MTG Saga – Rules and Everything Else You Need to Know

We’ll explain what is a Saga card and how does a Saga card work. You’ll learn every rule and interaction with this enchantment right here.

Sagas first appeared in Dominaria in 2018. They made a return in Theros Beyond Death in 2020.

What is Saga?

Saga is an enchantment subtype. That means that every Saga is an enchantment. It will give you three effects but not all of them at once.

Let’s see how it works.

How Does Saga Work?

Every Saga has three chapters. They are represented by the roman numbers I, II and III (column on the left). Each chapter has an effect.

What is MTG Saga The Binding of the Titans

Sagas use Lore counters. Every time the Saga gets a Lore counter, the effect with the number equal to amount of Lore counters on the Saga triggers.

Saga usually gets a Lore counter:

  • when it enters the battlefield
  • after you draw the card for the turn (in your first main phase, immediately after your draw step)


We’ll take a look at The Akroan War as an example.

How Does MTG Saga Work The Akroan War

You pay four mana and cast Akroan War. When it enters the battlefield you immidiately put a Lore counter on it. You can use dice to represent counters. On Arena there will be a little icon with a number. When the first counter is put on Saga the first effect triggers. You get to steal one of your opponent’s creatures, if your Saga gets destroyed, they’ll get it back.

Nothing else happens with The Akroan War until your next turn. It just stays in play with one counter.

In your next turn, in your first main phase, right away after your draw step, you put another counter on the saga. This is the first thing that happens in your main phase. You can’t cast creatures before it finishes resolving. Then The Akroan War has two Lore counters. So the second chapter triggers. Your opponent will have to attack you with everything their next turn.

After your next draw step, Saga gets the third Lore counter. Each tapped creature deals damage to itself equal to its power. Then you have to sacrifice The Akroan War.

As you can see, chapters usually synergize with one another. The last chapter of the Akroan War will hopefully kill all creatures that had to attack you before, because of the second chapter.


Let’s check some of the most frequently asked questions about MTG Sagas. If you don’t find the answer here, ask us in the comments bellow. We’re glad to help.

Is Saga a permanent?

Yes, Saga is an enchantment and therefore a permanent.

Does Proliferate work on Sagas?

Yes. Proliferate works on Sagas.

When you proliferate, you can choose any number of players or permanents that have counters on them. Then you put another of those counters on these players / permanents.

Since Sagas use Lore counters you can put another Lore counter on the Saga when you proliferate. That will then trigger the respective chapter on the Saga.

Does a Saga work with Constellation?

Yes, Saga is an enchantment – when it enters the battlefield it will trigger your Constellation cards (such as Setessan Champion).

Can you have more then one of the same Saga in play?

Yes you can. Saga does not mean legendary.

It does however count as a historic card. But that has a very narrow meaning. Historic cards are legendary cards, artifacts and Sagas. They trigger some cards from Dominaria like Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain.

Does Saga use the stack?

Putting the counter on Saga doesn’t use the stack. It happens immediately and can’t be responded to. The trigger then goes on the stack and you can respond to that trigger.

Can I return Saga to my hand in response to the last chapter?

Yes, you can use a card like Rescue in response to the third (or any) chapter trigger. The Saga won’t go to the graveyard until the third trigger resolves. You’ll still get the effect and you’ll have the Saga in your hand. Pretty neat.

How to destroy a Saga?

You can destroy Sagas with cards that destroy enchantments – for example Naturalize. Your opponent will still get at least first chapter’s effect. Because as we said, you can’t respond to getting a Lore counter.

If you absulutely don’t want them to get the effect, you’ll have to use discards spells (Duress) or counterspells (Absorb).

End of Story

That’s all about MTG Saga. Again, if you have any more questions, ask us in the comments bellow. You can also reach us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll gladly help you.

If you’re looking to learn more you can check:

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Until next time, may the Sagas win you plenty of games.

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