Top 10 Best MTG Squirrel Cards

We’re following the tradition of writing about some iconic and powerful creature tribes in the game of Magic. We have decided to write one about arguably the greatest tribe of all time: Squirrels.

Aside from jokes, this creature type is got a lot of love on the new set Modern Horizons 2. So with the introduction of Chatterfang, Squirrel General to the game, we went on the search for the best Squirrel Cards out there.

Honestly, we did not find a lot , but what we found was surely interesting. This tribe is for sure able to bring the laughs and smiles to any table where it is played. And that is its biggest strength. It makes the game of Magic fun to play, in a time when smiles are needed.

As you might have noticed already, this article will mostly focus on cards intended for the format of Commander. Although you can definitely give Squirrels a spin on Modern, good luck with that.

This article will feature a different format due to the limited selection of Squirrel cards out there. So let us know if you think this works for this tribe.

Silver Border Cards

Let’s start with probably the most iconic Squirrel cards. These are the silver border cards from the Un-sets. These sets have presented the game of Magic with a fun, sarcastic, and ironic take on the main characteristics of the game. These sets are the birthplace of Squirrels as a creature type.

Although Squirrels have, over time, slowly made their transaction to official sets. They will always remain a main staple of Un-sets.


The first three cards are just a few examples of really flavorful and funny possible additions to a Squirrel-based deck. (I never thought I would ever be saying that). They do provide good and consistent Squirrel creation.

Chittering Doom

Chittering Doom Best Silver Border Squirrel Cards MTG

Chittering Doom is a solid enchantment that gives you a Squirrel everytime you roll a 4 or higher on a die. And if you are playing silver border, you will for sure spin a lot of dice. (If you need some suggestions you can find best MTG dice here.) Plus, this card reminds me of that Rick and Morty episode.

Form of the Squirrel

Form of the Squirrel Best Silver Border Squirrel Cards MTG

Form of the Squirrel is just a bizarre card overall. It is an enchantment that has a lot of positive effects with one really bad one. It is for sure going to confuse everyone whenever it is played. Plus, the art is interesting but creepy at the same time. Its ability provides good protection in general but at the cost of a really bad handicap. Worth taking a swing with it, though.

Squirrel Dealer

Squirrel Dealer Best Silver Border Squirrel Cards MTG

Squirrel Dealer is my personal favorite Squirrel card in general. It is one of the funniest cards out there. It has the weirdest creature subtype out there. And it provides the opportunity for really funny interactions with people in the game and outside the game. Do you like Squirrels? … I do.


Steel Squirrel

Steel Squirrel

Let’s start with the simple but highly promising Steel Squirrel. Really interesting and funny concept, without a doubt.

As I said before, playing with silver border cards, you are guaranteed to roll some dice. This card takes sure advantage of that mechanic. It can be especially powerful if you manage to roll a 20 sided dice. Then, you would be set. Plus, its flavor text is such a dad joke.

Snickering Squirrel

Snickering Squirrel

Snickering Squirrel is another card with a super creepy art. Its ability to affect the mechanic of die rolling is super in flavour. This card is supposed to represent a Squirrel Mafia boss in some sort of way. The card mechanics, the creepy mustache, and the flavor text are all incredible design choices.

Half- Squirrel, Half-

Half-Squirrel, Half- Best Silver Border Squirrel Cards MTG

Half- Squirrel, Half- anything else that allows for this ability is great. On this set, this mechanic makes for really fun combinations. It is a predecessor to Mutate. Although, it’s way funnier. It is a simple Squirrel that can unite with any other creature type out there. What more can you ask for?

Earl of Squirrel

Earl of Squirrel Best Silver Border Squirrel Cards MTG

Earl of Squirrel is a really respected individual. It is royalty among Squirrel cards. It demands the respect and admiration of all its subjects. And with good reason.

It creates Squirrels, it makes all other creature Squirrels, and it pumps all other Squirrels. This is definitely a really good Commander option for Squirrel tribal.

Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher

Acronelia, Fashionable Filcher Best MTG Squirrel Commanders

Apart from having a really funny name, introducing a new kind of counter (Acorns), and having a pretty cool art design. Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher is another great option for a Squirrel Commander, (or an addition in the 99).

She not only cares about you having defined Squirrels in creature types, but also about Squirrels in the art of cards. Which makes this card even better.

Best Black Border Squirrel Cards


These following three sorceries are simple, but effective ways of getting Squirrels into the battlefield. If there is something that a Squirrel deck wants for it to function properly is for Squirrels to be created fast and efficiently. That’s what these cards are here to do.

Acorn Harvest

Acorn Harvest Best Cards for Squirrel Tribal MTG

Acorn Harvest is a card with the absolute most disturbing art. Apart from that off putting characteristic, it is a 4 mana card that creates 2 1/1 Squirrels. It also has Flashback for 2 and 3 life. Pretty decent.

