Lorehold Legacies Commander Deck Upgrade – 6 Different Options

It’s finally time for the release of the Commander 2021 decks. This is one of the most exciting times each year. Today, I’m going to be talking about how to upgrade the new red-white Lorehold Legacies deck, built around Osgir, the Reconstructor.

In this Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide I will offer ideas for cards to include, as well as cards to remove from the precon. Additionally, I will highlight new cards that are coming out with Strixhaven.

A Brief Note on Budget

As always, I want to make a quick note about these upgrade recommendations. These lists have a lot of ideas, but they simply cannot include everything. Feel free to do your own research and find your favorite cards to upgrade the deck with.

Secondly, there are going to be way more ideas in this article than one deck can handle. You can follow any one upgrade path and focus on that, or pick and choose your favorite parts of multiple paths to make the deck your own.

And lastly, I am not considering any budget restrictions when making these recommendations. I only want to brainstorm as many fun ideas for the Lorehold Legacies deck as possible. Unfortunately, this means that some of the cards I recommend might be outside of some people’s budget ranges. If they are available, I will also do my best to include budget options for a card or effect.

Regardless of your budget or play style, this article will have a ton of great suggestions for powering up your Lorehold Legacies deck. If you would like to purchase the deck, you can order it on Amazon.

Lorehold Legacies Strixhaven Commander Decks Precon

Lorehold Legacies Decklist

Before we go any farther, here is the list of cards that come in the deck. I will be referencing this list for what to add or take out in the rest of the article. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with the cards in the Lorehold Legacies precon:

Commander (1)
Osgir, the Reconstructor

Planeswalker (1)
Daretti, Scrap Savant

Creature (30)
Alibou, Ancient Witness
Angel of the Ruins
Audacious Reshapers
Bosh, Iron Golem
Bronze Guardian
Burnished Hart
Combustible Gearhulk
Digsite Engineer
Feldon of the Third Path
Hellkite Igniter
Hellkite Tyrant
Hoard-Smelter Dragon
Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer
Laelia, the Blade Reforged
Losheel, Clockwork Scholar
Meteor Golem
Myr Battlesphere
Pia Nalaar
Pilgrim’s Eye
Quicksmith Genius
Ruin Grinder
Sanctum Gargoyle
Scrap Trawler
Solemn Simulacrum
Steel Hellkite
Steel Overseer
Sun Titan
Thopter Engineer
Triplicate Titan

Sorcery (9)
Chain Reaction
Cleansing Nova
Excavation Technique
Faithless Looting
Reconstruct History
Rip Apart
Secret Rendezvous
Wake the Past

Instant (3)
Boros Charm
Return to Dust

Artifact (16)
Arcane Signet
Archaeomancer’s Map
Battlemage’s Bracers
Boros Locket
Commander’s Sphere
Cursed Mirror
Dispeller’s Capsule
Hedron Archive
Ichor Wellspring
Key to the City
Mind Stone
Mycosynth Wellspring
Sculpting Steel
Sol Ring
Thousand-Year Elixir
Unstable Obelisk

Enchantment (2)
Darksteel Mutation
Monologue Tax

Land (38)
Ancient Den
Battlefield Forge
Boros Garrison
Command Tower
Darksteel Citadel
Exotic Orchard
Forgotten Cave
Great Furnace
Lorehold Campus
Myriad Landscape
Phyrexia’s Core
Rogue’s Passage
Secluded Steppe
Slayers’ Stronghold
Study Hall
Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion
Temple of the False God
Temple of Triumph
12 Mountain

Lorehold Legacies – General Upgrades

Osgir, the Reconstructor Lorehold Legacies Commander 2021 Precon

Each one of Commander 2021 decks is playable out of the box, and the same goes for Lorehold Legacies deck. However, they are far from competitive. Often times, the Commander precons feel like two or three decks squished together.

As a result, there are a lot of little changes that we can make to any version of this deck to power it up a little bit before focusing on a specific theme. These general upgrades are what I want to talk about first.

The Mana Base

One of the simplest yet most impactful upgrades you can make to the Lorehold Legacies deck is to the mana base. The lands that come with the deck can work, but there is a lot that can improve.

