How to Draft Jegantha, the Wellspring

Did you open Jegantha, the Wellspring in your draft, but you’re unsure on whether you should play it as your companion? This Jegantha Draft Guide is here to help you. We’ll take examples from the March of the Machine draft, but the concepts should be applicable in most draft formats with companions.

We’ll take a look at when you should draft around Jegantha and how to do so. Before we get to that, let’s see how the companion actually works. If you’re familiar with this concept, feel free to jump to the next section.

Companion Rules

There are 10 different companions, all of which are creatures. Companions all come with their own deckbuilding restriction. (For example, Jegantha requires that no card in your deck has more than one of the same mana symbol in its cost.) If your deck meets that condition, then you can use that creature as your companion.

This means that you put it in your sideboard, and you reveal it at the start of the game. At any point you could cast a sorcery, you can pay three mana and put your companion in your hand. Then it works as any other card in your hand does.

Of course, you can also just ignore all that, and put the companion in your deck, as a regular card.

Is Drafting Jegantha Worth It?

Drafting Jegantha is well worth it in most scenarios. You’ll start each game with an extra card – a guaranteed 5/5, which can even net you some mana. The fact that you have to pay three mana to get it into your hand may seem like a lot, but in practice an additional card is worth so much, that it significantly boosts your win rate.

Jegantha the Wellspring Multiverse Legends Card List

On top of that, the cost of using Jegantha as your companion is very low, and you might be able to play it no matter at which stage of the draft you open it. Even if you get it in your third pack, it can still be worth it to make the necessary cuts to enable this big Elk.

Jegantha Draft Tips

You should probably just use Jegantha as a companion the vast majority of the time. The only exception would be when you get multiple very strong cards, that can’t be included in a Jegatha deck. The only time you shouldn’t do so is when you also have multiple bombs – the most powerful cards in the draft.

Let’s say you have Rampaging Raptor, Invasion of Karsus, and some other solid cards of lower rarities with same colored mana symbols in their costs. In that case, it might be better to not use Jegantha as a companion.

However, if you only have one of the two rares, and not many other powerful cards that can’t be played with Jegantha, then you should just cut them. While these cards might be stronger in a vacuum, the consistency of Jegantha as a companion simply can’t be overstated.

How to Draft With Jegantha in Mind?

You open your pack, and you see Jegantha. You decide to pick it, and draft in a way, that you’ll be able to use it as your companion. So, how should you proceed with your draft?

Thankfully, Jegantha is one of the easiest companions to draft around. For the most part, you can draft as you usually would, just ignore all the cards with two or of the same symbols in their mana cost.

The only exception is when you get a really powerful card that doesn’t fit with Jegantha. In such cases, you might want to pick it, to leave yourself open. If that happens again in the same draft, it’s possible to abandon the Jegantha plan.

No Need to be Red-Green

You don’t need to draft red or green, just because you got Jegantha. Of course, given that its mana cost contains only a hybrid mana symbol, you can play it in either a green or a red deck.

However, you can easily splash it in a deck that doesn’t contain either of these colors. You can draft a fine white-black deck and use common dual lands like Jungle Hollow or Wind-Scarred Crag to cast Jegantha.

Speaking of lands, if you have Jegantha in your deck, it’s probably best that you up your land count to 18, as you have this great mana sink available in every game.

How to draft Jegantha the Wellspring

Jegantha Draft Tips – Recap

Here are the things you should pay attention to when drafting a Jegantha deck:

  1. Don’t pick cards, which have repeating mana symbols in their cost.
  2. Don’t force red or green, if it isn’t open.
  3. Play 18 lands.

That’s pretty much it, and since there isn’t much else to say about Jegantha, this article is a bit on the shorter side. Just remember to go for it when you get it in draft.


That’s all about drafting Jegantha. For more draft information, you can read our March of the Machine Draft Guide.

Jegantha, and the other nine companions, can appear in a special slot, where you can get an iconic legend from all over Magic’s past. You can find all of these cards in the Multiverse Legends Gallery.

Until next time, have a great time and may you never miss your fifth land drop for Jegantha.

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