Get Strixhaven Sleeves on Arena

Do you want to get Strixhaven sleeves on Arena? You can get them by redeeming codes. They were rewards for completing the Strixhaven house quiz. However, you can also find all the codes for each of the Strixhaven House sleeves here.

How to Get Strixhaven Sleeves on Arena?

It’s pretty simple. Just log in to Arena, go to Store and in top right corner you’ll find a window in which to enter the code. Click enter, and voila, your sleeves are there.

There’s no need to pick just one sleeve. You can redeem all five of them by using the codes, which you can find below.

Lorehold Sleeves

How to Get Strixhaven Sleeves Lorehold MTGA
  • Code for Lorehold Sleeves: RockJocks

Silverquill Sleeves

Silverquill Sleeve MTG Arena
  • Code for Silverquill Sleeves: DebateDuelists

Quandrix Sleeves

Quandrix Sleeve MTG Arena
  • Code for Quandrix Sleeves: MathWhizzes

Witherbloom Sleeves

Witherbloom Get Strixhaven Sleeves MTGA Codes
  • Code for Witherbloom Sleeves: SwampPunks

Prismari Sleeves

Strixhaven Sleeves MTGA Prismari
  • Code for Prismari Sleeves: ArtClub

More Sleeves, More Codes

If you want to browse other MTG Arena sleeves, you could acquire, you can find all of the Secret Lair Arena sleeves here. Additionally, if you want more codes, here’s an article with all current MTGA codes.

Last but not least, if you want to know more about Strixhaven you can read the following articles:

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    • Ooops, that’s true. The mistake is now fixed, with ArtClub being the correct code for Prismari. Thanks for letting me know.


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