Wilds of Eldraine Draft Tier List

Hello there, and welcome to our Wilds of Eldraine Tier List. This is a companion to our Wilds of Eldraine Draft Guide. In that one you’ll find the detailed information about the draft mechanics, key cards, and archetypes.

In this article, you’ll find a ranking of each and every card that you can open in Wilds of Eldraine draft boosters. This will hopefully allow you to win even more draft games.

Wilds of Eldraine Draft Tier List – Legend

Before we get to the tier list, let’s quickly check what each grade represents:

  • A: The best bombs. These cards can often win you the game on their own.
  • B: Strong cards that give you a reason to play their colors.
  • C: Fine cards that you’ll typically play when you’re in their colors.
  • D: Mediocre cards, which you’ll sometimes play, but would rather not.
  • F: Unplayable cards.

Since it can be hard to bundle cards in just five groups, all grades (except F), can come with a “+” or a “-” symbol. Grade C+ is better than C, which is better than C-.

Wilds of Eldraine Draft Tier List

Archon of the Wild RoseA-
Archon's GloryB-
Armory MiceC-
Besotted Knight // Betroth the BeastC-
Break the SpellC
Charmed ClothierC
Cheeky House-Mouse // Squeak ByC
Cooped UpB
Cursed CourtierC-
Discerning FinancierC+
Dutiful GriffinC+
Eerie InterferenceC
Expel the InterlopersA
Frostbridge GuardC
Gallant Pie-WielderB-
Glass CasketB-
Hopeful VigilC+
Kellan's LightbladesC+
Knight of DovesB-
Moment of ValorC
Moonshaker CavalryB
Plunge into WinterC-
The Princess Takes FlightC
Protective ParentsC-
Regal BunnicornB-
Return TriumphantC
Rimefur ReindeerC
Savior of the SleepingC
Slumbering KeepguardC
Solitary SanctuaryB-
Spellbook VendorB
Stockpiling CelebrantC
Stroke of MidnightB-
A Tale for the AgesC
Three Blind MiceC+
Tuinvale GuideC+
Unassuming SageC+
Virtue of Loyalty // Ardenvale FealtyA
Werefox BodyguardB+
Blind ObedienceC-
Dawn of HopeB-
Grasp of FateB+
Greater AuramancyD
Griffin AerieB-
Intangible VirtueD
Karmic JusticeF
Knightly ValorC
Land TaxB
Leyline of SanctityF
Phyrexian UnlifeF
Rest in PeaceF
Smothering TitheF
Belligerent of the BallB
Bellowing Bruiser // Beat a PathC
Bespoke BattlegarbD+
Boundary Lands RangerC+
Charming ScoundrelB-
Cut InB
Edgewall PackB-
Embereth VeteranC+
Flick a CoinC
Food FightC
Frantic FireboltB-
Gnawing CrescendoC
Goddric, Cloaked RevelerA-
Grabby Giant // That's MineC+
Grand Ball GuestC+
Harried SpearguardC
Hearth Elemental // Stoke GeniusB-
Imodane, the PyrohammerC+
Kindled HeroismC
Korvold and the Noble ThiefD
Merry BardsC
Minecart Daredevil // Ride the RailsC+
Monstrous RageC+
Raging Battle MouseB-
Ratcatcher Trainee // Pest ProblemC+
Realm-Scorcher HellkiteA
Redcap Gutter-DwellerA-
Redcap ThiefB-
Rotisserie ElementalC
Skewer SlingerC-
Song of TotentanzB
Stonesplitter BoltB
Tattered RatterC+
Torch the TowerB+
Twisted FealtyB-
Two-Headed Hunter // Twice the RageB-
Unruly CatapultC-
Virtue of Courage // Embereth BlazeB-
Witch's MarkC
Witchstalker FrenzyB+
Aggravated AssaultF
Blood MoonF
Dragon MantleC
Fiery EmancipationC-
Goblin BombardmentC-
Impact TremorsC-
Leyline of LightningF
Mana FlareF
Raid BombardmentD+
Shared AnimosityD
Sneak AttackD
Crystal GrottoD-
Edgewall InnB-
Evolving WildsC
Restless BivouacB
Restless CottageB
Restless FortressB
Restless SpireB
Restless VinestalkB

