Bloomburrow Anime Cards: List & Details

Nowadays, there are a bunch of art styles and alternate versions released with every MTG set. Some more, some less special. However, whenever there’s an anime version of a card released, there’s a lot of hype about it. That’s why the Bloomburrow anime cards might be extremely popular.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at all currently previewed cards, and share more details about this special art treatment. Let’s waste no more time and get right to it.

Bloomburrow Anime Cards List

Here are the currently previewed anime version cards, including Imagine: Critters, which contain reprints of popular characters, as they would look on Bloomburrow.

Mabel, Heir to Cragflame Bloomburrow Anime Cards

Where to Get Bloomburrow Anime Cards & Odds

There are different art treatments, and most of them can be found in both Play boosters and Collector boosters. However, that’s not the case with the Bloomburrow anime cards. They are exclusive to Collector boosters.

Bloomburrow Collector Booster Box

You can find an in-depth breakdown of Bloomburrow Collector booster contents here.

The exact odds of opening an anime card are currently unknown. (We’ll update the article once more information is revealed.) However, given that you can’t open them in Play boosters, you can expect these to be rarer than the other alt-art styles. Probably, that will be reflected on their higher price on the secondary market.

More Info About Bloomburrow

Of course, more details about these cards will follow. If you don’t want to miss them, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram. There we post exciting Magic news, as well as funny memes and reels about our favorite card game.

If you want to browse through regular versions of the cards, check the Bloomburrow spoiler page. There you’ll find all currently previewed cards, as well as additional info about the set.

Oh, and if you’re a Commander player, make sure to read about the Bloomburrow Commander precons. There are four different ones, each featuring a different cute animal as a commander and a fascinating theme. If you ever wanted your deck led by a trash panda, now’s your chance.

Until next time, enjoy casting spells and may you open your favorite anime card in your very next Bloomburrow booster.

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