Zendikar Rising Spoilers, Leaks and More

It feels like Core 2021 just released, but there’s always something to look forward to in the world of Magic the Gathering. That’s why we’ll take a look at all available Zendikar Rising spoilers, leaks and everything else we know about this year’s autumn set.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the newest spoilers, you can find Crimson Vow spoilers here.

Zendikar Rising Spoilers – Full Card List

All Zendikar Rising spoilers are out. Check them out!

Modal Double Faced Cards

These cards are a new take on the double face mechanic. You can chose which side you’ll use when you play them.

Finally, if you want to also see basic lands, you can find all Zendikar Rising full-art basic lands here.

Zendikar Rising Leaks

Golgari Nissa

Besides Zendikar Rising spoilers, we also have some leaks, for example there was a leak posted on Reddit. The post contained just the text of a card, so here’s a mock-up with a fan art from janemini.

Zendikar Rising Spoilers Golgari Nissa Leak

The card is by no means confirmed, but it seems perfectly balanced (as all things should be) and worded correctly, so it might be true – we’re getting a Black-Green (Golgari) Nissa.

This Leak was confirmed as true with Nissa of Shadowed Boughs.

Crawling Barrens

The newest leak is Crawling Barrens (which was also posted on Reddit).

Zendikar is well know for its manlands or creaturelands. Crawling Barrens is another nice addition, although it’s a bit awkward that it gives you just colorless mana. Nevertheless, the effect can be quite powerful – having a big creature and a potential win condition in your mana base.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to turn this land into a creature if you don’t want to. You can just pump it up until it’s big enough that it survives almost anything. That might be especially useful with its first activation, so it dodges Bonecrusher Giant‘s Stomp.

Zendikar Rising Dual Lands

According to a Reddit post, the source who leaked Triomes from Ikoria and a bunch of cards from Core 2021 also leaked the Zendikar Rising dual lands. The new cycle of dual lands will use the double-faced template. Here’s a mock-up, but these lands have been confirmed since then, as you can see above.

Zendikar Rising Dual Land Leak

The idea is that you get a choice when the land enters the battlefield – you choose which color you need depending on what’s in your hand. Afterwards, that’s the color of mana your land will produce. This would is an interesting take on the dual lands.

They help the aggressive decks more, as they really need untapped lands early on. Temples are often very clunky in aggro strategies.

Zendikar Rising Trailer

What do you think about the new trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

Before the trailer, we also got the teaser trailer. You can watch it here.

We hear Nahiri talk about Zendikar:

Born in the spark. Forged by betrayal. Tempered in silver and silence. I will fulfill my destiny. Zendikar will rise.


The line forged by betrayal is in reference to Sorin Markov. He broke his word that he’ll help Nahiri with Eldrazi, which they (together with Ugin) imprisoned on Zendikar. Nahiri has already avenged Zendikar by luring Emrakul, the Promised End to Innistrad, Sorin’s home plane.

That’s why it’s pretty interesting that she’s talking about fulfilling her destiny. What could that be? Will she simply help Zendikar recover or does she have something else in mind?

First Look at Zendikar Rising

Mark Rosewater, head designer for Magic the Gathering hosted a Magic Panel for Comic Con Home at 12:00 PST on July 25th. Here’s a quick recap of everything we learned about Zendikar Rising:

Land Set

Zendikar Rising is confirmed to be a land set. This means that there will be lots of cards that care about lands, probably also some land specific mechanics. Besides that, we’re also getting full art basic lands again!


But that’s not all, Mark also said that there will be 6 dual lands, that he wanted to fit in a set for a very long time. Six is a pretty weird number for number of dual lands in a set – there are usually 5 or 10, so that’s pretty interesting. We might get the 5 duals that were leaked plus one special dual land.


Rosewater talked about three mechanics. There is a new one, that’s actually a twist on an older popular theme. It’s changed in a way that it works better on Zendikar.

There will be two more mechanics, both of which were already on a previous Zendikar set. One is probably Landfall, which would make Nissa leak even more likely. What do you think the second one could be? Tell us in the comments below.

Planeswalkers and Legendary Creatures

Bunch of legendary creatures from Zendikar are returning! One of them is confirmed to be in another color. However, there will be no Eldrazi.

There will be three Planeswalkers in Zendikar Rising, all of them are returning as well. Each of them has at least three different Planeswalker cards. Thanks to the previewed booster packaging, we already know that they are:

  • Jace
  • Nahiri
  • Nissa

No specific cards were spoiled. Nevertheless, we got to see some art, like this happy Hedron.

