11 Best Fantasy Map Generators

Whether you’re running a D&D campaign, or if you’re writing a fantasy book, you’ll probably need a good map. If you’re not the most artistic type, there’s no need to worry. Today, I’ll talk about some of the best fantasy map generators out there. I’ll mostly focus on the perspective of a dungeon master, but even if you require a map generator for other reasons, you’ll still find useful information.

When you run a campaign, you’re likely going to need a map to help you and your players remember where they came from. I’ve gone through most of the more popular map generating programs and will show my thoughts and what each program specializes in. Some focus on dungeons, or world maps, or a mix of these. This guide will help you decide which programs you’ll want to get for your goal.


Inkarnate Interface Best Fantasy Map Generators

Of the map generators I’m going over, this is the one I have the most experience using. I started using Inkarnate for world maps for my campaigns and when I write stories. They’ve only recently started having assets for dungeon maps, but so far I’ve enjoyed using them. They have a good variety of art styles for each type of map you want to make.

Personally, my focus when I use Inkarnate is for world maps and area/town maps. It has a great variety of buildings and is easy to use. I’m still having issues making my cliffs, rivers, and shorelines look pretty. However, I’m still learning.

The variety of maps is really nice compared to other programs. You can generate maps with an old-fashioned parchment style, or watercolor styles. I’ve had it almost a year, and I’m still playing around and learning how certain styles work. I’ve included photos of the art styles currently available.

There is a free version with limited assets, so you can test how you feel about the program. It’s a monthly/yearly fee, but there are frequent updates adding content.

Inkarnate Best Fantasy Map Generators Example

The sample here is just one of the maps that I’ve created, and they were all a ton of fun to make! I’m still constantly learning new things, and I joined the Inkarnate Discord channel to talk to other creators and keep track of contests.


Honestly, after playing around a bit, I am tempted to get this for myself. It has a heavier learning curve compared to Inkarnate, but I feel it would be a lot better for dungeon maps after training and several YouTube tutorials. The site has a free membership but most (maybe all?) of the assets have watermarks, meaning it is meant to test the program over actually making sample maps. It is fun to play with, and there is a large variety of assets tied to fantasy, cypberpunk, and eldritch horror themed maps.

They also provide premade maps that you can open and modify. The cool thing is each map can have multiple floors, for example, you can see one of the floors of the magical library map above. For the magical library, the top floor randomly has a cyberpunk cop car and some animals due to me playing around. There are also the tunnels hidden below the library.

Of all the premium fantasy map generators, this is the one I want to buy the most. The commercial version is pricey, but the amount of assets and focus on dungeon maps is great. Most of the other fantasy map generators focus on world/area maps.

I love Inkarnate, but they’re still new to dungeon and city maps. While they still have amazing, ever-expanding assets for dungeon maps, Dungeonfog still has a strong head start.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

Azgaar Best Fantasy Map Generators

It’s extremely difficult trying to make a continent map. Designing rivers and how the landmasses will look, and deciding on the borders for the countries, is surprisingly stressful. Azgaar’s helps generate the work for you. You can set up specific land mass types such as archipelago, and it will generate it for you with a variety of named countries.

There are several aspects that can be confusing at first, but I overall enjoy it. I’m still working on wrapping my brain around the religious and political maps. It took me a bit before I realized I can have the map show country emblems instead of their names. A great tool if you’re writing a campaign where you need sample coats of arms or colored logos for military banners.

I generated the samples here with Azgaar’s, and I really like how they turned out. For certain I’ll use those emblems when designing orders of knights and factions in my future campaigns.

Watabou Medieval Fantasy City Generator

This program has ties to Azgaar’s Generator, but it focuses on specific towns. You generate a map and rename the districts as you see fit. It’s very simple but easy to use. You might want to use a more detailed program for a capital city with more unique districts or building styles, but this is great for small towns to populate your fantasy world with.