Chatter of the Squirrel

Chatter of the Squirrel Best Cards for Squirrel Deck MTG

Another card that also has Flashback, creates Squirrels, and has disturbing art is Chatter of the Squirrel. This card puts a 1/1 Squirrel into play for 1 mana. And it also has Flashback for 1 and a green. Really simple, but decent token creation.


Chatterstorm Best Squirrel Cards MTG

Finally, the sorcery with the most potential out of the three is Chatterstorm. Following the tradition, this card creates a 1/1 Squirrel token when played. The difference is that it costs 2 and it has Storm, which can trigger a ton of times. Really decent.

Enchantments & Artifacts

These following four cards are all decent at creating Squirrel tokens.

Squirrel Nest

Squirrel Nest Best Cards for Squirrel Deck MTG

Squirrel Nest can be quite efficient. It provides the option to make a land into a Squirrel token creator. It only cost three mana to cast. And it activates by tapping the land. Really good alternative option to token creation. It also has incredible combo potential.

Squirrel Sanctuary

Squirrel Sanctuary Best Squirrel Tribal Cards MTG

Squirrel Sanctuary on the other hand is a one time token creator. It cost only one mana to cast which is really decent. However, you can get it back to your hand, if your nontek creatures dies by paying one.

Acorn Catapult

Acorn Catapult

This artifact has a really interesting design. From its name to its art. It is really flavorful. It is a great way to not only deal damage to your opponents which can come in handy. But it also has the benefit of creating Squirrels for you if you decide for it to do 1 damage to you.

It really is not that mind-blowing of a card, but it’s quite decent and fun. It would make for really flavorful and funny interactions.


Chitterspitter Squirrel Tribal cards

This is yet another card from Modern Horizons 2 and a very powerful one for your Squirrel deck. It can make your Squirrel bigger by sacrificing tokens. It also makes Squirrel tokens, and it’s get even better if you have some ways to untap it.

A very cool addition to the Squirrel tribal and probably a must-have. Plus it has an amazing artwork, which is always an upside.

Non-Squirrel Creatures

The following five cards are just some of the best non-Squirrel cards that fit perfectly with this tribe. They provide perfect support to improve the overall efficiency of the deck.

Deep Forest Hermit

Deep Forest Hermit Best Cards for Squirrel Deck MTG

Deep Forest Hermit is a card with incredible value. It provides five bodies when it is played – of four Squirrel tokens and itself. The second ability is a pump ability that gives all Squirrels +1/+1.

Which means that for 5 mana you get 9 power in creatures. The first ability does make the card go away after 4 turns, but that time frame is enough to make winning moves.

Scurry Oak

Scurry Oak

Scurry Oak is a card that provides decent Squirrel token creation with the combination of its two abilities. The first ability is Evolve, which gives Scurry Oak +1/+1 whenever a bigger creature comes into play.

The second ability is that whenever it gets a +1/+1 counter you create a 1/1 Squirrel. It is good at pumping itself whilst giving you Squirrels.

Deranged Hermit

Deranged Hermit

Deranged Hermit is basically the same as Deep Forest Hermit with the difference that instead of staying on the board for around 4 turns, the CMC has to be paid again if you want it to stay.

The negative is that this makes this card more expensive overall. But the positive is that you can keep it for longer if you decide to pay its mana value the next turn you play it.

Squirrel Wrangler

Squirrel Wrangler Best Cards for Squirrel Tribal MTG

Squirrel Wrangler is a really interesting card. It incorporates land sacrifice to the Squirrel tribe. Which is really unusual and out of tribe. Its ability pretty much allows you to sacrifice lands to create 1/1 Squirrel tokens or to give Squirrels +1/+1 until the end of the turn.

It is assured that you will have options with this card.

Nut Collector

Nut Collector MTG Squirrel Tribal Best Cads

Finally, one of the most amazing Squirrel tribal cards overall. Nut Collector might be the best and most essential card out there. Even though it is not even a Squirrel. It is a druid that at the beginning of each of your upkeeps it creates a 1/1 Squirrel token.

Pretty good just for that. But there is more. It has Threshold (having 7 or more cards in your graveyard) ability which gives all Squirrels +2/+2. Which is insane. Well… for Squirrel tribal.

Best Squirrel Creatures

We have finally arrived at the part of the list where I present the best of the best. The most powerful creatures of all time.

Jokes aside, here are basically all official Squirrels in the game. All of them, decent enough to be considered for a tribal deck.

Ravenous Squirrel

Ravenous Squirrel

You think Squirrels are cute long tailed rats? Think again. Ravenous Squirrel showcases that appearances are misleading. The art on this card is one of the most special out there. Its ability is fitting.