Zendikar Rising Spoilers Overgrown Hedron

Maro also talked about a new booster product – Set Booster (a booster with 1-4 rares). You can find all that in the video here:

Zendikar Rising Teasers

But that’s not all Zendikar Rising information from Mark! On August 27, he also made a cryptic post on his Blogatog, containing the following teasers.


Zendikar Rising features three creatures with five creature types! What do you think those could be?

Furthermore, there is a white creature that can make an opponent lose the game by attacking them. It doesn’t even matter how high their life total is.

If you like getting stuff from the graveyard, you’ll be pretty excited about this one – there’s a multicolored creature that let you repeatedly get permanents from your opponent’s graveyard for no mana. There’s gotta be some kind of additional cost, right?

Mr. Rosewater also talked about some interesting creature types appearing in the new Zendikar edition:

  • Angel Wizard
  • Cat Horror
  • Demon Cleric
  • Hydra Horror
  • Leviathan Crab
  • Mouse
  • Shapeshifter Rogue
  • Wurm Horror

Can’t wait to see the Mouse card and why it couldn’t be a Rat instead.

Fans of Boros – there’s a red-white creature with a line that starts with “Whenever” and ends with “draw a card”. Might be cool for Commander.

Lastly, there are a couple of big artifact creatures. One is a 6/6 for 3 mana and the other is a 7/5 that can also cost 3 mana.

Card Text Snippets

While he didn’t spoil any exact cards, he did talk about some lines of text on the cards. Remember, it’s pretty hard to guess what the card actually does, but it can be fun to guess. So, here are some of the text snippets that will appear on Zendikar Rising Magic cards:

  • three plus
  • different converted mana cost X or less
  • equal to 20 minus
  • Cowards can’t block Warriors
  • don’t lose unspent red mana
  • twice the number of equipment
  • If it’s the third time
Cowards cant Block Warriors Zendikar Rising Spoilers Teasers

Finally, there’s also Cowards can’t block Warriors, which is one of the most fun rules text on a Magic card – it first appeared on Boldwyr Intimidator. We shall see if it’s a new card or a reprint.

Other Teasers

There are also some other weird teasers, including:

  • An artifact that grants +2/+2 to a subset of creatures that first appeared in Alpha. (Maybe Clerics?)
  • X being used for a variable it’s never been used for before.
  • The return of four mana symbols, each of them has only been used on two cards before. What could those be?
  • Targeted enchantment removal in black. Now that’s a first.
  • A card with three different activated abilities that all copy something.
  • Lands that come with a choice you’ve never had before.

Now that final line pretty much confirms the leak dual lands. Those will be pretty interesting to see in action. You can check the full teaser on Mark’s Blogatog.

Zendikar History

If you’re a newer player, you might not be familiar with the story behind Zendikar, and what makes it one of the most bellowed MTG planes of all time. So here’s a quick recap of what happened on Zendikar so far.


The plane was first introduced in 2009-2010 with three sets:

  • Zendikar
  • Worldwake
  • Rise of Eldrazi

In Zendikar we found a world full of adventurers, which are trying to claim hidden treasures. It’s basically an Indiana Jones world. However, something strange starts happening in Worldwake, as ancient forces begin to awaken. Finally, Eldrazi Titans (like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn) are introduced in Rise of Eldrazi.


First return to the Zendikar was in 2015-2016 with two sets:

  • Battle for Zendikar
  • Oath of the Gatewatch

In those sets Chandra, Gideon, Jace and Nissa fought against the Eldrazi Titans. They also form the Gatewatch – team of planeswalkers, which will protect the Multiverse (essentially Magic’s take on Marvel Avengers).

They managed to defeat the Titans, but Zendikar was devastated after the battle.

Zendikar Rising Spoilers Resurgent

However, the sets weren’t very well received, as the plane was missing its original feature – being an adventure world.

Second Return

That’s about to change in Zendikar Rising, as Mark Rosewater confirmed on his Blogatog.

“We return to a Zendikar without Eldrazi and revisit the adventure world players fell in love with.” – Mark Rosewater on Zendikar Rising

So you can expect a world full of adventures and maybe some rebuilding after the Eldrazi literally lay wastes to it.


Based on what we know about Zendikar’s history, here’s some things we could expect in Zendikar Rising.

