Animated Army Precon: Decklist & Spoilers

Are you excited about the red-green Animated Army precon? So are many other Magic players, and who can blame them, as the deck is led by a trash panda (i.e. raccoon). This fascinating deck is the center of today’s article, as we discover everything that has been revealed about it so far.

While there isn’t that much info, we can make some educated guesses, plus we’ll share the dates for when more reveals and the full decklist will be known. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Making Trash, Doing Smash

This deck’s theme is somewhat cryptic. Our only clues are the following three lines of text:

  • Animated army.
  • Make trash.
  • Do smash.
Animated Army Bloomburrow Commander Precons Decklists

Now, at first sight that doesn’t tell you much about the deck. However, once you start thinking about Magic’s previous mechanics and tokens, things become clearer.

Junk Tokens

It’s pretty weird to see Wizards of the Coast refer to part of their product as trash. However, it does make sense, if they jokingly mean Junk tokens. These were introduced with Fallout Commander decks, and here’s what they look like:

Junk Token MTG Fallout Commander Precon

Of course, if they appear in Bloomburrow, they’ll feature new artwork. Perhaps some of the items floating around the raccoon on the packaging? There’s a a random assortment of items from a teacup to a feather, which would fit the term ‘junk’.

With Junk tokens, the deck would get access to card advantage, which is typical for the modern day precon commanders. Furthermore, it also gives us insight into why the deck is named Animated Army.

Animating Trash?

Perhaps there will be some way to turn your Junk tokens into creatures? Something akin to Rise and Shine? There’s just one problem with this theory. This type of effect is closely tied to the blue color, while this deck is red-green.

Maybe the deck will simply care about animating noncreature tokens. This could work, plus it would mean the deck could also include stuff like Food and Treasure tokens.

So, if that is indeed be the case, you’d want to make plenty of tokens, then turn them sideways, and attack for the win. (Hence: “Do smash.”)

Animated Army Decklist

You can expect the full decklist to be revealed on July 18, 2024, so we’ll need to wait a while longer. If you don’t want to miss it, you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook, where we’ll post soon after that happens. (Plus, you can enjoy some MTG memes over there.)

Animated Army Spoilers

The same goes for spoilers, but the first ones are expected a bit sooner. On July 9th, at least the main Commander will be revealed during the Bloomburrow debut stream.

Bello, Bard of the Brambles Bloomburrow Commander Precons

Animated Army Upgrade Ideas

Obviously, it’s too early to make any sort of upgrade guide, given that we don’t know any of the cards included in the deck. Nevertheless, I wanted to shout-out one card, that I feel would fit here nicely (for flavor reasons) and is also unlikely to be reprinted.


Six Animated Army Precon Commander Upgrade Ideas

First, the gameplay reasons. This is a really solid threedrop, that was just printed in Modern Horizons 3. It’s actually one of the most played green cards in Commander from that set, according to EDHREC. It’s no wonder, as the card enables some really cool play patterns with lands.

Now to the flavor reasons. While the commander of this deck is actually named Bello, it’s very reminiscent of another raccoon, Rocket from the Guardians of the Galaxy. (Due to its orange clothing.) Of course, you’d then need Groot, and Six is as close as you’ll get in Magic. (Until the MTG Marvel set drops.)

You could also go with the borderless version of Six, as that one might look even more Groot-like. Of course, if that’s not your cup of tea, then you’ll need to wait a while longer for more upgrade ideas, as more cards become revealed.


That’s all about the Animated Army precon. Well, at least for now. More information is coming through this month, and hopefully plenty of strong and fun cards are included. If you want to lock-in the price now, and avoid any potential spikes, you can preorder the deck today.

Animated Army Bloomburrow Commander Precons Decklists

Furthermore, if you like this cute design, don’t forget that there are three more decks being released alongside it. You can find all Bloomburrow Commander decks here. Even though they’re all extremely adorable, their themes are quite different. There’s bound to be something to fit your playstyle.

So, what do you think about the deck? What do you expect and want to see? Let us know in the comments below, and may all your wishes for the Animated Army precon come true.

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