Honestly, I’m still tempted to get Wonderdraft. It’s pretty, and I love the feature where it can translate how many miles between points. The miles feature is amazing if you’re like me and stress out over “how many days will it take to get from town to town?”

The problem is it focuses heavily on world maps, while other similar programs have more features. Though for the price, if you mainly want world maps it is one of the better options.

It’s one of the few programs with a single purchase, and you download it. Great for offline work and avoiding monthly fees, but you’ll have to pay for DLC instead of getting automatic updates.


Donjon World Map

Donjon is simply one of my favorite sites. It has tons of free generators, ranging from world maps to dungeon maps to even encounter and loot generators.

The world map generator is amazing. It creates a large enough map and with the grid system you can go in and add your own landmarks alongside all the cities and such that auto generate. It might not be as artistic as some other options, but for a free generator, it is incredible! I also love the grid design, makes it easier for travel if you make a formula such as “a day of travel equals X spaces.”

Donjon Best Dungeon Generators DND

The dungeon map generator is also great considering it’s free. You can generate a DM and a player version of the map, with the DM version having numbered rooms and the player version having blank rooms. You’ll still need to generate and possibly draw the details in each room, but this will still save you tons of time when creating maps.

I generated a sample for the world map, and a numbered sample dungeon map, both of which you saw above.

ProFantasy Campaign Cartographer

ProFantasy is a company that has created tons of different programs that you can download to create a variety of maps. Some focus on dungeons, while others focus on world and area maps. Now, the one aspect of ProFantasy that stands out among everything else I’ve listed is that they’re not internet dependent. If you like to create maps while traveling without Wi-Fi, this is one of the few options that’ll work.

While this is a great benefit, it is also why I personally can’t use it. My computer is old, and I use an external hard drive due to lack of space. So every time I try to use ProFantasy it loses track of assets. So you’ll need a newer and better computer to work this, and avoid using multiple hard drives.

While many programs I’ve mentioned use monthly or yearly payments, ProFantasy is a program with a one-time cost per program. It can potentially be cheaper, but the membership programs frequently have updates, while ProFantasy doesn’t. It has add-ons you can buy and several generations of programs, but you’ll have to work with what you got or create and upload your own assets.

That is another positive to ProFantasy, they’re the easiest for artists that want to upload their own assets. Since all the assets are saving in your computer versus being part of a browser program, you can easily add your own to the map asset files.


Nortantis Best Fantasy Map Generators

A free map generator that makes nice maps. I love the hand drawn art style. I have a feeling it’s meant more for writers that are writing fiction stories, but it is still useful for D&D world building.

One interesting aspect of this generator is you can download it on your computer, meaning you can generate maps offline. A good option if you travel or have spotty Wi-Fi, though you still need to do the initial download.

The Nortantis sample I provided is one of the samples the creators put on their site. Honestly, my computer is too old to run it, and it uses Java, which most computers don’t have by default. This means it will take some effort to get going, but it’s free and makes beautiful maps, which makes up for it.


Worldspinner Best Fantasy Map Generator DND Dungeons and Dragons

One of the more unique map generators that actually generates lore as well. What you do is give details on the people and communities in your world, and you can have it go forward in time. Say you start at year 0, and then move to year 4,000. It will then calculate how these cultures will change and how kingdoms will move and fall in those 4,000 years.

I personally enjoy writing a lot of the background stuff like economics and cultures for my worlds. However, you might not – or you simply don’t have the time to do it. In that case, you can use Worldspinner to generate them for you. It even generates quests and events on the map for when your players decide to wander off.

The great thing about Worldspinner is that it generates dungeon maps for a lot of the quests too. This means you can have premade side quests ready in a pinch. That’s very useful for when you want to have some time before the next main story section, or if the party wants to grind some levels before moving forward.


Worldanvil is a great tool to keeps track of the lore and information for each city and area in your map. It’s a great organizational tool for world building since instead of having a file or a folder full of city maps, you can have the world map and when you click on a city it brings up that city map.

