Ultimate Masters: Everything You Need to Know

Ultimate Masters is the latest Magic the Gathering premium edition. It’s filled with plenty of powerful cards which are great for every MTG player. If you buy a whole box at a local game store you even get a full-art foil staple card.  If you just want to see those in all their glory, scroll down.

where to buy ultimate masters mtg booster box

What is Ultimate Masters?

Here’s everything we know about the Ultimate Masters:

  • Release date is December 7, 2018
  • Each box contains 24 booster packs
  • Each booster contains 15 cards, with 1 foil card per pack
  • Only printed in English and Japanese
  • If you buy a box you get 1 Ultimate Box Topper
  • Limited supply
  • The last Masters set for foreseeable future

Where to Buy Ultimate Masters?

There are three ways:

  • At local game stores. They have boxes with box toppers and single boosters.
  • At big market stores. You can get them in a blister pack of three boosters.  No boxes here.
  • Online. You can always check if they have them on Amazon.

What is Ultimate Box Topper?

Ultimate Box Topper is a special one card booster containing one of the 40 full-art foil cards. At first we had information that you get one only if you buy a whole box at your local game store. This is not true however.

You can also get a Box Topper if you purchase a box on Amazon or other retailers. But be careful, look if there is “Includes box Topper” notion in the item’s description.

Ultimate Box Topper Spoilers

If you want to see the card without the full frame and with their rarities, you can check them on official MTG website. You can also check all the other cards there.


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If you are a newer player you might want to check our New Player’s Buyer Guide. On the other hand, if you spent a lot of time on MTG Arena, we have an awesome Crafting Guide for you.

We hope we let you know where to buy Ultimate Masters and answered all the questions you had about them. Have a nice day and may you always draw the exact card you need.

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