Best Lorcana Starter Deck: Full List and Rankings

Would you like to start playing Disney’s trading card game, but you’re unsure which is the best Lorcana Starter deck? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about this amazing product. You’ll find the full list of all Lorcana Starter decks, and discover which one is best for you. Each of the decks has its own pros and cons, which means different players will enjoy different decks.

Thus, you should get a recommendation based on what you want, not what a typical player might enjoy. This article was made with that in mind, giving you a personalized selection.

Anyway, let’s get right to it!

Lorcana Starter Decks – Full List

First, here’s a quick overview of all currently released Lorcana Starter decks. Currently, there are three of them.

Deck nameKey Features
Amber and Amethyst Starter Deck IconAmber & Amethyst
  • Great for beginners
  • Aggressive
  • Ruby and Emerald Starter Deck IconRuby & Emerald
  • For intermediate players
  • Interactive game play
  • Sapphire and Steel Starter Deck IconSapphire & Steel
  • Most complex
  • Powerful late game
  • The First Chapter Starter Decks

    The first batch of Starter decks released in Lorcana are aptly named The First Chapter decks. In the following sections, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each deck in this series.

    Amber & Amethyst

    • Best for: beginners, aggro players
    • Inks: Amber (yellow), Amethyst (purple)

    If Lorcana is one of the first trading card games you’re trying out, then Amber & Amethyst is the Starter deck you want. It’s a straightforward deck, with a clear goal – get to 20 Lore as fast as possible. The other two decks are significantly more complex.

    You’ll quickly fill your board with many characters, and try to outpace your opponents by Questing. Thus, the deck has plenty of cheap cards, which allow you to play something practically every turn.

    If you’re somewhat familiar with other cards games, this deck will feel similar to Mono Red in Magic the Gathering, or Face Hunter in Hearthstone.

    Just as these two archetypes, Amber & Amethyst also has similar problems. When you can’t capitalize on your early game advantage, it’s going to be hard to win in the late game. Furthermore, the deck doesn’t react that well to the opponent’s strategy. It mostly just wants to do its own thing. If you like more interactive decks, then you should select a different deck.

    Nevertheless, this can also be seen as a plus for a new player. You only need to figure out your deck, and let your opponent do their own thing. It won’t matter anyway, if you manage to get to 20 Lore first.

    Iconic Cards

    Each deck contains two cards in foil. (They’re shiny!) These are two popular characters, that you also saw depicted on the box. Amber and Amethyst deck features no other than Moana and Mickey Mouse.

    Moana Which is the Best Starter Deck Lorcana
    Mickey Mouse Lorcana

    Both of these cards excel with fine stats and work particularly well paired with another card type. Whenever, you quest with Moana, she’ll ready (unexert) your other Princess characters. If you control a lot of them, this effect can certainly be strong.

    Mickey, on the other hand, works with Brooms. It reduces their cost, which is always useful. On top of that, you can get your Brooms back to your hand if they are banished in a challenge. Both of these abilities enable some powerful plays.

    Ruby & Emerald

    • Best for: players who enjoy trickier, interactive game play
    • Inks: Ruby (red), Emerald (green)

    Compared to the previous deck, Ruby & Emerald is better if you’re looking for something slightly more complex. It’s not as one-dimensional, as it offers you lots of possibilities.

    One of them is the ability to buff your characters. Thanks to the inclusion of Evasive ones, that’s particularly strong in this deck. You’ll also be able to control the board with your songs and items. On top of that, there are ways to steal Lore from your opponent. So, even if they managed to get a quick start, you’ll be able to turn the game in your favor.

    As such, the deck is great for players who like messing with their opponent’s strategy. There’s plenty of interaction available to you. If another player tries to pressure you too quickly, you’ll be able to punish them.

    All in all, if you like your games to be interactive, then you’re going to like playing with Ruby & Emerald Starter deck.

    Iconic Cards

    This deck showcases the iconic villain Cruella de Vil, as well as the popular hero Aladdin.

    Cruella de Vil Lorcana
    Aladdin Which is the Best Starter Deck Lorcana

    Cruela, Miserable as Usual is the cheapest among the featured cards, as it costs just two ink to play. If you can deploy it in the right scenario, it can be a great tempo play, as you get to return an opposing character to their owner’s hand.