For example, there are only five dual lands (including Command Tower and Exotic Orchard). This is probably not enough, even with Myriad Landscape and other ramp spells that can be found in the deck. I would recommend adding maybe ten more, if you can. If you have access to them or are willing to spend the money, the best Lorehold dual lands are:

Dual Lands

Spectator Seating Commander

There are also great budget options for dual lands, including:

In the main set of Strixhaven, there is a new dual land that could go in this deck. Furycalm Snarl comes into play untapped if you reveal a Mountain or Plains from your hand. This is not a great dual land, since it can often enter tapped, but it could be a great budget option if you are opening a bunch of Strixhaven packs.

Dual lands work best if they can come into the battlefield untapped, or have some other sort of utility/synergy with the deck. Choose your lands carefully to maximize the value you can get from your mana base in a game.

Gold Lands

Lotus Field Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide Commander 2021 Red White Deck

You can also include “gold” lands, or lands that can tap for mana of any color. Examples of these are:

If you choose to focus on a specific tribe, Cavern of Souls and Unclaimed Territory are both great additions to your mana base.

General Commander Synergies

Lorehold Legacies pre-constructed deck does a great job of including cards that work well with the commander. Both Ichor and Mycosynth Wellspring, as well as Solemn Simulacrum, Burnished Hart, Dispeller’s Capsule, and any other artifacts that sacrifice themselves for some sort of value are fantastic with the face commander.

Mishra's Bauble MTG

There are lots of other such artifacts in the game. Since Osgir loves artifacts in the graveyard, having a couple of these cards could be really valuable in his deck:


Osgir, the Reconstructor can also be really good at making mana. For example, if you play cheap mana rocks (0-2 mana) that sacrifice themselves, he can make 2 copies of them from the graveyard.

Suddenly, this means that cards like Lotus Petal and Lotus Bloom can make three times as much mana as they normally would be able to in a single turn. Lion’s Eye Diamond could also be really good, since a lot of Osgir builds will be able to utizile cards that you discard into your graveyard as effectively as if they were in your hand still.

Gilded Lotus Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide Commander 2021 Red White Deck

If you want to get more long term value out of your mana, rocks that don’t sacrifice themselves can also be powerful. Some examples are:

What to Take Out

There are a few cards that don’t need to be in any version of Lorehold Legacies deck. If, for some reason, you want to keep these cards in, please feel free to do so. I am mostly pointing out which cards do not directly contribute to the primary strategy of the deck. However, I am sure there are ways to justify including some of these cards.

If you have any questions about why I think any of these cards or any cards that I recommend removing later in the article, please leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to explain my thought process.

6 Ways to Upgrade Lorehold Legacies

These are my six ideas for building this deck:

  1. Artifact-ocrats
  2. Artifact Reanimator
  3. Vehicles
  4. Golem Tribal
  5. Construct Tribal
  6. Myr Tribal

These are not the only ways to upgrade this deck, just the ones I came up with. If you think of another cool idea, let me know in the comments below.

Power Level

At the beginning of each the next sections I included a range of numbers. That range is what I expect this deck to be able to perform at on a 1-10 power scale (Based on the power scale established by the Command Zone Podcast). For more information on the Commander power scale, you can take a look at the table below.

Power LevelNameDescription
1-2Jank Very little synergy among cards. No Commander staples. Under powered on purpose.
3-4Casual Some synergies, but lacking the strong ones. The deck still lacks focus. Mana curves mostly neglected. A deck that a new player would build.
4-6Focused Synergy exists, the deck has a focused gameplan, although it doesn't always win in the exact same way, usually after turn 13. Includes staples and a small amount of tutors. On the same power level as most Commander precons.
7-8Optimized Powerful and varied synergies between the cards. A decent number of good tutors. Good mana curve. Has an efficient and consistent way to win on turns 10-12 (level 7) or 7-9 (level 8). Some social rules — like no mass land destruction, no consistent combo wins — still exist.
9-10Competitive The most powerful decks, on competitive EDH level. Quick and explosive, can win on turns 4-6 (level 9) or 1-3 (level 10). No social rules, no jank cards. Only the most powerful commanders and strategies can reach this level.

Actual power levels may vary, but let those numbers be a guide when considering upgrading this deck in those ways.

1. Artifact-ocrats (6-8)

Recommended Commander: Osgir, the Reconstructor

First up we have a twist on a popular commander archetype. One of the most popular things that commander players have been doing lately is sacrificing their creatures for value. This style of play earned the name “Aristocrats” thanks to a popular deck in Return to Ravnica Standard. Wizards of the Coast printed enough support cards for this archetype that it became a popular commander strategy as well.

