Multiverse Legends: Guide & Complete List of 65 Cards

One of the most exciting (and valueable) cards you can open in March of the Machine boosters are the Multiverse Legends. These are iconic legendary creatures from all across the Magic’s Multiverse, hence the name. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you should know about them. You’ll also be able to find all Legends below.

You might be familiar with the Retro Frame artifacts from The Brothers’ War, or with slightly older Mystical Archive cards from Strixhaven. If so, you already have a good idea of how Multiverse Legends cards will work. All of these are kinda similar, but there are some different twists, which we’ll discuss below.

Before we start talking about all that, let’s first take a look at the cards, as that’s the most exciting part.

Multiverse Legends List

All 65 cards are now previewed, and there are some absurd bombs among them. You can find all of them here:

Zirda, the Dawnwaker MTG Multiverse Legends Guide

As you can see, the cards have different frame styles. That’s quite unusual, and not something that was happening with other similar series. Here’s the deal – each card will have a special frame that was used on its home plane.

Since Ragavan is from Kaladesh it has the frame, which you might know from the Kaladesh Masterpieces. Atraxa, on the other hand, has the Showcase frame, which was used in the Streets of New Capenna set. You can also expect legendaries from Dominaria, Eldraine, Innistrad, Kamigawa, Strixhaven, and – each with their own specific frames.

These cards can also appear in the new “Halo” foil treatment.

Where & How to Get Multiverse Legends Cards?

You have two options for acquiring Multiverse Legends cards. You can either get them on the secondary market, or you can open them in most March of the Machine boosters. While they aren’t included in Jumpstart boosters, you can get them in Draft, Set, and Collector packs.

So, the big question is just how rare are these cards? Will you have to crack a whole booster box in hopes of getting a single Multiverse Legend?

Thankfully, that’s not the case. Each booster will contain a Multiverse Legend card! This means your odds are 100% of getting a Legends card, if you purchase one of the following packs:

Different types of booster boxes don’t come with the same number of packs. In the following table, you can find out how many Multiverse Legends you can expect in different booster boxes.

ProductMultiverse Legends
March of the Machine Draft Booster Box IconMarch of Machine Draft Booster Box
  • 1 per booster
  • 36 per box
  • March of the Machine Set Booster Box IconMarch of Machine Set Booster Box
  • 1 per booster
  • 24 per box
  • Collector Booster Box IconMarch of Machine Collector Booster Box
  • 3-4 per booster
  • 36-48 per box
  • So, if you want to get as many Multiverse Legends cards as you can, the best pickup is the Draft booster box. It will give you 36 Legends, which is likely the best ratio per dollar spent.

    Draft Booster Box March of the Machine

    If you’re only looking to crack packs, Set boosters might be slightly better, but if your main goal is to open Legends, then Draft boosters are the way to go. On top of that, you can organize a draft with your friends. Let your play group know that you’re organizing a free draft, but you’re keeping the cards. You’ll surely have a great time.

    However, you might prefer to try your luck and get the most valuable Multiverse Legends cards. We’re speaking of…

    Serialized Multiverse Legends Cards

    There’s a very small chance that a Multiverse Legends card slot in your Collector booster contains a serialized card. For each card, there are only 500 serialized cards. For example, there will be only 500 foil Ragavan cards with a number from 1-500. These will certainly fetch a nice premium, as they’ll be an amazing item for collectors.

    Here’s an example of such a card, although that one is from the Retro Frame Artifacts Series. Currently, we don’t have the images for the serialized Legends.

    Wurmcoil Serialized Numbered Retro Artifacts Brothers War

    If you want to try your luck, and open such a card, you’d need to open Collector boosters. The reason for that is that serialized cards won’t appear in Draft and Set boosters. Note that the chance is minimal. If the odds are the same as for the serialized Retro Frame Artifacts, the odds are less than 1% per booster, with the exact numbers being unknown.

    Different Rarities

    We also have to talk about different rarities. There will be uncommons, rares, and mythic rares. (No common legends, though.) The exact numbers haven’t been confirmed but based on previous releases, the chances of opening a Multiverse Legends card of a certain rarities differs depending on the pack type.

    Odds for Multiverse Legends Rarity – Draft and Set Boosters

    Draft and Set boosters will likely have the same odds of containing a Legend of a certain rarity. When you open a single March of the Machine Draft or Set boosters, your odds for a Legend are as follows:

    • 66% for an uncommon
    • 27% for a rare
    • 7% for a mythic rare

    Odds for Multiverse Legends Rarity – Collector Boosters

    With Collector boosters, the odds are different. Three Legends will be guaranteed:

    • 1 foil uncommon
    • 1 non-foil uncommon
    • 1 non-foil rare

    There’s an additional slot in which you could also get a Multiverse Legends card. That would be a foil rare or a mythic rare. If you’re lucky, it might even be serialized.