    Seven ink is quite a lot, but if you control another Aladdin in play, you can play it for five ink. At that rate, it becomes a much more efficient card. With 5/5 stats, it can be easy to banish a character in challenge. This will result in “stealing” two lore from your opponent.

    Sapphire & Steel

    • Best for: players who like longer games, with many strategic decisions
    • Inks: Sapphire (blue), Steel (black)

    This deck is perhaps the hardest one to just pick up and play. You’ll need to learn it inside and out in order to consistently do well with it.

    With Sapphire & Steel, mulligan is crucial. If you don’t starting hand is weak, this deck will punish you more than the other two. In order to mulligan well, you’ll need to know every card in your deck. So, in order to win with these 60 cards, you’ll need to study it first. If that’s not something you enjoy, consider picking a different Starter deck.

    Nevertheless, there are plenty of upsides to this deck. It excels with powerful ink acceleration. (That’s akin to ramping in Magic the Gathering.) You can play out your more expensive cards sooner than other decks.

    That’s why you want the game to go longer. In the early game, you’re trying to set up your future turns, while preventing your opponent from getting 20 Lore. If you manage to do that, you’re likely going to win in the late game, as your deck can draw more powerful cards.

    Winning with Sapphire & Steel might feel more rewarding, as the game play will feel methodical. So, if you like longer games, with plenty of strategic decisions, this is a perfect deck for you.

    Iconic Cards

    In this deck you’ll find foil Aurora, Dreaming Guardian and Simba, Returned King.

    Aurora Card
    Simba Which is the Best Starter Deck Lorcana

    Aurora can protect your creatures, which does make a lot of sense. The cost reduction from shift also comes in handy. For three ink, you’re really getting an amazing deal stats-wise.

    Simba can be strong (8 Strength is a lot), but it’s also quite expensive. However, thanks to the ink reduction effect, you’ll be able to cast it ahead of schedule.

    Lorcana Starter Decks Information

    In the next sections, you’ll learn what you can expect in the decks, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

    Lorcana Starter Decks Contents

    Each Lorcana Starter deck contains:

    • 60-card ready-to-play deck (2 cards are foil)
    • a booster with 12 random cards
    • 11 damage counters
    • a paper playmat
    • a paper tracker token
    • a sheet with basic rules

    The 60-card deck isn’t randomized. Instead, each deck with the same name contain the same card. The contrary is true for the included boosters. That booster contains 12 random cards.

    Lorcana Starter Decks FAQ

    If you still won’t find what you were looking for, even after reading these answers, use the comments below to let us know. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

    Do Lorcana Starter decks come contain cards from the regular set?

    All the cards in Lorcana Starter decks come from the regular set, called The First Chapter.

    Is it a good idea to buy multiple copies of the same Starter to collect necessary duplicates?

    This depends on multiple factors. The most important one is if you can get a deck for a reasonable price. If you can, and if you need additional copies of the included cards, then getting multiple decks is a good plan.

    Are Lorcana Starter deck worth it?

    Once again, that depends on the decks’ price. If you can get them close to the MSRP, then they are certainly worth it. As far as the game play goes, they are an amazing starting point for Lorcana, as you get a relatively strong, ready-to-play deck.

    Do Lorcana Starter decks contain randomized cards?

    As far as the 60-card decks, the answer is no, they aren’t randomized. The attached booster, on the other hand, does contain 12 randomized cards, though.

    Is it better to buy Lorcana Starter decks or boosters?

    That depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re just starting out, then Starter decks are better, as you can start playing right away. While that’s not true for boosters, they are a better option if you already own a deck and want to expand your collection.

    How many Lorcana Starter decks are there?

    There are three different Lorcana Starter decks currently released.

    Which Lorcana Starter deck is the best?

    As mentioned, this depends. To quickly recap, Amber & Amethyst is best for beginners or players who like aggressive decks. Ruby & Emerald is better if you like interactive game play. Finally, players who prefer complex strategies will like Sapphire & Steel the most.


    That’s all about the best Lorcana Starter deck. At least for now, as more of them will be coming in the future. Which one is your favorite of the currently released ones? Let us know in the comments.

    If you want to receive a Lorcana-themed gift, make sure to share our Lorcana Gift Guide with your friends to nudge them in the right direction.

    Until next time, enjoy your magical journey with your favorite Disney characters.

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