Aquatic Alchemist // Bubble UpC
Archive DragonC+
Asinine AnticsA-
Beluna's Gatekeeper // Entry DeniedC
Bitter ChillB-
Chancellor of TalesB
Diminisher WitchC+
Disdainful StrokeC+
Extraordinary JourneyB+
Farsight RitualC+
Freeze in PlaceC
Gadwick's First DuelB-
Galvanic Giant // Storm ReadingC+
Horned Loch-Whale // Lagoon BreachA-
Ice OutC
Icewrought SentryC+
Ingenious ProdigyA-
Into the Fae CourtC-
Johann's StopgapC
Living LecternC
Merfolk CoralsmithC+
Misleading MotesC
Mocking SpriteC
Obyra's Attendants // Desperate ParryC+
Picklock Prankster // Free the FaeC+
Quick StudyC
Sleep-Cursed FaerieB+
Sleight of HandC
Snaremaster SpriteC-
Spell StutterC
Splashy SpellcasterC+
Stormkeld ProwlerC-
Succumb to the ColdD+
Talion's MessengerB+
Tenacious TomeseekerC+
Vantress Transmuter // Croaking CurseC+
Virtue of Knowledge // Vantress VisionsD-
Water WingsC
As ForetoldF
Copy EnchantmentD-
Forced FruitionF
Fraying SanityF
Hatching PlansB-
Intruder AlarmF
Kindred DiscoveryC
Leyline of AnticipationF
Rhystic StudyC-
Spreading SeasC+
Agatha's ChampionB+
Beanstalk Wurm // Plant BeansC+
Bestial BloodlineC-
Blossoming TortoiseC+
Bramble Familiar // Fetch QuestB+
Brave the WildsC+
Commune with NatureD+
Curse of the WerefoxB
Elvish ArchivistB
Feral EncounterB+
Ferocious Werefox // Guard ChangeB-
Graceful TakedownB
Gruff TripletsA
Hamlet GluttonB
Hollow Scavenger // Bakery RaidC+
Howling GalefangB-
The Huntsman's RedemptionB-
Leaping AmbushC
Night of the Sweets' RevengeC
Redtooth GenealogistC+
Redtooth VanguardB
Return from the WildsC+
Rootrider FaunC+
Royal TreatmentC+
Sentinel of Lost LoreB+
Skybeast TrackerC
Spider FoodC
Stormkeld Vanguard // Bear DownB
Tanglespan LookoutB
Territorial WitchstalkerC
Thunderous DebutD+
Titanic GrowthC
Toadstool AdmirerC-
Tough CookieB
Troublemaker OupheB-
Up the BeanstalkC
Verdant OutriderC
Virtue of Strength // Garenbrig GrowthC+
Welcome to SweettoothB
Defense of the HeartC+
Doubling SeasonC
Garruk's UprisingC+
Ground SealD+
Hardened ScalesD
Leyline of AbundanceF
Nature's WillF
Parallel LivesC-
Primal VigorC
Prismatic OmenF
Season of GrowthC-
Unnatural GrowthB-
Utopia SprawlC-
Agatha's Soul CauldronC
Candy TrailC
Collector's VaultC
Eriette's Tempting AppleC-
Hylda's Crown of WinterB+
The IrencragC
Prophetic PrismC
Scarecrow GuideC-
Soul-Guide LanternC
Syr Ginger, the Meal EnderC+
Three Bowls of PorridgeD+

Ashiok, Wicked ManipulatorA-
Ashiok's ReaperC+
Back for SecondsC+
Barrow NaughtyC+
Beseech the MirrorC
Candy GrappleB
Conceited Witch // Price of BeautyC+
Dream SpoilersC+
Ego DrainC-
The EndB+
Eriette's WhisperD+
Faerie DreamthiefB
Faerie FencingB
Feed the CauldronB-
Fell Horseman // Deathly RideC+
Gumdrop Poisoner // Tempt with TreatsA-
High Fae NegotiatorB
Hopeless NightmareC-
Lich-Knights' ConquestB-
Lord Skitter, Sewer KingB+
Lord Skitter's BlessingB+
Lord Skitter's ButcherB-
Not Dead After AllC
Rankle's PrankC+
Rat OutC
Rowan's Grim SearchC
Scream PuffC
Shatter the OathC+
Specter of MortalityA-
Spiteful HexmageC
Stingblade AssassinC
Sugar RushC-
Sweettooth WitchC
Taken by NightmaresB
Tangled ColonyB-
Twisted Sewer-WitchB
Virtue of Persistence // Locthwain ScornA
Voracious VerminC+
Warehouse TabbyC
Wicked VisitorC
The Witch's VanityB-
Dark TutelageF
Grave PactB+
Leyline of the VoidF
Oversold CemeteryD
Polluted BondsF
Sanguine BondC-
Stab WoundB
Vampiric RitesC
Waste NotF
Agatha of the Vile CauldronC
The Apprentice's FollyC
Ash, Party CrasherB
Eriette of the Charmed AppleB+
Faunsbane TrollA
The Goose MotherA
Greta, Sweettooth ScourgeB+
Hylda of the Icy CrownB
Johann, Apprentice SorcererB-
Likeness LooterB
Neva, Stalked by NightmaresB
Obyra, Dreaming DuelistB
Rowan, Scion of WarB-
Ruby, Daring TrackerB
Sharae of Numbing DepthsB+
Syr Armont, the RedeemerB
Talion, the Kindly LordB+
Totentanz, Swarm PiperB
Troyan, Gutsy ExplorerC
Will, Scion of PeaceC+
Yenna, Redtooth RegentB+
Beluna Grandsquall // Seek ThrillsB+
Callous Sell-Sword // Burn TogetherB
Cruel Somnophage // Can't Wake UpB
Decadent Dragon // Expensive TasteA
Devouring Sugarmaw // Have for DinnerB+
Elusive Otter // Grove's BountyB+
Frolicking Familiar // Blow Off SteamB+
Gingerbread Hunter // Puny SnackB+
Heartflame Duelist // Heartflame SlashB+
Imodane's Recruiter // Train TroopsB
Kellan, the Fae-Blooded // Birthright BoonB+
Mosswood Dreadknight // Dread WhispersA-
Picnic Ruiner // Stolen GoodiesB+
Pollen-Shield Hare // Hare RaisingB-
Questing Druid // Seek the BeastA-
Scalding Viper // Steam CleanB+
Shrouded Shepherd // Cleave ShadowsB+
Spellscorn Coven // Take It BackB+
Tempest Hart // Scan the CloudsB
Threadbind Clique // Rip the SeamsB+
Twining Twins // Swift SpiralA-
Woodland Acolyte // Mend the WildsB+


That’s it for now. Don’t forget that these are just the early rankings, and that they will change in the upcoming days. If you agree or disagree with any of them, let us know in the comments below. Again, don’t forget to also check our Wilds of Eldraine Draft Guide, for better understanding of the format.

Happy drafting!

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