    So, where are these cards legal? Is Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer now going to wreak havoc in Standard?

    Thankfully, this set of cards doesn’t affect their legality. You will be able to play these cards in any format they have already been legal in. The only change is that now, you’ll be able to do so with more bling. However, there are two formats that are a bit special. That being Draft and Historic.

    Multiverse Legends in Draft

    What happens when you open a Legend during the draft? Well, you can pick it, and play it in your deck. We shall see what this means for the March of the Machine draft, but it might make the format more powerful. Many of the legendary creatures are often quite good in Limited.

    Perhaps, you’ll want to include even more removal in your deck, than usual, but that’s something that we’ll have to leave for our March of the Machine Draft Guide, which is coming once we have the full card list previewed.

    Of course, all the things we talked about Draft, also apply for the other Limited format, Sealed.

    What About Arena?

    Yes, the Legends from Multiverse are also coming to Arena. As you probably know, there’s a special Arena-only format, called Historic. There, all the cards that were release on Arena are legal in, unless they’re banned.

    Channel Mystical Archive Version

    Sometimes Wizards decide to preemptively ban a card from such a set. For example, Channel was immediately banned. We shall see what will happen to the powerful cards, such as Ragavan, but most of the cards will probably be legal. This means that you’ll have a bunch of new commanders for Historic Brawl available.

    On Magic Arena Reddit, a Wizards of the Coast employee, talked about how these cards will work, and when we’ll know which Legends are banned in Historic.

    We’ll be taking and treating these cards just like we have past bonus sheets (Mystical Archive & Retro Artifacts). They’ll all be in draft (to match tabletop), generally Historic-legal, though some may be pre-banned if needed for format balance.


    So, all the cards are legal in Draft, but some might be pre-banned.

    “Cards to watch” have been established, but we’ll make final decisions based on the Historic meta closer to release. We plan to announce final decisions here before players have access to the set on Arena.


    As you can see, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what will get hit by a Ban-Hammer, and what will stay around longer.

    MTG Multiverse Legends – Additional FAQ

    In this section, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions that Magic players and collectors might have about the Multiverse Legends cards. Some answers are recaps of what we talked about in the article, while the others cover some other topics.

    What are the Multiverse Legends cards?

    These are cards that appear in a special slot in March of the Machine boosters. (Draft, Set, and Collector boosters.)

    Which cards are on the Multiverse Legends list?

    All cards are well-known legendary creatures from various Magic sets. Currently, not all the cards have been previewed, but you can find all the currently previewed ones above.

    Are Multiverse Legends cards Standard legal?

    No, the inclusion of a card on the Multiverse Legends list doesn’t make the card Standard legal. However, if there’s a Standard legal card that appears among the Multiverse legends cards, you can play that version in a Standard deck.

    Are there any new cards among the Multiverse Legends card?

    No, all cards from the Multiverse Legends are reprints.

    Can I use a Multiverse Legends card as a commander?

    Yes, since all the Multiverse Legends are legendary creatures, you can most certainly use them as commanders.

    Which are the best Multiverse Legends cards?

    It’s hard to say for sure, since not all the cards have been previewed yet. However, Wizards often preview at least some of the best cards early, so it’s very likely that Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Atraxa Praetors’ Voice are among them.

    Which are the most expensive Multiverse Legends cards?

    This question might feel similar to the previous one, but the difference here is that you’ll want to get the best cards with the serialized number. Not all the numbers will be worth the same. Significant numbers (1, 500) are typically worth more, as well as some meme numbers.

    Are Multiverse Legends cards coming to Arena?

    Yes, they are.

    Which treatments will be used on Multiverse Legends cards?

    There will be four different treatments used for these cards. The most common one is the regular treatment – no foiling, just the sweet art and frame. Then there will be foil-etched cards, which have a special metallic-like paint. Then there are Halo foils, which we know little about. The final treatment are the serialized cards, which each come with their unique number.

    As always, if you didn’t find the answer to your question, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you.


    Anyway, that’s all about these special legendary cards. If you want to know more about the new set, check out March of the Machine spoilers.

    Furthermore, you’re a Commander fan, and you can’t wait for even more new cards that will be amazing commanders, read our March of the Machine Commander Decks Guide. That will be the big Commander release for 2023, with five precons, instead of the usual two.

    Until next time, have fun, and may you have remarkable luck with opening the best Multiverse Legends, preferably one with the serialized number.

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