Doctor Who Basic Lands: Full List

Doctor Who is coming to Magic the Gathering, which will make many Whovians very happy! Besides the various new cards we’ll get, there are also ten Doctor Who basic lands, each featuring the iconic TARDIS. The great thing about them is that you can play them in any format, and show that you’re a true Doctor Who fan.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at all basic lands, and discuss which locations and episodes they showcase. At the end you’ll also be able to find out which products contain these great basics.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Doctor Who Basic Lands List

There are two cycles of basic lands. Svetlin Velinov is the creator of the first cycle. He’s a renowned Magic artist, as over 350 Magic cards feature his work. As you’ll see, he certainly did a spectacular job with these, really capturing the feel of the early seasons.

For this first cycle, you’re also going to see example scenes from the show, so you can compare the art to the actual shot from the shoe. Shutout to Tee. J. R. on Twitter, who compiled this information.

All the basics in the second cycle are also done by a single artist, the great Titus Lunter. These mostly show scenes from the newer seasons, and are more in line with traditional Magic art. Even so, these also feature TARDIS.

Plains 1

Doctor Who Tardis Basic Lands Plains
Plains Where Are Doctor Who Basic Lands From

Even tough this basic land corresponds with the Fifth Doctor, it’s actually the newest in terms of when it appeared in the show. At least among the lands of the first cycle. That’s right, all five Velinov’s basics are set in the earlier period of the show.

The artwork features the surface of the sandy planet Androzani Minor. In the background, you can also notice its bigger counterpart, Androzani Major.

Plains 2

Plains Doctor Who Basic Lands List

Does this look familiar? We’re on the planet Earth now, so that shouldn’t be too surprising. To be more precise, the location of this amazing Plains is on Aberdeen, Scotland in 2nd century AD. So, if you ever wanted a new take on the classic Euro lands, this technically belongs among them.

Island 1

Island Doctor Who Tardis Basic Lands
  • Episode: Keys of Marinus, (Season 1, Serial 5)
  • Doctor: First
  • Example scene from the show:
Island Which Episode Are Doctor Who Lands From

Island features a scene from the very first season – and fifth story, to be precise. It shows Marinus (also sometimes known as Planet 14). The different colors really pop out on this outstanding piece of art.

Island 2

Island Basic MTG Doctor Who

The second Island depicts Dårlig Ulv Stranden, better known as the Bad Wolf Bay. Since this location features some of the most iconic moments from the Tenth Doctor, it’s probably going to find a home in many blue decks.

Swamp 1

Swamp Tardis Doctor Who Basic Lands
  • Episode: Planet of Evil (Season 13, Serial 2)
  • Doctor: Fourth
  • Example scene from the show:
Swamp From Which Doctor Who Episode

It’s amazing that Swamp features a scene from the story Planet of Evil. That has to be intentional, right?

The artwork shows us the jungle-like wilds of Zeta Minor. That’s the planet farthest out in the known universe. Professor Sorenson believed that the planet was alive. The Fourth Doctor is the one that visited this planet with Sarah Jane Smith.

Swamp 2

Swamp Doctor Who Basic Lands List
Swamp Which Episode Are Doctor Who Basic Lands From War

We couldn’t quite place this Swamp at first. However, one of our readers RoDeant, nicely pointed out in the comments that it’s likely from the War of the Sontarans episode.

In that episode, the Thirteenth Doctor lands in Sevastopol in 1855, that’s during the middle of Crimean War. However, the Russians were replaced by Sontarans. As you can see from the example scene, it matches the land quite well, although there’s no war debris on the actual basic.

Mountain 1

Mountain Doctor Who Basic Lands
Mount Megashra

Of course, the Mountain is represented by an actual mountain – Mount Megeshra, which is on the stormy planet Peladon, the home of Peladonians. The Third Doctor was here in not one, but two stories, which makes sense given that he regarded it as one of his favorite planets.

Mountain 2

Mountain Doctor Who Basic Lands List

This mountain range could likely be from The Time of the Angels episode, which mark the return of both River Song and the Weeping Angels.

Forest 1

Forest Doctor Who Basic Lands
  • Episode: Meglos (Season 18, Serial 2)
  • Doctor: Fourth
  • Example scene from the show:

Last, but not least, here are the carnivorous Bell plants on Tigella, the jungle planet in the Prion system. A jungle planet is for sure a great place to get an inspiration for a Forest card.

Forest 2

Forest Doctor Who MTG Basic Lands
  • Episode: unknown
  • Doctor: unknown

This is a tough nut to crack. This could be from Robot of Sherwood or possibly from one of the Flux episodes. Do you have any idea from where it could be? Show your Doctor Who knowledge, and let us know in the comments at the end of the article.

Where to Get Doctor Who Basic Lands?

Two Doctor Who products will be released, Commander decks and Collector boosters. Both contain basic lands, but with some differences. Let’s take a look at both products to find out more about the included basics.

Commander Decks

There are four different Doctor Who Commander decks. Each of them features three colors, which means that you’ll be getting three different basic lands in each deck. While we currently don’t know exactly how many of the same type you can expect, the usual numbers are 4-7 basic lands of each type.

If that will also be the case here, then you can expect around 12–20 Doctor Who basic lands in each precon. If you want to get a specific basic land, then pick a deck that actually contains them. The following table can help you with that.

Deck nameBasic lands
Blast From the Past IconBlast From the Past
  • Plains
  • Island
  • Forest
  • Timey-Wimey IconTimey-Wimey
  • Plains
  • Island
  • Mountain
  • Paradox Power IconParadox Power
  • Island
  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Masters of Evil IconMasters of Evil
  • Island
  • Swamp
  • Mountain
  • You can find more details about Doctor Who Commander decks here.

    Do you like foils? In that case, you’ll might want to explore Doctor Who Collector booster contents. Each one of them actually contains a guaranteed foil basic land. It can even be upgraded into the special foil variant, the so-called surge foil.

    Collector Boosters

    The other product is the Collector booster, which contain cards with alternate art, and foils (shiny cards). All the cards here are functionally the same as the one in Commander decks, but have alternate art.

    As far as the basic lands go, there is a foil one in every Collector booster. This is the only product in which you can get these lands in foil.


    That’s all about Doctor Who basic lands. What do you think about them? Which ones are your favorite? Should Wizards include some other iconic scenery? Let us know in the comments below.

    Until next time, have fun, and don’t mess too much with time-traveling shenanigans.

    5 thoughts on “Doctor Who Basic Lands: Full List”

    1. Honestly, on that swamp, I immediately thought of the Euro swamps when I saw it. Looking at them again now, I think it’s a funky amalgam of the Scott Bailey & Kev Walker ones. (If he was trying to evoke those, I’d say he really nailed it.)

    2. If am not wrong, the Swamp is based on a newer episode called “War of the Sontarans”, it´s from the 13th Doctor when she lands in Crimean War-era Sevastopol, where the Sontarans have replaced the Russians throughout history

    3. That forest is probably from the 12th Doctor Angel episode where Amy has to walk through the woods with her eyes closed. The rocky/rooted quality of the land seems spot on and the way the light comes from the back reminds me of the light coming through the cracks in the universe.


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