This makes it amazing if you’re making a homebrew world and need to create maps of the cities and documents of information to go with each area. That said, if you’re using an existing world and just want to create maps for it, I feel the other programs I mentioned will help better with that.

Best Dungeon Tiles for In-Person Games

If you don’t want to bother much with generating maps, there are other options for you. For years, I’ve run in person games, and I have often been too lazy to draw maps, so thankfully I found these tiles! They’re amazing for making maps on the spot. You have to be careful not to bump them (or if you have a window nearby that can let wind in), but they’re amazing for spontaneously generating details maps. You can even build the map as you go!

Now, the one hiccup with recommendations is I bought the 4th edition tiles. They’re now pretty old, so they’re a lot pricier than when I originally bought them.

That’s why I’ve included a link to the new Reincarnated tile sets. They’re pretty much the same thing, but I’ve heard complaints such as the wildness set is a mix of desert and forest tiles so if you only want forest like the original 4th edition tiles, you’ll have to get another set. Do your research and think of what scenes you want in your campaign and decide which version works better for you.

Each set has three versions. Let’s take a quick peek at them.

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated – Wilderness

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated Wilderness

Each of these three Reincarnated Dungeon Tiles has different scenery. First up is the Wilderness one, which focuses on the outdoor scenery. So this is the best option, if most of your campaigns are happening outside.

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated – Dungeon

Best DND Tiles Dungeon Fantasy Map Generators

If you’re a bigger fan of the Dungeons portion of D&D, these are a great pickup. You’ll get the dungeon tiles for internal stone scenery.

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated – City

DND Tiles City Best Fantasy Map Generators

Finally, if you’re more of a city person, this is what you’ll want to get. These tiles will help you build a map of a city, where you’ll be able to have your own adventure.

4th Edition Tiles

DND Tiles Fourth Edition

You can also look up the 4th edition versions of Dungeon tiles, but as I mentioned before, these can be way more expensive and difficult to find.

One good and bad aspect for these tiles (both versions) is that for the wilderness version they lack free space. A ton of space is filled with trees and rocks. I personally like this since it makes it more realistic and gives obstacles and cover for my players and the enemies. For larger wilderness fights when I want more blank space, I’ll use a large blank grid map and place the tiles on the map and just pretend those are grassy areas between the tiles.

Geek Tank Games

When I design the dungeon tile maps, they sometimes feel empty. There are tons of smaller tiles for decorations, but I discovered Geek Tank Games, and they’ve made my dungeon encounters feel a lot more realistic for my players.

You’ll find a variety of packs depending on your campaign. There are ones for buildings and market stalls if you plan an urban encounter. I mostly use the dungeon set and sometimes the graveyard one. If you don’t want to spend money on the tiles, these are an interesting alternative to decorate a blank grid map for more color and visuals.

Also, unrelated to maps, but they have beautiful monster tokens that are flat, so they’re great if you have to travel when running your game. I bought their binder to organize them when they had a Kickstarter.

Commercial Use

Here’s one final thing I wanted to mention, before I wrap up. This won’t apply to everyone, but if you want to create content to share or record your games on Twitch or YouTube, check the commercial use of the map programs.

Some groups like Inkarnate and Dungeonfog include a separate payment plan that gives you more freedom to use their content, so read the details on each program if you want to share the maps. I create modules for people, so this is super important for me. Better to pay extra to protect yourself legally, and check the details because each commercial license differs on what it offers.

Best Fantasy Map Generators – Conclusion

Let me know if you use any of these best fantasy map generators! I doubt any of us have enough money to test all of them, so it’s super helpful if we trade info on them. I know after this research I’m going to buy a couple, so I have more options for map making.

Lately I’ve had to shift from in person games to digital, so these are becoming far more useful. I’ve also started a Fiverr account for creating quests and D&D content, so reach out if you need advice or want some custom content created. I hope you and your players have tons of fun!

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