The Brothers’ War Retro Frame Artifacts: List & Information

The Brothers War set is bring us all sorts of interesting goodies, and one that we’re very excited to see are the Brothers’ War Retro frame artifacts. These are also known as Brothers’ War old border artifacts, or Brother’s War Mystical archive cards. In this article, you’ll find the full list of these cards, plus all the information on how to get them, and more!

There’s quite a lot to talk about, so we better get right to it.

What are the Brothers’ War Retro Frame Artifacts?

These are various artifacts from Magic’s past, which appear in most Brother’s War boosters. They all have the retro frame, hence the name. In total, there are 63 Retro frame artifacts of various rarities (uncommon, rare, and mythic) and they work similar as the Mystical Archive cards did back in Strixhaven. The cards feature a special set symbol:

Brothers War Retro Frame Artifacts Symbol

Here’s a quick recap of which products contain the Retro frame artifacts:

ProductRetro Frame Artifacts
Brothers War Draft Booster Box IconBrothers' War Draft Booster Box
  • 1 per booster
  • 36 per box
  • Brothers War Set Booster Box IconBrothers' War Set Booster Box
  • 1 per booster
  • 24 per box
  • Brothers War Collector Booster Box IconBrothers' War Collector Booster Box
  • 3-4 per booster
  • 36-48 per box
  • Different Versions

    Retro frame artifacts come in three versions:

    • Regular retro frames
    • Retro schematics
    • Serialized retro schematics

    Let’s take a look at each of those groups.

    Regular Retro Frame Artifacts

    First up we have the regular Retro frame artifacts. These are the most common versions, and as it looks so far, they’ll use their old artwork, albeit in the old frame. Here’s one such example:

    Howling Mine Brothers War Retro Frame Artifacts

    Retro Schematics

    The special version are the retro schematics, which have a new art. While they obviously imitate the original artwork, they are made as a schematic. To quote Wizards; this artwork echoes a schematic one would use to build their own artifact.

    Howling Mine Borhters War Old Frame Artifacts

    Serialized Retro Schematics

    But wait, that’s not all. There are also Retro schematics that come with a serialized number. For each of the 63 cards, there will be 500 numbered ones. These will probably be highly-sought after, some significant numbers perhaps fetching an even higher premium.

    Wurmcoil Serialized Numbered Retro Artifacts Brothers War

    You can only open a Serialized Retro Schematic in the Collector boosters. However, that will be a very rare occasion, Wizards stated that the odds of pulling one in a Collector booster are less than 1%.

    These versions can appear in a Collector booster of any language, but they’ll always be in English.

    Retro Frame Artifacts – Text List

    First here’s a text list of all currently previewed Retro frame artifacts. You can find their images in the next section.

    No.Sc. No.Artifact
    164Adaptive Automaton
    265Aetherflux Reservoir
    366Altar of Dementia
    467Ashnod's Altar
    568Astral Cornucopia
    669Blackblade Reforged
    770Bone Saw
    871Burnished Hart
    972Caged Sun
    1073Chromatic Lantern
    1174Chromatic Star
    1275Cloud Key
    1376Defense Grid
    1477Door to Nothingness
    1578Elsewhere Flask
    1679Foundry Inspector
    1780Gilded Lotus
    1881Goblin Charbelcher
    1982Helm of the Host
    2083Howling Mine
    2184Ichor Wellspring
    2285Inspiring Statuary
    2386Ivory Tower
    2487Jalum Tome
    2588Journeyer's Kite
    2689Keening Stone
    2790Key to the City
    2891Liquimetal Coating
    2992Lodestone Golem
    3093Mazemind Tome
    3194Mesmeric Orb
    3396Mind's Eye
    3497Mishra's Bauble
    3598Mox Amber
    3699Mystic Forge
    38101Perilous Vault
    39102Phyrexian Processor
    40103Phyrexian Revoker
    41104Platinum Angel
    42105Precursor Golem
    43106Pristine Talisman
    44107Psychosis Crawler
    45108Quicksilver Amulet
    46109Quietus Spike
    47110Ramos, Dragon Engine
    48111Runechanter's Pike
    49112Scrap Trawler
    50113Sculpting Steel
    52115Semblance Anvil
    53116Sigil of Valor
    54117Soul-Guide Lantern
    55118Springleaf Drum
    56119Staff of Domination
    57120Sundering Titan
    58121Swiftfoot Boots
    59122Sword of the Meek
    60123Thorn of Amethyst
    61124Unwinding Clock
    62125Well of Lost Dreams
    63126Wurmcoil Engine

    The Brothers’ War Retro Frame Artifacts – List

    Here are the images of the regular versions of Retro Frame artifacts.

    Retro Schematics – List

    Here’s another list of cards, this time you’ll find the schematics versions:

    How to Get the Brothers’ War Retro Frame Artifacts?

    You can get Brothers’ War Retro frame card in the three main boosters of Brothers’ War:

    Just as the Mystical Archive cards, these Retro frame artifacts will appear in every Draft or Set booster. Having 100% odds of getting a Retro artifact card is pretty awesome. In the following table, you’ll find how many you can expect in a specific booster box.

    ProductRetro Frame Artifacts
    Brothers War Draft Booster Box IconBrothers' War Draft Booster Box
  • 1 per booster
  • 36 per box
  • Brothers War Set Booster Box IconBrothers' War Set Booster Box
  • 1 per booster
  • 24 per box
  • Brothers War Collector Booster Box IconBrothers' War Collector Booster Box
  • 3-4 per booster
  • 36-48 per box
  • Odds for Retro Artifact Rarity – Draft and Set Boosters

    Let’s talk about the rarity odds. Both Draft and Set boosters have the same odds of containing a Retro artifact of a certain rarity. Regardless of the rarity, it can be upgraded to a schematic version in one-sixth of the time (16.7%).

    This means that your chances are:

    • 66% for an uncommon (55% regular, 11% schematic)
    • 27% for a rare (22.5% regular, 4.5% schematic)
    • 7% for a mythic rare (5.8% regular, 1.2% schematic)

    Odds for Retro Artifact Rarity – Collector Boosters

    With Collector boosters the odds work a bit differently. You have at least three Retro Frame artifacts guaranteed:

    • 1 foil uncommon Retro Frame artifact (regular or retro schematic)
    • 1 non-foil regular Retro Frame artifact
    • 1 non-foil Schematic Retro Frame artifact

    One of the these last two slots will be rare or mythic, and the other will be uncommon.

    Finally, there’s an additional slot in which you might also get a Retro frame artifact. This one will be a foil rare or mythic rare, and can be a Retro Frame artifact of any kind – even serialized.

    If you want you can read more about Brother’s War Collector booster contents.


    At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that this set is bringing all sorts of interesting goodies. Retro frame artifacts are just one such thing. For the first time ever, Transformer is making a collaboration with Magic. You can find all MTG Transformer cards here.

    Anyway, that’s it for today. Until next time, have fun, and may you open your favorite Retro artifact in your Brothers’ War booster.

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