Pricless Treasures

As mentioned before the first Zendikar had adventure and treasure hunting theme. To capture that feeling, Wizards put some older and expensive cards into the original print of Zendikar boosters.

As they weren’t technically printing those cards, but using ones already made, they got around the Reserved List, and there was a chance – although astronomically small – of getting a Black Lotus.

Zendikar Expeditions

Second time around there were Zendikar Expeditions – alternate art versions of some of the strongest lands in Magic. They were very rare – you had to open more than 200 boosters (on average) to get a single Expedition card.

Misty Rainforest Zendikar Expeditions

This time around we also got Expeditions. You can find all 30 Zendikar Rising Expeditions here.

4 Color Omnath?

First time on Zendikar we got green Omnath, second time it was green-red. In Core 2020 it got blue as well.

That’s why a Reddit user made a cool prediction that we might get a 4 color Omnath in Zendikar Rising. White would probably make the most sense as Zendikar will be in proccess of rebuilding. It would be cool to see what that would look like.

Given the art on the Collector’s Booster, 4-color Omnath is almost a 100% guaranteed.

Zendikar Rising Products

You can find all available Zendikar Rising Products below. You can also check their prices by clicking on their names or pictures. The link will take you to the appropriate page on Amazon.

Zendikar Rising Booster Box

Zendikar Rising Booster Box

Booster box contains 36 Draft boosters of Zendikar Rising. You can also get a Bundle, if you’d like to get less boosters.

Zendikar Rising Collector Booster

Zendikar Rising Collector Booster

Collector Boosters are back. These booster contain 15 cards: foils, rares and alternate art versions of some cards. You can find everything about Zendikar Rising Collector Booster contents here.

Zendikar Rising Set Booster

Zendikar Rising Set Booster

Set Booster is a new product. It’s a booster that costs slightly more then your regular Draft booster. However, you’re guaranteed a foil and you have a chance for up to 3 additional rares (so 4 in total).

You can find more about Set Boosters here.

Zendikar Rising Commander Decks

We will get two Commander decks, even though we got Ikoria Commander decks this year already. Decks will contain mostly reprints and just three new cards per deck (so six total).

You can find more information about Zendikar Rising Commander decks here.

Important Dates

Wondering when Zendikar Rising releases on Arena? You can find that info in the table bellow. If need more specific information, you can find the exact time for Zendikar Rising release here.

Zendikar Rising Spoilers StartSeptember 1, 2020
Zendikar Rising Spoilers FinishSeptember 11, 2020
Zendikar Rising Release on ArenaSeptember 17, 2020
Zendikar Rising Release on MTGOSeptember 17, 2020
Zendikar Rising PrereleaseSeptember 18-24, 2020
Zendikar Rising ReleaseSeptember 25, 2020

Rising On

Anyways, that’s all about Zendikar Rising. If you’re looking forward to drafting it, take a look at Zendikar Rising Draft Guide here.

If you don’t won’t to miss new spoilers, make sure to give us a follow on Instagram or Facebook. Besides spoilers and news, you’ll also find Magic memes, reminders about Arena daily deals and codes. Speaking of which, you can find all currently available Arena codes here.

Until next time, have fun and may Zendikar Rising contain at least one card that you never knew you wanted.

37 thoughts on “Zendikar Rising Spoilers, Leaks and More”

  1. Personally, I loved the original Zendikar, like you say, but for me, the return didn’t flop because of the lack of adventure, but because the Eldrazi were made far less interesting. Now you’re saying we’re going back to Zemdikar with NO Eldrazi? And that’s supposed to be a good thing? Sorry, nope, I’m out; it’s not Zendikar without Eldrazi.

    • Sry mate, I’m kinda the opposite. I loved the origional land of adventure and mystery that Zendikar was and I can’t wait to go back to that. However I can’t say that I want no Eldrazi, just some reduced Eldrazi, like one or two stragglers that have hidden themselves in Zendikar’s ruins and dark places. But otherwise give me my high adventure, sweeping landscapes, and trap filled tombs again!

      • Nah man. Emrakul went to Innistrad after OGW. and was put into the moon there in Eldritch Moon and she’s still there. sorry bud

  2. My thought, which is mostly speculation, is this: Transform cards that flip back and forth on some kind of triggers to represent the Roil changing things at random. I do notice that two of those arts form pairs (the two Sea Gate ones, and the happy hedron/hedrons laying in a grove of trees). Those might be candidates for flip cards.

