Zendikar Rising Full Art Basic Lands

Looking for Zendikar Rising full art basic lands? You can find all 15 of them right here. In addition we’ll also talk about all places you can get them. In foil or non-foil.

List of All Zendikar Rising Full Art Basic Lands

There are 15 different full art basic lands in Zendikar Rising. Three for each of the Magic’s colors. Which one is your favorite? Maybe the whirlpool Island? Tell us in the comments below.

Where to Get Zendikar Rising Full Art Lands?

All three types of Zendikar Rising boosters contain full art basics. That means you get one full art basic land in both:

Confused about the Set Booster? It’s a new type of booster, which can contain up to four rares. You can find more about Set Booster here, including odds of getting multiple rares.

What about the Collector Booster? Each one of those contains a foil full art basic. Now that’s pretty neat. Of course, the price is higher – you can check it on Amazon – but you get plenty of different cool cards inside it.

Don’t forget that if you buy a box of Draft or Set boosters you get an expedition. If you buy a Collector Booster box, you’ll get two, which is pretty cool.


That’s just a quick recap about the full art lands and where to get them. If you want to find more about the newest set, you can take a look at Zendikar Rising spoilers here.

If you’re looking for more full art lands, you can find Innistrad: Midnight Hunt full art lands here.

Until next time, have have and may you never draw too many lands, even if they’re full art.

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