Best Dixit Expansions in 2022

So, you’ve played a game of Dixit, and now you want to have even more fun with a new expansion. Or perhaps you tried your friend’s game, and now you want to get one for yourself. Whichever the case, this article will help you find the best Dixit expansions for you.

Of course, there isn’t one single expansion that would be best for everyone. That’s why instead of ranking each expansion, we’ll talk about the most popular Dixit expansions, and highlight their best features. This way, you’ll easily find out which one you’ll enjoy the most.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick recap of our favorite Dixit expansions, including a base set, which is necessary to play the game:

Dixit Base Game IconDixit Base SetNecessary for expansions
Dixit Odyssey IconOdyssey SetAnother standalone option;
Supports up to 12 players
Dixit Mirrors IconMirrors ExpansionMost fun expansion
Dixit Harmonies Expansion IconHarmony ExpansionMost abstract expansion

However, if you’ve got time, let’s explore the candidates for the best Dixit expansions.

Dixit Base Game – Necessary for Expansions

Dixit Base Game

Before you start buying expansions, make sure that you have the base game. Expansions won’t come with all the things you need for a game. In addition to the cards, you also get the game board with 6 wooden rabbits, so you can keep track of each player’s progress. There’s also 36 tokens, which are used for voting.

Besides this base set, you also have another option, to get all the things you need for a game of Dixit. That’s the very next product we’ll talk about.

Dixit Odyssey – Best Dixit Expansion for More Players

Dixit Odyssey Expansion for More Players

The Odyssey set offers an improved voting system – with special voting cards. There’s also a new game board and 12 rabbits! This means that instead of the usual 3-6 players, this game can support 3-12 players, while still providing a pristine Dixit experience.

So if your play group often has more than six players, you should definitely get the Dixit Odyssey game.

Odyssey Cards

Note that there’s a difference between the Odyssey game (big box), and not the Odyssey expansion (smaller box). They both feature the same cards, but the expansion doesn’t come with the things you need to play with more players. So make sure to pay attention when purchasing this product.

Dixit Origins – Similar Vibe as Base Game

Origins Best Dixit Expansions

If you just want some more cards with the similar artwork style, then Origins is the best Dixit expansion for you. While the cards are somewhat different from the ones you get in the base set, they still feature that same vanilla feel.

There isn’t a single standout theme in the Origins expansion. However, most of the cards do feature a creature of some kind. They also frequently look a bit dangerous.

Best Dixit Expansions Origins Card Examples

All in all, it’s a nice expansion if you just want some more cards to add to your regular set, and increase variety. However, if you’d like a more different art style, you’re better off with some other Dixit expansions.

Dixit Harmonies – Best Abstract Dixit Expansions

Best Dixit Expansions Harmonies

If you really want to push your animation to the 100%, Harmonies expansion is a perfect pickup. Why? Because it features the most abstract art of all Dixit expansions.

You’ll be able to focus more on feelings and abstract ideas. You won’t want to name specific items, as they will very often be a big giveaway for other players. The artwork is mostly full of primary colors and shapes. No sharp contrasts in this one.

Harmonies Dixit Cards

If you enjoy the abstract hints based on feelings, you really can’t go wrong with Harmonies.

Dixit Revelations – Most Unusual Dixit Expansion

Best Dixit Expansions Revelations

Revelations is certainly one of the best Dixit expansions. The most cards have the theme of Ancient Greece, but that’s not all. The artwork looks really trippy, and most of it is in motion.

Furthermore, cards can regularly represent the same concept or idea. Of course, that’s the case with the most Dixit expansions, as it’s one of the things that makes the game so fun. However, this is even more prevalent with the Revelations expansion, which makes it truly amazing.

Revelations Dixit Card Examples

So, Revelations is an incredible expansion if you’re looking for a new flavor of Dixit game. If you’re a fan of Ancient Greece, that’s even better!

Dixit 10th Anniversary Expansion – Artwork from All Previous Artists

10th Anniversary Dixit

Dixit has been around for a long time. In fact, the first edition was released way back in 2008. Around 10 years later, we got this special 10th anniversary edition.

What’s so special about it? Well, the cards feature artworks from all the artists who worked on the game before. As such, it’s a great option if you aren’t sure which Dixit expansion to get. You can start with this one, figure out who your favorite artist is, and for the next expansion you can pick the one that features the most of their work.

Dixit 10th Anniversary Cards

As far as the gameplay goes, you can still expect all the good parts of Dixit. Even though the work comes from different artists, the cards can still be represented by the abstract hints, that will leave everybody guessing just which card is yours.

Dixit Journey – Best Dixit Expansion for Storytelling

Best Dixit Expansions Journey

The cards from the Journey expansion are also amazing. The theme journey is represented in various ways. Cards also offer a lot of opportunity for storytelling. Your hint can often be a whole sentence (of course, it has to be abstract enough), and other players won’t have too hard of a time to match with it.

Journey Card Examples

Journey is quite a popular expansion, and you won’t be disappointed with it, as there are many fun prompts to use with these cards.

Dixit Mirrors – Dixit Expansion With the Funniest Artworks

Best Dixit Expansions Mirrors

One expansion that we really can recommend highly enough is called Mirrors. This expansion has (in our opinion) some of the most fun artwork of all Dixit sets and expansions. It’ll surely bring lots of fun to your next Dixit game night, if you decide to go with it.

Best Dixit Cards Expansions Mirrors Card List

As you can see, the cards are quite detailed and unique, as such they offer a big boost to your imagination, and you’ll be able to come up with fun hints very quickly. So if you’re looking for more fun playing Dixit, Mirrors won’t disappoint you.

Dixit Memories – Best for Playing With Kids

Memories Best Dixit Expansions 2023

Last, but definitely not least, here’s Dixit Memories. This expansion is also a very popular one, and for a good reason. All the cards are full of color, and most of them are quite cheerful. The art style is also somewhat cartoonish.

The combination of all these factors makes this one of the best Dixit expansions for when you’re playing with younger kids. They are going to love these cards, and they’ll easily find inspiration for their starting phrase.

Dixit Best Expansion 2022 2023 Examples Memories

As you can see, these cards are very colorful, and the more time you’ll spend looking at them, the more details you’ll notice. Such cards are certainly one of our favorite ones, as you can use them many times, and always come up with new ideas for your starting prompts.

Best Dixit Expansions – FAQ

Here are some answers to questions you might have about getting a new Dixit expansion. If there’s something that you’d like to know that we didn’t answer, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible.

How many Dixit expansions are there?

Currently, there are ten Dixit expansions. One of them (Odyssey) is also available as a standalone expansion. On top of these ten expansions, there’s also the original Dixit game, so if you count it as well, you’d get to eleven Dixit expansions.

Are some expansions more difficult than the others?

Not really, as Dixit really isn’t the type of game that becomes harder with any one set of cards. However, some expansions might work better for your playgroup.

Can you play Dixit without the main game?

In general, no. You’d be missing the vote counters, and the game board. However, if you’re a crafty person, you can make those items yourself, without too much trouble.

Which is the best Dixit expansion for kids?

Here’s the good thing – all Dixit expansions are good for kids, as there’s no inappropriate content in them. If we’d have to pick one that the kids will enjoy the most, we’d probably go with Dixit Memories, for the reasons we’ve stated before.

Best Dixit Expansions – Conclusion

That’s it for the best Dixit expansion. Did we miss one of your favorite ones? Let us know which expansion is your favorite – and why – in the comments below.

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Until next time – we wish you and your play group a lot of fun with your new Dixit expansion!

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