The List Cards: Murders at Karlov Manor

In a Karlov Manor Play booster, you might open a card that isn’t technically a part from that set. We’re talking about The List Cards from Murders at Karlov Manor. These will be the focus of this article. You’ll be able to find a full list of them, as well as other useful information about them.

What are the List Cards & How to Find Them?

The List cards don’t use the Karlov Manor set symbol. Instead, they use the same set symbol and card art as they did on one of their previous printings. That’s right, all cards on The List are reprints. They can be recognized by the planeswalker symbol in the bottom left corner.

Monologue Tax Murders at Karlov Manor The List Cards

Each Murders at Karlov Manor Play booster comes with 7 commons. However, one of these slots comes with a 12.5% for a special card.

  • 9.38% a common or uncommon card from The List
  • 1.56% a rare or mythic rare card from the List
  • 1.56% a Special Guests card

We’ve talked about Murders at Karlov Manor Special Guests here, but in this article we’ll focus on cards from The List. With that said, let’s take a look at them.

All Cards from The List in Murders at Karlov Manor

There are 30 commons or uncommons, 7 rares and 3 mythics.

Baleful Mastery*RSTX
Bishop of the BloodstainedUXLN
Burden of GuiltCDKA
Cavalier of Thorns*MM20
Combine ChrysalisUMH2
Consign // OblivionUHOU
Death Cloud*RDST
Duskmantle, House of ShadowURAV
Enlisted WurmUARB
Ghost QuarterUDIS
Gnaw to the BoneCISD
Goblin WarchiefUDAR
Hard EvidenceCMH2
High AlertURNA
Ixidor, Reality SculptorRONS
Jace, Wielder of MysteriesRWAR
Krosan TuskerCONS
Kuldotha RebirthCSOM
Laid to RestUVOW
Leonin Relic-WarderUMBS
Mass HysteriaRMRD
Maverick ThopteristUDDU
Mentor of the MeekU2X2
Metalspinner's PuzzleknotCKLD
Mistveil PlainsUUMA
Molten PsycheRSOM
Monologue TaxRSTX
Mystery KeyUCLB
Nyx WeaverUJOU
Putrid WarriorCAPC
Quintorius, Field HistorianUSTX
Ranger-Captain of EosMMH1
Shard of Broken GlassCSOI
Spell SnareUDIS
Stromkirk CaptainUDKA
Syr Konrad, the GrimUELD
Treacherous TerrainUC16
Worldspine WurmMRTR

*These cards will be on The List on MTG Arena.

The List Karlov Manor — Arena Swaps

This is the first time cards from The List are coming to MTG Arena. However, not in the exact same lineup, as three cards were swapped.

In PaperOn Arena
Baleful MasterySmuggler's Copter
Cavalier of ThornsEvolutionary Leap
Death CloudPossiblity Storm

The black removal spell and green Cavalier were already on the Arena. Death Cloud might be a playable in some decks, but isn’t a particularly fun card to play against. All in all, these omissions seem fine.

They were replaced by three cards that actually make Explorer closer to Pioneer. Smuggler’s Copter is certainly the big one. It was recently unbanned and wasn’t yet on Arena. It’s a key part in many Pioneer decks. The other two enchantments are fringe playable, but do enable some fun casual decks, so they’re welcome additions too.

Murders at Karlov Manor The List — FAQ

Here’s some additional information about these cards.

How many different cards are on The List for Murders at Karlov Manor?

There are 40 different cards.

Which are the most valuable cards on The List from Murders at Karlov Manor?

Currently, Worldspine Wurm, Mass Hysteria, Monologue Tax, and Ranger-Captain of Eos are among the more expensive cards on the list. Ranger-Captain is most likely the best pull based on its secondary market value.

Are cards from The List coming on Arena with Murders at Karlov Manor?

Yes, most of them are coming. (37 out of 40) Three cards from the paper version will be replaced for the Arena client.

Are cards from The List legal in Standard?

No, unless the card is already legal in Standard. The inclusion of a card on The List doesn’t change its legality in any format.

I opened a card that isn’t from the set in Murders of Karlov Manor Play booster. What is this?

Does it have the planeswalker symbol in the bottom left corner. If so, it’s a card from the List.

Can you play cards from The List in Draft and Sealed?

Yes, you can play in Draft and Sealed with any card you open in a Play booster. That includes cards from The List.

How many cards from the List will be opened in an 8-player draft.

On average, there will be 2.6 cards from The List and 0.4 Special Guests opened in 24 Play boosters.


That’s all about the Karlov Manor The List cards. You can already order some new boosters, if you plan on trying to find some of these cards.

Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster Box

If you want to learn more about cards in this set, you can find Murders at Karlov Manor spoilers here. Besides all the cards, you’ll also discover some more interesting information about the set.

Until next time, have fun, and may you open your favorite cards from The List!

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