How to Play MTG in Quarantine?

Are you stuck at home, but still want to play MTG in quarantine? You can do so with special events on MTG Arena. You can even get a Ikoria prerelease pack to play at home. Today we’ll talk about all this and more!

First we’d like to remind you that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious issue and staying at home (if possible) is the best thing you can do. You can find additional information from CDC here.

MTG Arena – Playing Online

The best way to play Magic the Gathering while in quarantine, is certainly online.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Magic the Gathering has two online clients. Magic Online and MTG Arena. We’d recommend Arena, since it’s more friendly to newer players and has a slicker interface.

You can download MTG Arena here. If you need any help with registration, check here. Furthermore, if you’re just starting on Arena, take advantage of codes for free Packs and cosmetics.

FNM At Home

There are three special events happening on Arena. They will be happening on Fridays, as befits the FNM name (Friday Night Magic). You can play in them for free and get two random rare cards for first two wins. You even get special sleeves if you contact your Local Game Store.

Sleeves can be seen bellow next to the event where you can get them. You can find the contact information for your nearest store in Wizard’s Event Locator. You don’t need to go in the store, just send an email with screenshot of the event you’ve completed on Arena. Then you’ll receive an unique code for Arena sleeves. Of course, first check with the store if they’re actually running this promotion.

Let’s take a look at which events will be available.

Challenger Decks – March 27th

Pick one of four Challenger Decks of 2020. Your opponent will do the same and you’ll battle against one another. You can learn which Challenger Deck is the strongest here.

How to Play MTG in Quarantine FNM at Home Sleeves All Access

Of course you don’t have to stick with just one deck, you can try all of them out. Additionally, you can keep playing even after you get your first two wins.

All Access – April, 3rd

You can build a deck with any cards in Standard – even with the ones you don’t have in your collection. So if you wanted to build a strange deck, but didn’t want to use your Wildcards, this is your chance!

How to Play MTG in Quarantine FNM at Home Sleeves Ajani

Make good decks, make bad decks, make any deck you want. Only on April, 3rd.

Historic Brawl – April, 10th

How to Play MTG in Quarantine FNM at Home Sleeves Historic Brawl

You build a 60-card Historic Brawl deck. It follows all the rules for Brawl. Historic means that all cards that are on Arena are legal. That includes sets from Ixalan forward, including both Historic Anthologies.

You can read the official announcement about these events here.

Ikoria Prerelease – at Home?

Commander 2020 Decks Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Banner

Ikoria prerelease was originally scheduled on April, 17th. That’s still the case in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

However, in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand the prerelease is moved to May, 15th. The official announcement is here.

Of course, you can also order you prerelease pack either in your Game Store or on Amazon (check here for prerelease pack prices). This way you can play MTG in quarantine with your roommates. If your family isn’t playing Magic yet, now’s the time to teach them!

Don’t Be Bored

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If you’re looking forward to Ikoria, make sure to check our Ikoria Spoilers page.

Anyways, that’s all for today. Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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