy the calendar even after the Holidays. They’ll still be quite fun. Currently the calendar is available only for 2019. The one for 2020 is probably releasing later this year, sometime in autumn.

Kaiba Corporation Card Sleeves

Yu-Gi-Oh cards can be quite pricey. Because of that players almost always use sleeves to protect their cards. Besides it also makes shuffling easier. All of that makes sleeves a great gift for Yu-Gi-Oh players.

Maybe you’re worried that card sleeves are a bland gift. Well, take a look at Kaiba Corporation sleeves. They look totally dope and that’s not all. The front side is made in a way that all the cards you sleeve in them have a holographic look.

You’ll get a pack of 50 sleeves, which is enough for a 40-card deck with an 10-card extra deck.

However, an extra sleeve always comes in handy when an older one splits, so we’d recommend you to get at least two packs.  This is probably the most useful item on our Yu-Gi-Oh gift guide that just about every player will use.

Deck Box

Speaking of the most useful items, we should definitely mention deck boxes. Deck boxes are just what the name suggests – a box to store your deck in. They come in plenty of different styles. And as with card sleeves, every player needs a deck box.

Ultimate Guard Sidewinder Deck Box

If your giftee has a bunch of cards laying everywhere you can get them a set of six simple deck boxes. On the other hand if you’re looking for a something more durable and nice, we’d recommend Ultimate Guard’s Sidewinder.

But honestly, any deck box you’ll get from the Ultimate Guard, will be great. They are just that good. Besides, they also have some cool designs. For example, here’s a deck box that changes colors on touch. It makes a perfect Yu-Gi-Oh gift.

Yu-Gi-Oh Gift Guide Top 3 Gifts

If you were in a hurry and just skimmed through the article, here’s a recap. These are our top 3 recommendations for a Yu-Gi-Oh gift:


That’s all for today. Hopefully, you found the perfect gift with our Yu-Gi-Oh Gift Guide.

Do you worry that you’ll buy them something they already have? Just ask them what products did they get recently. They probably won’t mind sharing and will be happy that you take interest in their hobby. 🙂

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Until next time, may you have a great day!

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