Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle – Contents and Review

Today we’re taking a better look at one of the newest MTG products – Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle. First we’ll examine all the contents. Afterwards, we’ll review if this year’s Gift Bundle is worth buying – either for yourself or as a gift.

Update: If you’re looking to buy the newest Gift Bundle, you can find the Brothers’ War Gift Bundle contents here.

Let’s get right to it.

Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle Contents

Each Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle contains the following:

  • 1 Zendikar Rising Collector Booster
  • 10 Zendikar Rising Draft Boosters
  • 20 foil basic lands
  • 20 basic lands
  • 1 alt-art card
  • 1 oversized spindown
  • 1 card storage box

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If you’re newer to Magic, or if you’re just buying a gift for someone else, you might not know what exactly those products are. That’s why we’ll do a quick overview of all contents from the Gift Bundle. On the other hand, if you’re a more experienced player, feel free to skim through this section.

Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle Contents Review


As mentioned before, this product contains 11 boosters:

  • 1 Collector Booster
  • 10 Draft Boosters

Boosters are packs of randomized cards. These are great as a gift – it feels like you’re getting a bunch of smaller gifts in your gift. How cool is that?

Collector Booster

Each Collector Booster contains 16 cards:

  • 4 rares or mythic rare cards
  • 11 common or uncommon card
  • 1 foil token card

Collector Booster is a premium booster. It contains cards with special art and with foil (shiny) treatment. Cards from this booster are more rare and more sought after. Every Magic player will certainly enjoy opening one of these.

You can find more information about Zendikar Rising Collector Booster here. The Gift Edition Bundle will contain one Collector Booster.

Draft Booster

How Many Draft Boosters in Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle

Draft Boosters are regular boosters. They also contain 16 cards:

  • 1 rare or mythic rare card
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • 9 common cards
  • 1 full art basic land
  • 1 token/ad card

Each Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle contains ten Draft Boosters.

Basic Lands

The product also comes with 40 basic lands. 20 are non-foil and 20 are foil (shiny).

Basic lands are especially great for beginners, as new players usually don’t have enough of them. Nevertheless, even the more enfranchised players will enjoy the foil lands, as one can never have too many of those.

In case you’re wondering, these 40 basic lands are regular sized. The full art lands appear in booster packs.

Alt Art Promo Card

Each Gift Bundle also comes with a special single Promo card, which features special artwork, that’s available only in this product.

However, the card wasn’t previewed yet. Once it becomes available, we’ll post it here.

Oversized Spindown Dice

The last item in the bundle is a big spindown dice. It’s just a 20-sided dice, that players can use for tracking their life total.

The design is a bit different this time around then usual, and the dice is somewhat bigger.

Card Storage Box

Finally, the box that all those items come in isn’t just a useless packaging, that players will throw away. It’s actually a pretty nice looking box, that can be used as a storage for cards or deck boxes.

It’ll easily hold all 217 card that you get in the Bundle, plus there will be space for more.

Is Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle Worth Buying?

Let’s see, if you check the price of the Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle, and compare it to the price of a Collector Booster and 10 Draft Boosters, you’ll find that they they are both pretty similar.

However, with the Gift Bundle you’re also getting 20 foil lands, 20 regular basic lands, a spindown, a promo card and a nice looking sturdy box on top of that. As such the product is definitely worth buying, if you were planning on buying boosters anyways.

Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle

In addition, it’s also a perfect gift for a Magic player, especially if you don’t know much about the game. However, if you want to gift something more specifically suited to them, you should surely check these gift ideas for MTG players.


That’s all about Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle. If you’re looking for more information about the new Magic the Gathering products, you might like some of these articles:

Until next time, have fun and may your Gift Bundle bring you (or your giftee) a lot of joy!

2 thoughts on “Zendikar Rising Gift Edition Bundle – Contents and Review”

  1. Current going price as of start of october looks to be about 73 bucks, only from select retailers.
    This is not available on amazon currently.
    If amazon is able to carry this and it gets back into the 50 buck range, then it’s worth it. At 70+, not really.

    • Yeah, probably due to Covid related delays. Hopefully it’ll get back in stock for the regular price before the holiday season.


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