MTG Arena Cube Sealed Guide

Welcome to our early MTG Arena Sealed Cube Guide. The event is coming to Arena on April 4th, 2020. It’s true that event is just starting, but based on our experience with regular Sealed and Cube Drafting, we can make an educated guess on how to approach this format.

We’ll explain how Cube Sealed works on Arena and how to build your deck. Let’s get right to it.

UPDATE: If you want to draft the Cube instead, check this Arena Cube Draft Guide.

Arena Cube Sealed Information

Cube Sealed is just like a regular Sealed with two differences – the event is Phantom and the packs are Cube Packs. You still get six packs and you build your deck with them.

MTG Arena Cube Sealed Guide MTGA

Phantom Event

Sealed Cube is a phantom event. That means that you won’t get any of the cards you open. The reason for this is that there are tons of rare and mythic cards in Cube packs. If you would actually got to keep these cards, the cost of Cube Sealed would probably be over 30,000 Gold.

The entry fee will thankfully be much less, even less then regular Sealed.

Which Cards are in Cube Sealed?

There are 555 different cards available in Cube Sealed. The list contains cards from all sets on Arena. That includes both Historic Analogies and cards from Brawl events. You can find all of them here.

Cost & Prizes

Entry cost for Cube Sealed is 600 Gems or 3000 Gold. Prizes depend on your number of wins, you can see them in the table bellow.

WinsCardsGold / Gems
01 rare, 2 uncommons0 Gold
11 rare, 2 uncommons500 Gold
21 rare, 2 uncommons750 Gold
31 rare, 2 uncommons1500 Gold
41 rare, 2 uncommons3000 Gold
52 rares, 1 uncommon600 Gems

As you can see, you break even with 4 or 5 wins. Each entry will grant you three cards, at least one rare and two uncommons. These are cards are not Standard legal. You can get cards from sets like Ixalan, Dominaria and even Anthology series. Each card reward has a chance of being upgraded into a card of a higher rarity.

Event is similar to the regular Sealed in how long it take to play it. With one entry, you can play until you get three loses or five wins – whichever comes first.


As always with Sealed, you want to build the best possible deck from the cards you opened. This can be hard to do with so many powerful cards in all five colors. That’s why we have a step-by-step guide on how to approach deck building.

How to Build Arena Cube Sealed Deck

1. Check Your Rares / Mythics.

This is the easy part. You already want to see your rares and mythics. In Cube Sealed you’ll have plenty of them – pay attention to the best ones.

2. Check Each Color Separately.

It can be hard to figure which are your best cards, because Arena Sealed Cube contains so many good cards That’s why it’s a good idea to check each color separately.

At this step you’re trying to find out which color has the most good cards. One thing you can do is to arrange them into three groups:

  • OP cards – ones that you definitely want in your deck, good on their own.
  • Solid cards – ones that make you want to play that color.
  • Playables – cards that you’ll play if you will have the deck in this colors.

The first two groups are the most important ones. Try to find two colors that have a lot of cards that fit there. Those might not be the final colors of your deck, but it’s a good start.

Playables are only relevant if you somehow don’t get enough of them in the two colors you picked. If that happens you want to change one color or maybe splash a third one.

3. Explore Your Lands.

You should pay attention to the lands you open. If you have enough dual lands, you might consider splashing a third color. Cube usually has good lands and better mana base.

How to Build Arena Cube Sealed Deck Mana Base Explore

That’s why you shouldn’t splash the same way as in regular Sealed. For example, you’re playing black-white and want to splash green. Something like 7 Plains, 7 Swamps and 3 Forests is usually considered an okay mana base. However in a Cube environment, this is pretty mediocre at best. Try to have at least two dual lands in a three color deck.

4. Build More Decks.

So now you know which colors are best and how many of them you can play. The most common mistake at this step is to build one good enough deck and immediately start playing. If you want to win more games, this isn’t the correct approach.

What you want to do is to build at least three different decks. This way you might find a better deck.

5. Tune the Best One

Once you’ve chosen your optimal deck, check all cards in the colors again, don’t forget to check artifacts and hybrid cards like Kaya, Bane of the Dead. You can play it in green-white deck for example.

Carefully consider your worst card in the deck and compare it to the best card that’s left in your pool. Should you maybe swap them?

When you’re done with all of this, check if you have a correct land ratio given the cards you’re playing. Arena usually does this for you, but the algorithm isn’t perfect. If you have many triple colored cards like Ayara, First of Locthwain, you should play more lands of the respective color.

That’s it. You should now have a pretty good deck. However, don’t forget to change it between games if it doesn’t work.


This section will be updated once we get full cards list for the cube. For now, we have a couple of tips for you:

  • Don’t panic when your opponent plays a good rare. The power level of the Cube is higher that the one of a regular set, so both you and your opponent will have plenty of bombs.
  • Pay attention to what your opponents are doing. Does it look like they should’ve blocked, but didn’t? There’s probably a reason for that. The creature which didn’t block might be very important to their game plan. Consider destroying it if possible.


That concludes our Sealed Cube Guide, folks. If you have any questions or suggestions for other players, you can share them in the comments bellow.

You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We’ll keep you updated with the current news about Magic the Gatherings, alongside some fun stuff. You’ll also get notifications when a new MTG Arena Code comes up.

Until next time, we wish you a lot of Sealed Cubes with five wins!

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