Pia's Revolution Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide

This version of the deck takes the Aristocrats theme and applies it to artifacts. In other words, it wants to sacrifice it’s artifacts for value instead of just it’s creatures. This synergizes primarily with Osgir’s first ability, which sacrifices artifacts. Here are a couple of cards that care about artifacts being sacrificed:

Back Up Artifact Sacrifice Outlets

The next kinds of cards are able to sacrifice artifacts. Osgir, the Reconstructor himself does this, but a few of these cards can provide some redundancy if Osgir dies. Also, they could offer different effects if you want to do something other than give a creature +2/+0 until the end of the turn.

Greater Gargadon Rant

One last sac outlet that I didn’t include in the above cards is Greater Gargadon. I just wanted to take a second to step on a soap box and talk about this card. When you first read Greater Gargadon, you might be tempted to think that it’s not very good. “It can only sacrifice ten things,” you might be tempted to say. Well, I’m here to tell you that you are mistaken.

Greater Gargadon Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide

Gargadon’s ability says “Sacrifice an artifact, creature or land” as a cost. Then, “Remove a time counter from Greater Gargadon” is the actual effect. This means that you can sacrifice one of the indicated permanents, then activate the ability again before you remove the time counter.

This means that if you can get into a loop that that doesn’t require you to resolve the stack to be infinite (or in other words, one that you can activate at instant speed), Gargadon is one of the best sac outlets in the whole game. Being in exile makes it so your opponents can’t interact with it at instant speed and makes it that much harder for them to stop your combo. So next time you need a sac outlet for a combo that you’re trying to pull off, consider Greater Gargadon.

New Cards From Strixhaven

In the main set of Strixhaven, Lorehold mostly cares about instants and sorceries or bringing back creatures from the graveyard. There are not a lot of cards that compliment the things that this version of Lorehold Legacies is trying to do. However, Fuming Effigy is one card that does have a little bit of synergy.

What to Take Out

This version of the deck doesn’t really need things like Hellkite Tyrant, Steel Overseer, Sun Titan, Thopter Engineer, Key to the City, Cursed Mirror, Laelia, the Blade Reforged, Losheel, Clockwork Scholar, and Alibou, Ancient Witness. I would say that you are probably safe to take out any of these to make room for sac outlets and payoffs.

2. Artifact Reanimator (7-9)

Recommended Commander: Osgir, the Reconstructor

Reanimator is going to look extremely similar to Aristocrats because the two strategies have similar deck-building needs. Both are graveyard-based value decks. Both interact with artifacts. Obviously, both of these decks are also red-white. As a result, there might be a lot of overlap between these two sections of the article. You might want to cherry-pick a couple of recommendations from the previous section into this section or vise-versa.

Filling Up Your Graveyard

Heretic's Punishment Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide

For a deck that focuses on reanimation, it is more important to have cards that can fill up your graveyard. One powerful way for red-white to do this is through self-mill. You might be surprised at how many cards with this effect that Lorehold colors have access to:

Notably, Combustible Gearhulk comes in the precon. This card does double duty being an artifact that also fills your graveyard.

Getting Your Stuff Back

Teshar Ancestor's Apostle Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide Commander 2021 Red White Deck

Once you fill up your graveyard, you will need cards that get what you want from out of it. Red and white are both equipped for this task. The deck comes with Daretti, Scrap Savant already in it, which is nice. These cards, however, should supplement his abilities quite nicely:

What to Reanimate?

Now that we’ve looked at the cards that fill our yard and bring stuff out of it, lets talk about which artifact cards would be cool to bring back.

Akroma's Memorial Lorehold legacies Upgrade Guide Commander 2021

There are tons of artifacts from throughout Magic’s history, but here are a couple of popular ones for Commander:

New Cards From Strixhaven

Most of the new cards from Strixhaven help us fill the graveyard a little bit. None of them have dramatic impacts on the game, but the small amount of incremental milling can be very important throughout a game. However, if you deem these less powerful than some of the other cards we have mentioned, you would be fine to not include them in this deck.

What to Take Out

This version of the Lorehold Legacies deck, like the last one, probably doesn’t need the dragons that come with the deck. I recognize that they are powerful and awesome, but they just don’ t help us reanimate cool artifacts.

Furthermore, we probably don’t need Bosh, Iron Golem, Steel Overseer, or Thopter Engineer. These cards are great, but this deck just probably doesn’t care about what they have to offer.

