Blood Rites Upgrade Guide

Are you ready to sacrifice some Vampires? Do you want to make your new Commander precon even better? In that case, you’ve come to the right place. In this Blood Rites Upgrade Guide, you’ll discover how to do that.

Note that this is the first version of the guide. Thus, I’m only highlighting four amazing cards, that will make the deck stronger and more fun. In the upcoming days, you can expect an update to the article, with added sections about other potential adds, cuts, and sample decklist.

However, the following recommendation, should already put you on the right path and provide great ideas in which direction to take your deck.

Let’s get to it!

Blood Rites Overview

This deck offers two interwoven themes. The first one are Vampires. It plays lots of them, and most of its cards synergies with them in one way or another.

The secondary theme is sacrifice. You’ll want to sacrifice your smaller Vampires for value. There are various cards that reward you for doing so, including your commander.

Clavileño, First of the Blessed Ixalan Commander Precons

Clavileño, First of the Blessed is quite intriguing. You’ll want to control a Vampire on the turn you play it, so you’ll immediately be able to trigger its ability. One of your attacking Vampires gets a powerful dies-trigger. In the future, you’ll get not only to draw a card, but also a 4/3 flying Demon. That’s a lot of value.

Blood Rites Decklist

The original decklist is quite solid. Nevertheless, it could use some more excellent Vampires, as well as some of the strongest sacrifice cards. The mana base also needs some work, although it’s not as bad as those of the 3-color precons.

Commander (1)
Clavileño, First of the Blessed

Planeswalker (1)
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

Creatures (28)
Bartolomé del Presidio
Blood Artist
Bloodline Necromancer
Butcher of Malakir
Champion of Dusk
Cordial Vampire
Crossway Troublemakers
Cruel Celebrant
Drana, Liberator of Malakir
Dusk Legion Zealot
Elenda, the Dusk Rose
Falkenrath Noble
Indulgent Aristocrat
Legion Lieutenant
Martyr of Dusk
Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle
Nighthawk Scavenger
Oathsworn Vampire
Patron of the Vein
Sanctum Seeker
Timothar, Baron of Bats
Twilight Prophet
Viscera Seer
Vona, Butcher of Magan
Welcoming Vampire
Yahenni, Undying Partisan

Instants (4)
Return to Dust
Swords to Plowshares
Utter End
Village Rites

Sorceries (5)
Austere Command
New Blood
Olivia’s Wrath
Pact of the Serpent

Enchantments (4)
Etchings of the Chosen
Exquisite Blood
Kindred Boon
Radiant Destiny
Lands (37)
Bojuka Bog
Command Tower
Isolated Chapel
Myriad Landscape
Orzhov Basilica
Path of Ancestry
Rogue’s Passage
Secluded Courtyard
Shineshadow Snarl
Tainted Field
Temple of Silence
Temple of the False God
Unclaimed Territory
Vault of the Archangel
Voldaren Estate
Windbrisk Heights
13 Swamp

Artifacts (11)
Arcane Signet
Blade of the Bloodchief
Commander’s Sphere
Glass-Cast Heart
Heirloom Blade
Mind Stone
Orzhov Signet
Sol Ring
Swiftfoot Boots
Talisman of Hierarchy
Wayfarer’s Bauble

New Cards (9)
Carmen, Cruel Skymarcher
Charismatic Conqueror
Dusk Legion Sergeant
Elenda’s Hierophant
March of the Canonized
Master of Dark Rites
Order of Sacred Dusk
Promise of Aclazotz
Redemption Choir

The new cards might not be showing yet, you can find them in the Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Decks Guide.

Top 3 Cards to Upgrade Blood Rites With

Blood Rites Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Decks

It can be hard to upgrade a whole deck all at once, especially if you’re just starting out. Thus, I’m first highlighting just three cards. All of them are powerful on-theme additions, which should also make the deck more fun to play.

Edgar, Charmed Groom / Edgar Markov’s Coffin

Edgar, Charmed Groom
Edgar Markov's Coffin

Edgar does just about everything that Blood Rites deck wants. First, it’s a Vampire lord, which is always useful. Second, it triggers when it dies, meaning you won’t mind sacrificing it, if necessary.

So, when Edgar dies, you just put it back on the battlefield transformed. At the beginning of your next three upkeeps, it’ll make 1/1 Vampire tokens, then it’ll transform back. The tokens are a great sacrifice fodder, and when Edgar comes back from the Coffin, they’ll benefit from the buff. As such, this is an amazing inclusion.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded

Razaketh the Foulblooded

Clavileño is sacrificing things to make flying Demons. However, the deck doesn’t come with actual Demon support cards (except Master of Dark Rites). Nevertheless, the card is insanely strong in a sacrifice deck.

If you have some creatures when you play Razaketh, you’re getting the best cards from your deck, even if your opponents try to kill it. With a deck such as this one, with plenty of sacrifice fodder, this shouldn’t be too big of a hurdle.

Sure, the mana cost is high, but so is the payoff.

Dictate of Erebos

Dictate of Erebos Blood Rites Upgrade Guide

Since you’re playing a sacrifice deck, you want to include this absolute beast of a card in your deck. You’ll be sacrificing creatures left and right, as your deck is built to take advantage of that.

However, your opponents’ decks might not be. For them, sacrificing a creature might be a big deal. The fact that this enchantment also has flash, is just the cherry on top. Oh, you’re trying to kill my creature? Cool, sacrifice one of yours then.

Just as Edgar Charmed Groom is a lord for your Vampires, Dictate of Erebos is a lord for all of your sacrifice cards. It’s insane how much better something like Village Rites becomes with Dictate in play.

Bonus Suggestion: Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose

Vito Thorn of the Dusk Rose Blood Rites Upgrade Guide

Finally, here’s one bonus suggestion, and honestly the card could be in the Top 3 slots too. The only reason why it isn’t, is because some players don’t like to play with infinite combos. However, if you aren’t one of them, you’ll surely want to include Vito in your deck.

The original decklist already contains Exquisite Blood. If you pair it with Vito, you only need to gain one life, or make an opponent lose a life to win the game on the spot. If you want even more consistency, you can also add Sanguine Bond as a second Vito.

However, Vito can be stronger in this shell. It costs less, and is a Vampire, which offers many synergies with your other cards. Finally, the five mana ability does come in handy surprisingly often.

Blood Rites Upgrade Guide – Conclusion

That’s all for today. At least for a few days or so. As I mentioned, expect an update soon. It’ll contain more cards to add, as well as suggestions on what to cut, how to improve your mana base and so on. Don’t want to miss it? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, where we post whenever there’s a new article.

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Until next time, may you always have a Vampire to sacrifice, and have lots of fun with your upgraded Blood Rites deck.

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