MTG Arena Vault Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to know how to get more wildcards quicker? Don’t know how long until you’ll get to open the Vault? We have all the information about MTG Arena Vault including tips on how to quickly fill it up.

What’s in the Vault?

Each Vault contains 6 wildcards:

  • 3 uncommon wildcards
  • 2 rare wildcards
  • 1 mythic wildcard
MTG Arena Vault Rewards

What’s the Purpose of the Vault?

You can’t own more than four copies of a single card in MTG Arena. Therefore you should be able to do something with excess cards you’ll get, right?

Wizards has taken care of this with duplicate protection for rares and mythic rares. That means you can’t open more than four copies of each rare and mythic in a pack. If you collect all of them or if you open a fifth one in draft, you’ll get gems. Fifth rare gets you 20 gems and mythic 40.

On the other hand excess common or uncommon cards you open won’t provide gems. They will contribute towards your Vault. So you’re basically trading those cards for wildcards.

How Does the MTG Arena Vault Work?

Each extra common gives you 0.11% progress and each extra uncommon gives you 0.33%. That means that for opening the Vault you’ll need either 909 extra commons or 303 extra uncommons.

You’ll probably get some combination of them – for example you’d need 400 commons and 170 uncommons to fill the Vault.

Why Can’t I See the Vault?

Vault can’t be seen in game until you have it completed at 100%. When you complete the Vault it will appear on the top right corner of your screen. The purple chest will shine between your gems and Challenge a Friend button.

Where is MTG Arena Vault

However there’s a way to check your progress even if you have less than 100%.

How to Check My Vault Progress in MTG Arena?

There is no in-game counter for the Vault. Thankfully, you can find your progress in the MTG Arena log files.

First find the folder “Wizards of the Coast” where MTG Arena is installed. It should probably be on your main drive in the folder Program Files.

Then follow the path:
/Wizards of the Coast/MTGA/MTGA_Data/Logs/Logs/

Open the latest file in this folder with text editor (Notepad). Use search function (CTRL + F) to find vaultProgress. There will be a number besides it – this is your current progress to completing the Vault.

In the example below you see “vaultProgress” has a value of 60.6 this means that 60.6% of the Vault has been completed.

MTG Arena Vault Progress
Extract from Log files

Should I Open the Vault?

If you need the wildcards you should definitely open the Vault in MTG Arena. There is no big advantage for keeping your Vault closed.

However if you don’t need the wildcards immediately you may want to wait before opening it. You’ll get two minor benefits for doing so:

  1. You’ll have an in-game counter for your next Vault. Yes, it goes above 100%.
  2. Bragging rights. – Who doesn’t like to brag a little? We surely do. 🙂
MTG Arena Vault Big

When you do open your Vault make sure to use the wildcards wisely so you craft the best cards possible.

How to Quickly Complete the MTG Arena Vault?

There are some ways that can help you get to your wildcards faster:

  • Craft missing commons and uncommons
  • Play sealed
  • Play draft

Crafting Missing Cards

Common and uncommon wildcards are often acquired more quickly and can often be more expandable for some players. If you are one of those, you might want to craft missing cards. Consequently you’ll be transforming a common wildcard into a small portion of a rare wildcard.

Two more things you should consider before using this method:

  1. Craft the missing cards from most recent set. Most of the rewards on MTG Arena come from the latest set. Therefore you’ll have most opportunities to get extra cards from there.
  2. Only start crafting when you have enough wildcards to complete the set. Check this by selecting commons in the Collection menu and writing q<4 in the search bar.
MTG Arena Vault Crafting

Playing Sealed

Packs in sealed and draft are different than packs you can buy in Arena. Pack from store comes with six cards. Meanwhile boosters in sealed and draft contain 14 cards each:

  • 1 mythic or rare card
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • 10 common cards

You’ll open 6 packs in sealed. As a result you’ll get 60 commons and 18 uncommons. You’ll also get 3 Prize Packs. Those bring the total to 75 commons and 24 uncommons. Each booster also contains a rare or a mythic rare, but those don’t contribute to the Vault.

Presuming that you have all cards in the respective set, each sealed brings you around 16% closer to completing the Vault. Consequently you’ll need to play seven sealed events to bring your Vault from zero to 100%.

The problem with this approach is that you can enter sealed events with gems only. Therefore if you’re free to play, you’ll probably want to draft.

Playing Draft

Draft can be entered with either gold or gems. Since you get to decide which cards you pick, the results for completing your Vault may vary. However on average you should get around 30 commons and 9 uncommons. You’ll get 1-2 Prize Packs.

Presuming that you have all cards in the respective set, an average draft brings you around 7,4% closer to completing the Vault. As a result you’ll have to play 14 drafts to complete the Vault.

During the draft you can make some picks to optimize your value. For example if you get a pick with no cards you’ll play, you should pick uncommon over a common. This way you’ll progress the Vault more quickly.

More Arena Advice

If you want to fill the Vault faster don’t forget to claim all free stuff in MTG Arena. We combined all the codes for free cards and cosmetics, so check it out.

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Hopefully you learned how to complete the Vault in MTG Arena. Have a great day and may you get all the wildcards you need.

8 thoughts on “MTG Arena Vault Guide: Everything You Need to Know”

  1. This method of checking the vault progress seems to be outdated – I’ve checked the last 5 log files and none of them have any mention of the vault. Not sure if something has changed in the last couple of months but an update on this would be great, would be nice to know how the vault is progressing.

  2. I have one Question: if I open the vault at let’s say 200%, will i get double the rewards the vault vanishes or will i get the reward once and 100% progress subtracted? I presume it’s the first variant.

  3. Good guide, but I wonder about this:
    “Only start crafting when you have enough wildcards to complete the set.”
    Why? What do I lose by doing it to early?

    • He means of a specific common. It’s better to wait until you finish the playset, I mean. A common is a common in this context, but I personally will go through and try to craft the most limited playable ones first, because I know I’ll get more of those.

      There’s not truly a reason you have to wait until it’s the full playset, but if your goal is to fill the vault, and you craft 3 of a common, your next pack might miss on that common anyways, whereas if you waited, that pack could bring you up to 2 of a common or something, meaning those wildcards could have finished the set.


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