Bloomburrow Collector Booster Contents

Do you want to know what you might open in the newest Collector Booster? In that case, you’ve come to the right place, as below you’ll find a detailed overview of Bloomburrow Collector booster contents.

Of course, there’s bound to be plenty of foils, alternate arts, and multiple rares per pack. But what about specifics? Let’s find out.

Bloomburrow Collector Booster Contents

Each Bloomburrow Collector booster contains 15 cards and a double-sided foil token. The rarity breakdown of the cards is as follows:

All of these cards will be either in foil or use alternate art, often both. At least 12 cards in every pack are in foil, sometimes even in the special raised foil treatment.

Bloomburrow Collector Booster Contents

To break that down even further into more details, we’re going to need to wait for more information, coming a bit later today. (July 9th) Make sure to check back a bit later today if you’re interested in that.

However, you can already take a look at…

Alternate Art Examples

So, here are examples of four different art treatments you can see in this set. In the first row you’ll find Lumra. On the left, there’s the field note version. On the right is a borderless one, done by no other than Mitsuhiro Arita.

Yes, that’s the artist who illustrated the iconic Charizard from Pokemon Base set.

Now in the second row, you can see a courageous mouse. The one on the left is the woodland showcase art. The other one is one of the Bloomburrow anime cards. While most alt-arts can appear in Play boosters, the anime versions are exclusive to Collector boosters.

Thus, they’ll probably be among the better pulls that you can hope for, which brings us to the big question:

Are Bloomburrow Collector Boosters Worth It?

Now this is a pretty hard one to answer, and really depends on your budget. If you’re wondering if you can afford it, it’s better avoid it. If you still want to scratch that pack-cracking itch, the better option would be a more moderately-priced Bundle. (You can find details about Bloomburrow Bundle contents here.)

The reason for that is that Collector boosters are typically very high variance. While you could open amazing pulls, you could also open mediocre foil rares, that might look awesome but aren’t worth much.

However, if you don’t mind spending a bit extra, and want to open the most exciting boosters, then Collector boosters will do the job.

Keep in mind that if you decide to buy multiples, you usually get a better ratio of dollars per booster if you buy a whole box (of 12 packs) rather than buying multiple separate boosters. This also makes it much harder for boosters to be tampered with, which was known to happen.

Bloomburrow Collector Booster Box Contents


With that, we’re wrapping up our Bloomburrow Collector booster contents overview. If you end up opening something great in your boosters, don’t forget to come back and brag in the comments.

Besides, if you’re a Commander player, don’t forget to check Bloomburrow Commander decks. All four are led by the cutest animal commanders imaginable. Plus, each one comes with an exciting theme that allows a lot of room for potential upgrading and truly making the deck your own.

Until next time, have fun and good luck with opening your boosters!

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