It gets a +1/+1 counter whenever you sacrifice an artifact or creature. The second ability works nicely with it. You can pay three mana and sacrifice an artifact or creature to gain 1 life and draw a card.

This makes this card even better. It has internal synergies with its two abilities. Plus, it is just 1 mana and provides you card draw, life gain, a sacrifice outlet, and a threat.

Squirrel Sovereign

Squirrel Sovereign Best Tribal Squirrel Cards Lord

Now, the opposite of being a deadly, unrelenting Squirrel is this cute creature. Squirrel Sovereign is just a good card in general. Solid art style. Good stats.

Of course, it also has the tribal ability that everyone loves. It is a Squirrel lord. This shows how the new Modern Horizon set is laying the ground building pieces to expand this creature tribe in the future.

Squirrel Mob

Squirrel Mob best Tribal Squirrel Cards MTG Commander

If Squirrel Sovereign is a sign of how the game is developing, Squirrel Mob is an example of solid old card design. It is a card that cares solely on having Squirrels on the board and becoming a big threat and presence.

Helica Glider

Helica Glider

Helica Glider is a departure from the classic Squirrel creature design. First, it is in white. Secondly, it’s a flying Squirrel with fitting abilities and really cool art. It can either enter the battlefield with a flying counter or a first strike counter. This brings variety and options to the card.

These counters also serve in the context of the set. As Ikoria was a set that had a counter subtheme in it. Pretty unique card over all. Worth the consideration, although it is white. Maybe in other non-Squirrel themed decks. (Nightmare tribal maybe?)

Krosan Beast

Krosan Beast

Going back to old card design. Krosan Beast is a card which I never understood why it had the Squirrel subtype. At least the classic art does not show the beast as a squirrel, but future versions do.

Basically it is a card with really good value. In the game of Commander, after a few turns you will probably have 7 or more cards in your graveyard. This means that Threshold is active, which makes it an 8/8. For a card that costs four mana, that isn’t bad. While it isn’t the craziest card out there, I’d imagine that it was super good when it was first printed.

Scurrid Colony

Scurrid Colony

Finally, the most in the middle card out of all. This creature is not super good or bad. Scurrid Colony is just decent. It is a 2/2 for 2 which is something that I always like. It has Reach which is always a solid defensive ability. And it gains +2/+2 if you have 8 or more lands, which is highly probable to happen mid-game or late-game in  Commander. So, playing a 4/4 for 2 is a fine deal.

Best Squirrel Commanders

As tradition dictates, here are some Squirrel Commander options for you. Because this is a limited and small tribe, there are really only two options.

Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Toski, Bearer od Secrets Best Squirrel Commanders Tribal

This is pretty much a creature based deck. Its strategy revolves around value and damage. You want to deal damage and draw cards. For this sole purpose, building a Squirrel tribal deck might not be optimal.

However, you can definitely find ways to do it. For example, by making a bunch of Squirrel tokens and chipping in for damage. Although it might not be as efficient as other builds. Toski would be better suited to be a part of the 99 in a Squirrel-tribal deck.

And the best option to pilot this kind of crazy deck is the new card:

Chatterfang, Squirrel General

Chatterfang, Squirrel General Best Squirrel Commanders MTG

It even says it on the name. This is meant to be the definitive best Squirrel tribal Commander in the game.

It is a 3/3 for 3. Always nice. It has Forestwalk, which is an outdated mechanic but still pretty useful. Its last ability costs one mana and you have to sacrifice X Squirrels to give a creature +X/-X.

This ability makes Chatterfang a two-colored Squirrel Commander. Additionaly, it also gives it a control element. This basically means that this Commander will have the advantage of exerting control over the board as well as maintaining it.

But there’s also its second ability, which is perhaps the most important one. It creates a 1/1 Squirrel token whenever another token is created. This basically doubles tokens and makes token creation more effective. This paired with cards previously mentioned in the list assures you plenty of Squirrels to work with. For sure, the best and only choice for Squirrel tribal Commander.


In Conclusion, Squirrels are crazy. They have always been an outside the box creature type. They have slowly made their way from being a fun diverting creature type in silver-border sets to becoming a decent and possible option in Commander.

For sure, it will be interesting if WOTC keeps adding support for this tribe. Hopefully they do.

If you want to open some Squirrel cards in packs, your best bet is Modern Horizons 2. It contains a bunch of powerful cards and a lot of Squirrel cards mentioned in the article too. You can get a Modern Horizons 2 Set Booster Box on Amazon.

Modern Horizons 2 Set Booster Box

As always if you have any suggestion, or if I missed any cards out there that you think deserve a mention, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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Have fun, stay safe, and go for wins with your small hairy friends!

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