MTG LotR Ring Frame Showcase Cards – Full List

Nowadays, every big Magic set contains cards with alternate art and special, so-called showcase frames. Since Tales of Middle-earth is also a big set, it comes with Ring frame showcase cards, and today we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about them, including:

  • What are the Ring showcase cards?
  • How many MTG cards with LotR ring frame are there?
  • In which boosters can you open Ring frame showcase cards?
  • And more!

We’ll first talk about what these cards actually are, then we’ll take a look at all currently previewed ones, and then we’ll wrap up with some additional information.

What are the Ring Frame Showcase Cards?

These are 30 different legendary creature cards, each depicting an iconic character from Lord of the Rings. Contrary to their regular versions, these have a special frame. The art is in a circle, and surrounded by the text from the One Ring.

As Wizards stated, they wanted to reflect the fact that “a driving force in The Lord of the Rings is the temptation and allure of the One Ring over the characters.” So, the character were chosen with that in mind.

Therefore, the art features the iconic moments where these characters (their actions and motivations) were influenced by the power of the Ring. Speaking of the art, let’s take a look. You can play a guessing game – for how many cards can you figure out which moment in the story are they showcasing?

MTG LotR Ring Frame Showcase Cards List

All cards with this treatment have been previewed. You can find them here:

Which Boosters Contain Ring Frame Showcase Cards?

MTG Lord of the Rings Set Booster Box

There are four different types of Tales of Middle-earth boosters. In three of them you can get the showcase cards. The three boosters in question are:

So, the only booster where you can’t open a Ring frame showcase card are the Jumpstart boosters. You can learn more about different booster types in our LotR Product Guide.


That’s it for the Ring frame showcase cards. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

You can find the regular versions of these cards, and all the others too, on our MTG LotR Spoiler page. Until next time, have fun, and good luck with opening your boosters!

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