Dragon Shield Sleeves Review: The Best Sleeves You Can Buy

In this article, you’ll find a quick Dragon Shield sleeves review, that goes directly to the point. You’ll get to know why many MTG players consider Dragon Shield sleeves one of the best sleeves on the market.

Let me make something clear about Dragon Shield sleeves. I think they are the best sleeves you can buy, and I would not put my beloved cards in any other brand. I thought you should know about my biases before you read anymore. But that being said, let me defend my perspective.

Dragon Shield Sleeves Review Classic Blue

Dragon Shield Sleeves Are Durable

I have had some of my Dragon Shield sleeves for as long as 4 years, and they still are in playable condition. They don’t fall apart, they don’t tear, and they don’t fray from repeated shuffling.

They are not too thick, but they are durable enough to keep your cards protected in good condition.

Dragon Shield sleeves also pass the stretch test. Even if you try to split them apart by hand, you’ll find it quite hard to do so.

Dragon Shield Sleeves Shuffle Easily

When you shuffle these sleeves, they glide together. Even the matte sleeves shuffle smoothly. Like I said before, this does not cause the sleeves to wear.

Aggressive shuffling can cause these sleeves to kink in the corners. Worry not, because it won’t damage your cards, but they could count as marked cards for tournament play. Careful use should avoid such an issue, though.

Dragon Shield Sleeves Review Matte Red Best MTG Sleeves
Matte Sleeves

Over time, these sleeves can begin to stick to each other, making shuffling a bit more difficult. Dragon Shield Matte sleeves are much less prone to this than the Classics.

Variety of Colors and Styles

Not only do you have a wide variety of colors to choose from, you can also choose whether you like the classic smooth back or the matte backs. They also have a variety of art sleeves that depict beautiful fantasy images.

Dragon Shield Art Sleeves Review

Here are some great art sleeves, that you can check on Amazon:

Dragon Shield also has a new gloss sleeve available that makes the art on your cards come through as clearly as if they were freshly printed. This is especially nice, as sometimes these sleeves get foggy with extended use.

You can also purchase Perfect Fit Dragon Shield inner sleeves to double sleeve your decks. These come in Clear and Smoke. Smoke is helpful for double sleeving your deck, as sometime Dragon Shield sleeves tend to be slightly translucent.

In Summary


  • Durability
  • Easy to shuffle
  • Vast array of color options
  • Matte vs Classic
  • Don’t fray


  • Corners can bend with aggressive shuffling
  • Fog over a long period of time
  • Slightly translucent
  • Can become sticky over time

I think these sleeves are the best you can buy. You can get them on Amazon for a fairly moderate price. They are a great investment, especially if you have valuable cards that you want to protect. They do, however, come in 100ct and 60ct, so be sure to buy enough sleeves if you need to sleeve a full Commander deck.

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