3. Vehicles (4-6)

Recommended Commander: Alibou, Ancient Witness

Vehicles are a sneaky way to take advantage of Alibou’s ability to give Artifact Creatures haste. The most difficult puzzle to piece together when building a Vehicles deck is how to balance the number of Vehicle cards to creatures that crew Vehicles to other cards that care about Vehicles. I would recommend erring in the side of too many Vehicles, since your commander can like crew most of the ones on the battlefield.

Start Your Engines

Here is a list of other cards that care about Vehicles. Again, don’t feel like you need to include all of these.

Actual Vehicles

Since their introduction in Kaladesh, there have been quite a few Vehicles in Magic. You should choose whichever ones are your favorite or work best in your deck.

Parhelion II Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide

Here are a few notable ones for you to consider:

New Cards From Strixhaven

Unfortunately, there are not any new Vehicles in Strixhaven. Nor are there any cards that care about Vehicles. This is just fine, it just means that you probably won’t be able to get any relevant new cards for this deck from Strixhaven packs.

What to Take Out

You can mostly strip this deck down to its bare minimum to build a Vehicles matter deck. You don’t technically need to keep anything. You could hang on to things like Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer, Steel Overseer, and other cards that will power up your Vehicles. Otherwise, feel free to cut anything else from this deck.

Tribal Strategies

The next couple suggestions include recommendations for upgrading Lorehold Legacies with a tribal theme. The inspiration for this comes from the fact that the other legendary creature in this precon, Alibou, Ancient Witness, gives artifact creatures haste. This lends itself to a generic “artifact creatures matter” theme. However, a lot of artifact creatures care about other artifact creatures of the same type.

So, each of the following categories assume that Alibou will be the commander. I could see, however, that there would be a good reason to keep Osgir as the commander as well. Feel free to choose whichever card would be best for the deck you want to build.

Generic Tribal Cards

Adaptive Automaton Commander

Because I don’t want to mention them in every section, there are a few artifact creatures that could go in every tribe. They are Adaptive Automaton, Bloodline Pretender, and Metallic Mimic.

Furthermore, Pyre of Heroes could probably fit in all tribal iterations of this deck. This deck likes to sacrifice artifacts as well as search up key creatures. There aren’t any combinations of creatures that let you untap Pyre and repeat the process, but you can still get a lot of value out of this card.

Urza’s Incubator, Door of Destinies, Herald’s Horn, Icon of Ancestry, Mirror of the Forebears, Obelisk of Urd, Pillar of Origins, and Vanquisher’s Banner are all popular tribal cards. Tribes like the ones I am going to talk about in the next few sections don’t have as much support and might need their lists supplemented with these cards. Forsaken Monument, Mystic Forge, and Darksteel Forge get to be honorary tribal cards, since nearly every member of these tribes are also colorless Artifacts.

4. Golem Tribal (4-7)

Recommended Commander: Alibou, Ancient Witness

Golems are probably the creature type that make the most sense with Alibou as commander. I say that because Alibou themself is a Golem. This maximizes the deck’s ability to utilize tribal synergy.

Throughout the history of Magic, there have been tons of Golems. Not all of them are very good, but here is a list of some that you might want to consider including in this deck:

Golem Artisan

Not Golems, but Still Good

Master Splicer Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide Commander 2021 Red White Deck

These next cards are not Golems themselves, but they care in some way about them. These help round out the deck, filling important roles like removal and ramp, while still contributing to the synergy of the rest of the deck.

Golem Strategy

Besides getting a bunch of Golems on the board and beefing them up with Splicers, I would build this deck similarly to a Feather, the Redeemed deck. Precursor Golem lets you copy your spells that target Golems for each Golem you control. This can help you draw a ton of cards. Even if you don’t have Precursor Golem, cards like Shelter and Gods Willing can help you protect individual targets while drawing a card or scrying.

Here are a couple of other single-target spells that could protect your Golems and generate card advantage:

And don’t forget Sunforger so you can search up these cards and more.

Enlightened Tutor Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide

Finally, if you end up going this route, you’ll need tutors to get Precursor Golem or other Artifacts from your deck. Enlightened Tutor is the obvious best option. Goblin Engineer and Magda, Brazen Outlaw could do the trick, but they don’t fit into the tribe.

You might just have to make do with them, though, since they are on the short list of artifact tutors that you have access to in these colors. Gamble also works, as does Nahiri, the Harbinger.

New Cards From Strixhaven

Notably, there are two Golems that show up in Strixhaven. They even synergize with some of the effects we discussed previously. They are Campus Guide and Reflective Golem.

