What Should MTG Beginners Buy

Are you a beginner who just started with Magic the Gathering? Wondering what to buy for a MTG beginner? This Buyers Guide for new MTG players is just what you need! Learn what are some of the best things you could get for a beginner and what stuff you should avoid.

There are various amount of Magic the Gathering products to buy. It can be hard to select the right item to buy, because not every product has new player in mind. However if you are looking for a gift for an established player check our best gift ideas for MTG players.

Best Buys for New MTG Players

Items are ordered from the most simple to most complex. Fear not, all the products are still great for a new player, but if you are looking for something simpler – start at top of the list. 🙂

Sample Intro Decks

These are pre-built 30-card decks. Sample Decks contain simpler cards and each is an ideal MTG beginner deck as they are really great learning tools.

Even though the cards are simpler, there is still an exciting rare card among them.

Usually the Magic players play with 60-card decks. That means if you have 2 packs you can shuffle them together and get a regular 60 card deck. That’s why we’d recommend picking up two of these per player.

Oh, and the best thing? Since these decks are Welcome Decks they are meant to be a demo for Magic the Gathering meaning you can get them for FREE!

How and where do you get a MTG welcome deck?

Since Wizards of the Coast doesn’t ship these directly to players you can’t order them online. You can however stop by a local game store and tell the staff that you are looking for Sample Decks or Welcome Decks to learn Magic the Gathering and you should get a free Deck.

Experience needed: None. If you are a total beginner and never played MTG before, you should probably start here.

Planeswalker Intro Decks

This is a 60-card deck made with beginners in mind.

Each deck is centred around a Planeswalker card. Planeswalkers are some of the coolest cards in Magic. They represent most powerful characters from Magic Lore. Each one provides a lot of powerful options in a game of Magic. The one you get in this deck is a little bit simpler in design but still awesome.

All the cards in the deck are from the same edition. This really helps if you are looking forward to playing in a local draft tournament. You will already know some of the cards!

You will also get one booster pack – containing 15 cards, which you can then use to enhance your deck. These are great for a MTG beginner.

In addition to that, you also get a redeemable promo code which you can use in online version of Magic – MTG Arena. You’ll get an exact copy of your that deck in an online version. If you want to check more about Arena and how to get cards there, check our article about crafting in MTG Arena.

Make sure that you buy the newest Planeswalker Intro Deck. You can get the latest ones here.

planeswalker decks what to buy for mtg beginner

Experience needed: None. You’ll also get the rules insert with this along with small guide on how to play this specific deck. This is the simplest complete deck you can buy anywhere.

Guild Kits

Wizards just recently started making so-called Guild-Kits.

This are very powerful 60-card deck with some very valuable cards and cool looking lands.  If you aren’t planning on playing Standard, this is great option for you.

guild kits what to buy for mtg beginner

Deckbuilder’s Toolkit

When searching for: “What to buy for MTG beginner” – the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit will often pop out. And for good reason. It helps players learn how to build their own decks.


In each Deck Builder’s toolkit you will get:

  • 125 selected cards (including 5 rares which can also be found in Sample Decks)
  • 4 Booster Packs (15 cards each, with one of them rare or mythic rare)
  • 100 basic land cards – great for new players
  • Deck Building Guide
  • Rule Guide
  • Awesome durable box, which can hold all the cards you just got and more!

So you get almost 300 cards, most of which are selected with new player in mind. Some of them are random and you can open some pretty cool cards also.

Building your own deck is awesome , therefore Deckbuilder’s Toolkit really is a great choice.

Experience needed: Should already know how to play Magic if only just a little. The product doesn’t come with a complete deck. Players are expected to build their own deck with the cards they get. Because of that prefer something simpler if this is the first Magic product you’ll get.

Bulk Cards

You might’ve heard that we don’t recommend buying Bulk Magic cards as a gift. However when the players is new and doesn’t have / know many card the saying is true. One man’s thrash is another man’s treasure.

Getting 1000 cards for around $20 is a real deal for new player. The possibilities go from very limited to endless when you go from 100 cards to 1000.

New cards are exciting and you get many cards that  you didn’t even know existed and because of that is opening a box full of Magic cards a great feeling…

Experience needed: Players should know how to play. With so many cards it can be overwhelming to learn the game. Therefore buy this product only for players who already know at least a bit how to play.

What to buy for MTG beginner

Finally let’s take a look at what to buy for MTG beginner from the least to most complex:

  1. Sample Intro Deck
  2. Planeswalker Intro Decks
  3. Guild Kits
  4. Deck Builder’s Toolkit
  5. Bulk Cards

We hope that we were able to help you find a perfect product for you or perfect gift for MTG beginner. IF you are trying to build new deck, definitely check out our article on How to Build Better Decks.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment below or contact us on Twitter or Facebook. You can also check our Instagram page for fun Magic related posts.

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