Top 10 Best Temporal Forces Cards

Hey, there! Are you looking for the best Temporal Forces cards? Well, you’re at the right place then, as today that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about.

We chose 10 cards based on their power level, art and value. Of course, every such list is going to be a bit subjective, but you’ll still be able to find some amazing highlights from the newest Pokemon set.

With that said, let’s get right to it!

#10 Bianca’s Devotion

Bianca's Devotion Top 10 Best Temporal Forces Cards

We’re starting with a Trainer card with an amazing art. That’s also a big reason for card’s value.

For example, the regular version of Bianca’s Devotion price is extremely low (under a dollar). However, the Secret Rare variant, is currently worth over $30, as of writing of this article. This reflects just how highly collectors think of this card.

But how good is the card game-play wise? Well, it can be powerful in the right scenario. When one of your massive Pokemon is about to die, this call heal insane amount of HP. (Potentially over 300 HP.) However, you need to take into account all the times when the card does absolutely nothing, as you don’t have any Pokemon with less than 30 HP remaining. That’s just too big of a downside for a Supporter card to be great.

So, the Secret Rare Bianca’s Devotion is one of the best Temporal Forces cards for collectors, but not that great for players.

#9 Gastly

Gastly Temporal Forces Best Cards

Speaking of collector cards, here’s yet another one. Whenever a Gen I Pokemon appears on a card with great art, it’s going to be worth money.

That’s also the case with Gastly. Its artwork depicts both of its evolution line with both Hunters and Gengars wandering through the city, while Meowth is secretly observing them. It certainly makes for a splendid and detailed scene.

Will the card see a lot of competitive play? Probably not that much, unless evolving into Gengar ex becomes a popular strategy. In that case, players are going to need multiple copies of Gastly in their decks.

And would you look at that! Gengar is also featured on the next card.

#8 Morty’s Conviction

Morty's Conviction Alt Art

Here’s another case of a valuable card due to the appearance of a Gen I Pokemon. Of course, that won’t work for every card and for every Pokemon, but Gengar is certainly an iconic Pokemon with a large fan base. Oh, and Morty is on the card too.

As far as the game play goes, this is not one of the stronger Supporter cards. It comes with a restriction, which obviously isn’t great. Furthermore the amount of cards you draw depends on what your opponent is doing, making it not that reliable.

Nevertheless, it’s still an amazing card for collectors.

#7 Iron Leaves ex

Iron Leaves Temporal Forces Best Cards

So, we’ve seen three cards so far, that were more collector items than powerful cards. Now, it’s time for a card that shines both in a collection and in the game.

Iron Leaves’s power comes from it Rapid Vernier ability. When you play it, you can immediately switch it with one of your active Pokemon. Furthermore, you can move any amount of Energy from your other Pokemon to Iron Leaves. This allows it to attack for 180 damage right away.

This play is extremely strong, as it comes out of nowhere, allowing you to completely change the course of the game. There aren’t that many cards that come with such a big swing.

On top of that, the green artwork really stands out, making this card also a great item in any collection.

#6 Gouging Fire ex

Gouging Fire ex Top 10 Best Temporal Forces Cards

Wow! There are a ton of amazing Pokemon artwork, but this one really stands out, t least for me personally. The background is amazing, transporting you into a lush jungle environment. Gouging Fire seems right in home in this scenery.

If you’ll play with this card, you’ll be able to select among two attacks. Heat Blast deals 60 damage, but the more potent one, Blaze Blitz deals 260 total damage. That’s quite potent, even if it does come with a restriction.

#5 Buddy-Buddy Poffin

Buddy-Buddy Poffin Best Temporal Forces Cards

Battle VIP Pass rotated out of Standard on April 5th, 2024. Thankfully, Buddy-Buddy Puffin is here to replace it, keeping your decks consistent.

Now this card does come with an additional restriction. It can only find basic Pokemon with 70 HP or less. Sadly, you won’t be able to find large basic Pokemon with this Item. Now on the other hand, you will be able to use Puffin on all of your turns, while VIP Pass was only limited to your first turn.

This card will likely see lots of play in decks that are planing to evolve from low-HP Pokemon. Now, if you’re looking to just collect cool-looking cards, this one probably isn’t for you, as it currently comes just with a regular art version. Perhaps something else, like this next card will be more exciting to you.

#4 Walking Wake ex

Walking Wake ex Alternate Art

Catharsis Roar can be somewhat hard to set up. Furthermore, Azure Seas will only provide some value in specific scenarios. Okay, so the card probably isn’t that strong. However, the biggest draw to this card is its spectacular artwork.

Teeziro really creating something special here with this blue-violet color scheme. On Top of that, Walking Wake is a distant relative of Suicune, which is quite a powerful Pokemon. As a result this card is one of the more valuable and best Temporal Forces cards.

#3 Raging Bolt ex

Raging Bolt ex Best Temporal Forces Cards

Sometimes you look at a card, and it makes you go: “Whoa!” I don’t know about you, but for me, Ranging Bolt ex certainly has that factor. (Judging by its price, many players and collectors agree with me.)

This electric dragon just check all the marks. First, the artwork is unique and breathtakingly awesome. Second, it features strong attacks. Its first attack allows you to refill your hand with 6 brand-new cards. Finally, the last attack can do quite a lot of damage, depending on how many Basic Energy you can afford to discard from your Pokemon.

There’s a lot to like about Raging Bolt, and you’ll probably be really happy if you manage to open it in your Temporal Forces boosters.

#2 Prime Catcher

Prime Catcher Best Pulls in Temporal Forces

Before we wrap up with the number 1, here’s one of the strongest and most expensive Item cards recently. Prime Catcher allows you to make two switches. One on opponent’s side, and one on yours.

This is a potent play, that can swing the game in your favor, when timed right. You can knock out a basic Pokemon before it could evolve. Perhaps opponent retreated a damaged Pokemon? Get it back in, and finish it. The possibilities with this card are endless.

As if that wasn’t enough, the card also stands out with the amazing pink frame. As of writing of this article, Prime Catcher is selling for over $50 on the secondary market. Not too shabby.

#1 Iron Crown ex

Iron Crown ex Best Most Expensive Card in Temporal Forces

The best among the best Temporal Forces cards is certainly the one and only Iron Crown ex. Its artwork speaks for itself with its elegance. The moon and Japanese cherry really make this card special. Without a doubt it will stand out on its own in just about any Pokemon card collection.

Oh, and the card is also quite strong in game, provided you build your deck right. Cobalt Command improves attacks of your Future Pokemon. This effect gets better with more Ireon Crowns in play. Twin Shotels allow you to pick your targets. As you might already know, this effect can be devastating in the right scenario.


So, now you know which cards to look for in your Temporal Forces boosters. If you plan to try your luck and open some boosters, you can find a great deal on Amazon.

Temporal Forces Booster Box

However, if you’d prefer a different set for whatever reason, you can also check for best Pokemon booster Boxes here. In that article, we go in a ton of detail on how to pick a perfect box for you.

Until next time, have fun, and may you open every card that you want in your very next Temporal Forces booster.

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