What to Take Out

For this version of the deck, if it’s not a Golem, it can go. This means that you’ll pretty much be left with Bosh, Iron Golem, Solemn Simulacrum, and Meteor Golem. That being said, I could see why you might want to hang on to some of the ramp and removal. A case can be made for any of these cards. So feel free to keep more than just the three cards I just listed.

5. Construct Tribal (4-7)

Recommended Commander: Alibou, Ancient Witness

The difference between Golems and Constructs is fairly small. These two creature types seems pretty similar, and even play out in similar ways. Overall, I would say that Constructs have better ramp and overall more powerful cards.

However, there are much fewer cards that actually care about the Construct creature type. In the end, it is unlikely that you build a Spellslinger deck for Constructs like you can with Golems. Rather, maybe a combo Lorehold Legacies deck would work better.

Chief of the Foundry Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide Commander 2021 Red White Deck

Here are some worthwhile Constructs in Commander:

Infinite Combos

The secret to going infinite with Constructs is to use Metalworker. Cards like Sword of the Paruns, Umbral Mantle, and Staff of Domination all let you untap Metalworker and generate infinite mana.

In the case of Staff of Domination, you actually produce infinite life gain and card draw as well. Then, once you have infinite mana, Walking Ballista and Hangarback Walker give you an outlet to put all of that mana.

Krark-Clan Ironworks

An alternative combo is to use Krark-Clan Ironworks and Scrap Trawler to sacrifice artifacts, getting other artifacts back to your hand, then repeating the process. A Foundry Inspector, Workshop Assistant and another artifact can finish the combo.

Sure, a combo that requires five pieces is tough to pull off, but hope each of these cards can have some value by themselves. In the meantime, you will have plenty of constructs to gum up the board and pressure your opponents.

New Cards From Strixhaven

There are two Constructs in Strixhaven. Unfortunately, one of them is Codie, Vociferous Codex and the other is Cogwork Archivist. One of them can’t go in the 99 because of color identity and the other one doesn’t have a relevant ability. Other than that, the Lorehold cards that synergize with Artifacts could be handy in this deck.

What to Take Out

Like Golems, you could probably take out anything in this deck that isn’t a Construct. If you feel you want to leave in cards like Daretti, Scrap Savant, which have synergy and combo potential, I would probably agree with that as well.

6. Myr Tribal (4-6)

Recommended Commander: Alibou, Ancient Witness

Wrapping up our robot tribal sections is Myr Tribal. Like the other creature types I’ve discussed, Alibou gives them haste, which comes in handy quite often. Many Myr tap for mana or have other abilities that are powerful at instant speed.

Myr Galvanizer


Myr Support

Myr Matrix Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide Commander 2021 Red White Deck

The spells in this section either make Myr creature tokens, or care in some other way about Myr.

Myr Strategy

One difficult thing about Myr is that they don’t have a unifying theme as a tribe. Most of them tap for mana, some care about charge counters, others care about equipment, and still others have Infect. At first glance, these don’t really have anything to do with each other. However, if you build an equipment deck, the puzzle pieces begin to fit together.

Each one of these artifacts synergize or even go infinite with one or more abilities of a Myr that we have listed above. Obviously, the most common theme is charge counters.

Darksteel Reactor Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide

I have assembled a small list of cards that have or care about charge counters, in case you want to learn more heavily into that idea:

Other than that, equipment seem to be the glue that hold together the Myr tribe. Give a build like this a shot and let me know how it turns out.

New Cards From Strixhaven

There are no new Myr or interesting Equipment spells in Strixhaven.

What to Take Out

This is another deck that you will more or less have to gut out to make enough room for the new cards. The only thing that you should guaranteed keep in is Myr Battlesphere. Other than that, you can get rid of everything else.

Lorehold Legacies – Conclusion

And with that, we finish another upgrade article. Thank you so much for making it to the end of the Lorehold Legacies upgrade guide. Let me know which one of these builds you like best or are going to build. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them below or find me on Instagram or Twitter.

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If you want to open some of the new Strixhaven cards, to upgrade your Lorehold Legacies deck with, you can purchase a booster box on Amazon. In addition, you can find all Strixhaven cards here.

Strixhaven School of Mages Booster Box

If you want the shiniest and the rarest card, you can check the Strixhaven Collector Booster contents here.

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Until next time, enjoy Magic and have fun with your upgraded Lorehold Legacies Commander deck!

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