    • Wow, nice theory, it makes a lot of sense!! Would be son nice actually , maybe that would be the new mechanic they are talking about?

      I would like to also point out that the floating volcano looks a lot like valakut, maybe we would get it in standard again?

  3. Could be cool to see Allies as a mechanic getting re-used. Very excited for Landfall to come back, as it’s my favorite mechanic to build decks around. Four-color Omnath should be interesting, I wonder if they’re planning to make Omnath rainbow in the future.

    • This is false. The same wording is used on other cards, the most well-known being Nissa, Who Shakes the World. Her plus one ability says: “Put three +1/+1 counters on up to one target noncreature land you control. Untap it. It becomes a 0/0 Elemental creature with vigilance and haste that’s still a land.”

  4. Anyone else see the silhouette of Ulamog in the picture that is third from the top left? Was kind of under the impression that Chandra KFC’d it to dust.

    Speaking of Eldrazi, though we’re not supposed to be getting new ones, what about colorless spells and lands? Surely there is still parts of Zendikar that are Wastes, so could we possibly see a use for those “Basic Lands” again? Seems to me like kind of a waste to use them once and toss them afterwards, would love to see some sort of interaction with Landfall or even colorless activated abilities. They went through the effort to create a new land subtype and even errata all older cards that utilized the mana type, so leaving it out of its home plane seems kind of… wasteful.

    On one last note, it might be possible we are receiving a new batch of Legendary Elementals. Of course we know that Omnath is going to be here somewhere, but then there’s Yarok (he literally has entire songs written about him). Here’s my theory on that: Each major area of Zendikar is going to receive their very own Elemental Legendary, its colors based on the biome of the region. Going further, I think that this will be a case of shard/wedge color dynamics.

    • A whole cycle of legendary elementals would certainly be cool!

      Maybe Wastes are somehow included in the dual land cycle with six cards?

    • In the video with Maro he said the Eldrazi won’t be there however Zendikar will still have been effected by the premise of them being their. I assuming waste will be a factor might have something to do with the lands but that is pure speculation.

      • Yeah, they won’t be there, but my curiosity was really more in terms of that being the shell of Ulamog. Which is odd when you consider that Chandra was supposed to have burnt it and Kozilek to cinders (at least their corporeal forms on the plane).

        • That is definitely not Ulamog, look at his bony head plate. It is rather a Desolation Twin, a Void Winnover perhaps or the one seen on Grip of Desolation.

  5. I bet the two returning mechanics will definitely be landfall and the other is probably allies. When and ally enters the battlefield *blank*. Maybe they will give us a keyword for it though.

    • Yeah, I could see that. Allies were a big letdown in Battle for Zendikar and in Oath of the Gatewatch, so fingers crossed we get some good ones now.

    • Landfall I don’t doubt, it’s been one of the most popular mechanics ever released. Ally subtype, though… I don’t think we will see much of that because they were Allies for a reason: the Eldrazi invasion. Now it seems more likely to see more of a tribal return than not considering the plane has been freed from lovecraftian horrors.

      Awaken wasn’t the most popular mechanic, but it fits thematically because the Roil is still there and strong as ever. I’d be less surprised to see it come back than the Ally subtype, especially considering a return of manlands.

  6. A lot of people are saying “i don’t want zendikar without eldrazi”, but the are plenty of other sets without eldrazi and y’all are buying those. Zendikar will have plenty of other interesting things. The one thing i don’t expect to see are cards that were playtested

  7. There are a few sets, that to me, are more about the land then the things living there. Alera was one, Zendikar is the another. The two Zendikar mechanics that I would love to see make a comeback are Landfall and Awaken. Having them in the set, very much makes the plane come alive for me. It would also be a perfect fit for what the few images we have been shown so far are representing. Zendikar itself fighting for restoral.

  8. Maybe we get a dual land that includes (). That might explain the 6 duals, but its’ not that exciting and MaRo is apparently wanted to put it into the game and what I said already exists.
    Something that I could be really excited about seeing is the aftermath of the eldrazi. I could see there being land creature hate. I still think there was a missed opportunity to have a card that turned a land into a waste like eldrazi draining mana out of it…

  9. “The return of four mana symbols, each of them has only been used on two cards before. What could those be?” those are probably the (2 colorless / colored) hybrid mana. My guess is they will be for the 4 color Omnath.

  10. It’s not so obvious, because there’s a chance that only Jace have kicker. Like the Tezzeret, printed with affinity on a set that no other card have that ability


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