Fallout Collector Booster Guide: Contents, Odds & More

If you’re a fan of Magic and Fallout, you’re probably really excited about the big collaboration happening in March 2024. There will be four Commander decks released, but collectors will probably be the most excited about the Fallout Collector booster.

It comes with a bunch of cool cards, and in this article, you’re going to find out everything about them, and the Collector booster itself. Whatever you wanted to know is available to you here, just keep on reading.

Fallout Collector Booster Contents

Fallout Collector Booster

Each Fallout Collector booster contains 15 cards + 1 token. The rarity breakdown is as follows:

  • 7-14 rares or mythic rares
  • up to 7 uncommons
  • up to 5 commons

None of those cards will be your regular cards, though. Each one is either foil or features alternate art.

Two Types of Foils

What does it mean if a card is foil? Well, it’s essentially a shiny card, which is typically worth more than its regular counterpart. In Fallout collector boosters, you’ll discover two different types of foiling.

One is called traditional foil. As the name suggests, this is the foiling process, that you can also find in regular MTG boosters.

The second one are the surge foils, which aren’t that common. They were first used for Collector’s version of Warhammer 40k Commander decks. It gives a card a special metallic-like look, as you can see below:

Fallout Alternate Art Cards

There are three alternate art variants, that you’ll be able to find in Fallout Collector boosters:

  • Showcase Pip-boy cards
  • Borderless Vault Boy cards
  • Serialized Bobbleheads

Let’s take a look at some examples and see how these cards look like.

Showcase Pip-Boy Cards

This treatment will be featured on 26 cards, and use the Pip-boy screen. Here’s an example of how a good boy looks with this card treatment:

Dogmeat, Ever Loyal Alt Art

The card is a perfect blend of that Fallout aesthetic combined with features of a Magic card. Compared to some other alternate-arts, it’s perfectly readable, which is a big plus.

Among the 26 cards, 9 will be reprints with new card titles and new art. The rest of them appear for the first time in this product and in Fallout Commander decks (although those will feature the regular art).

Borderless Vault Boy

There are 9 borderless cards, and each one shows the iconic Vault Boy. Here’s a card that you’ll really want to draw in your opening hand:

Fallout Borderless Sol Ring

While these will certainly be amazing to open, there’s one style that’s going to be even more sought after, and that would be…

Serialized Bobbleheads

Last, but most certainly not least, are the serialized Bobbleheads. There will be 7 different Bobbleheads, each one uniquely numbered from 1-500.

Intelligence Bobblehead Serialized Fallout Cards

These will be extremely rare, and probably the most valuable cards you could open in Fallout Commander booster. Particularly if you open a special number, such as 001/500 or 500/500. A third type of foiling is used on these, so-called double rainbow foil, which really makes the card stand out. (As if a uniquely numbered card doesn’t already stand out.)

There are probably some Fallout enthusiasts, which will try to collect seven different serialized Bobbleheads. It’s going to be quite a collector’s item. While the odds of opening one weren’t confirmed yet, it’s safe to assume they fall under 1% per booster.

Fallout Collector Booster Q&A

In this section, you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions players and collectors have about Fallout Collector boosters. Since not everything is known about this product just yet, more information will be added in the future.

First, we’re tackling a big question, then we proceed to some minor ones.

Are Fallout Collector Boosters Worth It?

Well, it’s hard to say for certain before we see the exact card list, and odds. However, in general the most Magic product essentially break down to whether or not you’ll enjoy opening the boosters, and using the cards you get.

If you only need a specific card, it’s best to buy it on a secondary market. Also, if you don’t have much money to spend, you’re probably better off spending your money on something else.

However, if you want to start building a collection of special Fallout Magic cards, and you do have some spare money, buying some Collector boosters can be a perfectly fine idea. Usually, Wizards put some quite sought-after cards into their Universes Beyond products, and there’s no reason for Fallout to be any different.

Note that if you’re buying multiple Fallout Collector boosters, it might be better to go with a whole box of 12 boosters. Typically, that nets you a better deal per booster, plus it’s harder for the cards to be tampered with.

Fallout Collector Booster Box Contents

Now on the other hand, if you don’t care about alternate arts, and foils, it would be better to simply purchase the Fallout Commander decks. They can be available for a reasonable price, and you know exactly which cards you’re getting. (That’s all of them, in their regular form.) Even the chance of a cool card is included, as there is one 2-card Sample Collector booster in each precon.

Plus, if there’s just a single theme you like, you can just get that one specific deck.

Additional FAQ

What’s inside a Fallout Collector booster?

There are 15 cards and 1 double-sided foil token. Each booster contains at least 7 rares or mythic, with the upper limit being 14. All cards are either in foil, or use alternate art, sometimes even both.

Are there unique cards in Fallout Collector boosters?

Yes, if you count the alternate art as unique. There’s currently been no information about whether all the cards in these boosters also appear in the Commander decks.

How many boosters are in a Fallout Collector booster box?

There are 12 boosters per booster box.

Can you get duplicates in Fallout Collector booster box?

Yes, that is possible.

In which format will I be able to play cards I open in Fallout Collector booster?

In Legacy, Vintage, and Commander. Also in any other format, where these cards might already be legal in.


That’s everything we know so far about Fallout Collector boosters. Is there something that you’d want to know, but we didn’t cover? Don’t hesitate, and leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can learn more about Fallout Commander decks here. In that article, we went into a lot of detail about each of the four precons, including reviews for the main commanders.

Until next time, enjoy playing Magic, and may you open your favorite alt-art cards in your very next Fallout Collector booster.

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