How to Get MTG Basic Lands?

If you’re a newer player who just started playing, you might have trouble getting enough basic lands for all the decks you’re building. That’s why today we’ll discover the most efficient ways to acquire plenty of basic lands, so you won’t ever run out of them again.

And don’t worry, we’ve updated the article late in 2024, so our recommendations are up to date.

How to Get MTG Basic Lands for Cheap? Ask.

Many veteran Magic players have plenty of basic lands just lying around. Or stored in boxes if they are more organized than us. So if you know anyone who plays MTG, ask them if they have any extra for you to use. They’ll probably be happy to help you out.

The other way is to stop by your LGS (Local Game Store) and ask there. They might give you basic lands, especially if you buy some other MTG product. You can find the nearest LGS by using Wizards’ Store Locator.

However, if neither of those options work for you, you can just buy some product that contains basic lands. Let’s check what those would be.

Which MTG Products Contain Basic Lands?

In the following table, you’ll find some products that contain basic lands. The list is by no means definitive, but it should give you a good idea of what you want.

ProductBasic Lands
Bloomburrow Play Booster Box IconPlay Boosters1 or fewer per booster
36 or fewer per box
LotR Jumpstart Where to Get MTG Basic Lands IconJumpstart Boosters8 per booster
(6 regular + 2 foil)
144 per box
Bloomburrow Starter Deck IconStarter Kits22 per deck
44 per Kit
Bloomburrow Bundle IconBundle15 regular
15 foil
Land Station Where to Get MTG Basics IconLand Station400 total

As you might know, a regular booster pack typically contains only a single basic land. So, even if you’d buy a whole booster box, you’d get only 36 or fewer basic lands total. However, if that’s still something you’d like to do, you can check for best MTG booster boxes here.

Jumpstart Boosters

Jumpstart Booster LotR Where to Get Basic Lands MTG
  • Basic lands: 6 regular + 2 foil
  • Type: randomized

Jumpstart boosters are a special product. The basic idea is that each player gets two boosters, mashes them together and — BOOM, that’s your deck.

Each booster has a theme, and you can get some fun combinations like Cat-Vampires or Eldrazi-Goblins. You can get more information about Jumpstart Boosters here.

For that whole gimmick to work, each booster has to contain some number of lands. Jumpstart boosters contain 8 basic lands on average. Two of them come with the special foil (shiny) treatment. So this is a fun way to acquire basic lands along with some other cool Magic cards, that you can actually play with immediately. Besides, these boosters really aren’t pricey.

There were various Jumpstart sets released in recent years, but our favorite one is the one we highlighted above. All the basics will feature artworks from Middle-Earth from the iconic The Lord of the Rings.

The downside is that you don’t know which lands exactly you’ll get, so if you need some specific ones, this might not be the best choice — unless you’d buy a bunch of them.

Starter Kits

Assassin's Creed MTG Starter Decks
  • Basic lands: usually 44
  • Type: typcially 10-12 of 4 different land types

Starter Kits are an amazing product to acquire, if you’re just starting out. Each Kit contains two complete 60-card beginner-friendly decks.

On top of that, most Starter Kits contain an Arena code, which redeems a copy of the same deck on MTG Arena. (A rare exception is the Assassin’s Creed Starter Kit.) The code is actually redeemable twice, so you can share it with a friend. This is among the cheapest MTG products, but you can reduce it even more, by splitting the price with a friend, and each gets one of the two decks.

Anyway, you’ll get 44 basic lands per Starter Kit. Each deck contains two different colors, so one of the five basic lands is missing. Nevertheless, you know which lands to expect in each Starter Kit. Here’s the list of some recent ones:

These decks are an amazing starting point for beginners, especially if you need some basic lands in a certain color.


Bloomburrow Bundle Contents
  • Basic lands: 15 regular + 15 foil
  • Type: 4 + 4 of each

Do you want to get both basic lands and boosters? If so, then the Bundle is the right product for you.

Each bundle contains 9 Play boosters of the respective set (the one above contains the newest Bloomburrow Play boosters) and 30 lands, 6 of each type. But that’s not all — half of the lands are foil, so you’ll get some shiny ones.

Of course, 30 lands might not be enough, but you could just grab a couple of bundles to get to 60, which gives you 12 of each type.

Each Bundle comes with some extras too, but that’s a topic for another article. You can learn more about the Bloomburrow Bundle contents here.

Land Station

How to Get Basic Lands MTG Land Station Paper
  • Basic lands: 400
  • Type: 80 of each

We’ve reached the best product if you just want lots of lands. Land stations are used at the big Magic tournaments, so everyone has enough lands for their Draft decks.

However, you can also buy yours on Amazon. You won’t get anything else, just basic lands — 400 of them! They are evenly split, so you’ll get 80 of each basic land type (80 Plains, 80 Islands, 80 Swamps, 80 Mountains and 80 Forests).

You won’t get any extra stuff, unless you count the box, which you can use for storing your newly acquired basic lands. So, if you’re just looking for a way to get lots of basic lands in an official MTG product, it doesn’t get better than this.

Basic Land Lots

You might have noticed another product, while browsing on Amazon — basic land lots.

These products are from various sellers, but what you’re getting is different packages of basic lands. You might find something even cheaper than Land Station this way, and you can expect more variety from your lands.

Let’s see some examples of what you can get.

500 Basic Lands Lot

You can 100 more basic lands, compared to the Land Station. However, there’s no box included, so keep that in mind.

Full Art Land Lots

  • Basic lands: 20
  • Type: all are available

There are also full art land lots available, if that something you’d like. These lands don’t have the big square with mana symbol on the bottom, but have bigger artwork instead. Here are some of our favorite retro ones from Battle for Zendikar:


Where to Get MTG Basic Lands Plains


Where to Get MTG Basic Lands Island


Where to Get MTG Basic Lands Swamp


How to Get MTG Basic Lands Mountain


Where to Get MTG Basic Lands Forest

Additionally, you can also get Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty full-art basic lands. These are really something special. Another interesting option are full-art basics from Bloomburrow.


Hopefully, this article helped you answer the question of where and how to get MTG basic lands.

So to quickly recap, the best way to do so is to just ask someone who’s been playing for a while. If that doesn’t work out, you can also buy the Land Station on Amazon, which contains 400 basic lands, 80 of each type.

If you’re a newer player, here are some guides that you might like:

Anyway, that’s all for today. Until next time, have fun and although you’re just getting them — may you never draw too many lands.

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  1. They made it difficult to get the bases of the game. MANA! I remember bthe starter decks when Ice Age and such was about. Those were the bread and Butter to what made Magic so great. Sad to see that they only have land boxes as the only real solution..sad


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