Modern Horizons 3 Bundle Contents: Gift VS Regular

Modern Horizons 3 is bringing us a ton of powerful cards, and players can’t wait to get their hands on the new products. One of the most popular one is certainly the Modern Horizons 3 Bundle, which comes in to versions: regular and gift edition.

In this article, we’re going to talk about everything you should know about them. You’ll find the MH3 Bundle contents, and discover the reason behind their popularity

Regular Modern Horizons 3 Bundle – Contents

Modern Horizons 3 Bundle Guide

In each regular Modern Horizons 3 Bundle you’ll find the following:

  • 9 Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters
  • 1 foil promo card
  • 30 basic land cards (15 foil, 15 nonfoil)
  • 1 spindown life counter
  • 1 storage box

Play Boosters

These are the regular boosters. They can contain multiple rares, (1-5) and have guaranteed slot for an alt art card. With 14 total cards per pack, you can also expect 1-2 foils in every pack.

Promo Card

Each Bundle comes with a specific promo card that also appears in the main set. The twist with this version is that it uses alternate art, only available in the Bundle. Plus, it comes in foil.

Currently, we don’t know which card will appear in this slot. But we’ll update the article with this info, once it becomes available.

Basic Lands

Basic lands are always usefuly particularly since you’re getting a nice mix of mix of foil, nonfoil, regular and full-art lands. You can expect:

  • 10 non-foil regular lands
  • 10 foil regular lands
  • 5 non-foul full-art lands
  • 5 foil full-art lands

They are balanced across all five colors, so there are 6 Plains, 6 Islands, and so on.

Spindown Life Counter

This is a cool looking spindown, and a bit larger one than your usual dice. As any D&D fan will tell you this isn’t a regular D20, as the numbers aren’t aligned properly. The numbers are next to one another, which can be useful for tracking life total. Just don’t bump it.

Modern Horizons 3 Bundle Spindown

Storage Box

Finally, everything is packed into a nice sturdy box, which can hold all of your cards you open here, plus plenty of additional ones. Plus, it looks nicely on a shelf. What’s not to like?

Gift Edition Modern Horizons 3 Bundle – Contents

Modern Horizons 3 Bundle Contents Gift Edition

Each Gift Edition Modern Horizons 3 Bundle contains:

  • 9 Modern Horizons 3 Play boosters
  • 1 Modern Horizons 3 Collector booster
  • 1 foil promo card
  • 30 basic land cards (15 foil, 15 nonfoil)
  • 1 spindown life counter
  • 1 storage box

As you can see most of the stuff is pretty much the same, and a lot of differences comes from aesthetics. For example, here’s how the spindown looks in the Gift Bundle.

MH3 Gift Edition Bundle Spindown

However, there’s also one extra booster included. Is that a big deal? Well, it looks like it is, because that isn’t a regular Play booster, but a…

Collector Booster

Now this is a special booster, that’s quite pricey. Why is that so?

Because it contains a guaranteed 5 rare or mythic rares total. On top of that all 12 cards in the pack are foil, use alternate-art. There are also foil alt-art cards. These are among the most sought-after cards in the set, typically with high prices on the secondary market.

So, now you know what’s inside each Bundle, and here’s a quick comparison of the two side by side.

Regular MH3 BundleGift MH3 Bundle
MH3 Bundle IconMH3 Gift Bundle Icon
Collector boosterNoYes (1 per bundle)
Play boosters99
Storage Boxregularwith foil effect
Pricesomewhat lowersomewhat higher
Check PriceFind it on AmazonFind it on Amazon

Modern Horizons Bundles – FAQ

Now it’s time to answer some question players often ask about this bundles. First, we’re going to tackle a big one, than move to some “smaller” ones.

Which Modern Horizons 3 Bundle to Buy? Gift or Regular?

To answer this question, let’s examine the differences between the two once again. They both came with mostly the same stuff, but the Gift Bundle contains a single Collector booster, whereas there’s none in the regular Bundle.

Then there are cosmetic differences, with distinct storage boxes, and spindowns. However, neither is strictly better than the other, as it boils down to personal preference. Thus, the biggest difference as far as the contents go is the Collector booster.

Modern Horizons 3 Collector Booster

We already talked about how awesome this booster is, but how much does it cost? Well, most game stores are selling these for around forty dollars or so. Now, which Bundle is better to buy depends on what price point your getting them for.

If the difference between the two is significantly less than $40, then you should simply go with the Gift edition, and vice versa. This Collector booster is just that valuable.

Additional Questions

What is the promo card in MH3 Regular Bundle?

The promo wasn’t revealed yet. Once it’ll be, you’ll be able to find it here.

Which promo card is included in MH3 Gift Bundle?

The promo wasn’t revealed yet.

Is it better value to buy a Modern Horizons 3 booster box or a bundle?

This depends on what things you care about. If you only care about Play boosters, you’ll typically get a better deal by getting a Play booster box. Now on the other hand, if you also like the promo card, foil lands, and the storage box, the bundle becomes a better purchase.

Are Modern Horizons 3 Bundles worth buying?

They are, if you want to get some MH3 Play boosters, and you like the extras included with it. It’s also a fine way to get a sealed product of Modern Horizons. You aren’t spending as much as you would on a full booster box, but you’re still getting a sealed product, which hasn’t been tampered with. (As opposed to buying loose boosters from questionable soruces.)


And that’s it for the Modern Horizons 3 Bundle contents. What do you think about this product? Are you planning on getting yourself a Bundle? Let us know in the comments below.

Do you want to find out more about this set? If so, you can find all currently revealed Modern Horizons 3 spoilers here.

Oh, and if you’re a Commander fan, we’ve got some amazing news for you. This is the first time that we’re getting precons with a Horizons set. We talked about them in this Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks guide.

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