When Does Modern Horizons 3 Release on Arena?

Are you trying to figure out when does Outlaws of Thunder Junction release on Arena? If so, you’re at the the right place. In this article you’ll find out both the exact time of Modern Horizons 3 MTGA release, but also a countdown timer. So you don’t need to convert the time into your time zone. Finally, there’s some additional info about the newest MTG set.

Maintenance will start on Tuesday, June 11th, at 8 a.m. PT (15:00 UTC). Officially, It’s supposed to take around three hours, however the new set most often go live very shortly after the maintenance starts. (However, lag and bugs might be happen early.)

MH3 Release Time MTGA

With that said, here’s the countdown timer towards Modern Horizons 3 release on Arena:

You can also find Thunder Junction release time in most common time zones in the following table:

RegionMH3 Release Time
USA, Canada (Pacific)11:00 PT (June 11th)
USA, Canada (Mountain)12:00 MT (June 11th)
USA, Canada (Central)13:00 CT (June 11th)
USA, Canada (Eastern)14:00 ET (June 11th)
USA, Canada (Atlantic)15:00 AT (June 11th)
Brazil16:00 BRT (June 11th)
United Kingdom19:00 BST (June 11th)
Central Europe20:00 CEST (June 11th)
Australia3:30 ACST (June 12th)

NOTE: For both the countdown timer and this table we assumed the maintenance to take three hours. Nevertheless, it might be possible to start playing earlier. If you want to know when’s the absolutely soonest you might be able to play, just subtract three hours from the countdown timer or table. Just note that there might be some issues in that early period.

Maintenance Progress Check

Don’t want to deal with the early lag and bugs? Check the Wizards’ Customer Support on Twitter (or X). They’ll post before the maintenance starts, and when it’s finished.

Besides, they’ll also alert you in case of any problems with the new patch.

The second option available, is to check MTG Arena Status Page. For normal gameplay, Game, Matches, and Logins systems must all be “operational”.

There’s no downtime expected this time around. Even so, in order to deploy the MH3 patch, you’ll need to restart the client.

Find Out More About Modern Horizons 3!

What can you do before the MH3 goes live on Arena? learn more about this set, of course.

If you’ll be drafting you want to make sure you read our Modern Horizons 3 Draft Guide. In that article, we discuss all the big picture stuff you need to know for successful drafting. Furthermore, there’s also MH3 Draft Tier List, in which you’ll find grades for every card you can open in your drafts.

Commander fans will enjoy exploring the MH3 Commander precons. There are four decks total, each with an exciting new theme. There are Eldrazi, Lhurgoyfs, energy counters, and more!

Modern Horizons 3 All Four Commander Decks

Do you want to crack some packs not only in digital, but in real life too? If so, we’d recommend the MH3 Bundle, which is a moderately priced product, compared to something like a box. If you’d want more info, as there are two different Bundles, check our article about MH3 Gift VS Regular Bundle.


Of course, you don’t want to miss the free MTGA codes. You can use them to claim free Packs on Arena, as well as some other goodies.

If you played in a Modern Horizons 3, (June 7-9) you should’ve received a code for 6 Modern Horizons 3 Packs in your prerelease kit. If you’re couldn’t attend, you can still buy a code from a respectable source. We’d recommend MTGAcodes.com.

Previously, you could only redeem on prerelease code per set. However, that recently changed. Now you can claim up to five Modern Horizons 3 codes per account, that’s 30 total Packs.

Acquiring codes from MTGAcodes.com typically costs less than buying the same amount of packs from Arena Store. Note that you can redeem only five prerelease codes per set.

MTGA Codes Modern Horizons 3

Modern Horizons 3 Events

When Modern Horizons 3 finally releases on Arena, which events will you be able to play?

If you’re a fan of Limited, there will be three different draft variants available at the release. You can pick between Premier (best-of-one), Quick (best-of-one) or Traditional Draft (best-of-three). It’s quite nice that you can draft Quick drafts right away, as that isn’t the case with regular sets.

You could also play Sealed in two different modes: Traditional Sealed and Best-of-one Sealed. Typically, these don’t stay around as long as the draft do. However, it’s a good idea to play them, if you plan to compete at higher level events. For example, Arena Open (June 22-23) will feature MH3 Sealed.

What about constructed? Well, Modern Horizons 3 isn’t Standard legal. This means that Standard doesn’t change at all. No new cards enter the format, and rotation doesn’t happen until Bloomburrow in August 2024.

Instead, you’ll be able to play MH3 cards in Historic, Brawl, and Timeless. There’s no Modern format, though. So far, that’s only available on Magic Online, as far as digital platforms go.

MTGA Modern Horizons 3 Release Time – FAQ

Here’s one final thing before we wrap up this article. These are some common questions players ask about MH3 release time on Arena.

When will Outlaws of Thunder Junction set be released on MTG Arena?

It will be released on Tuesday, April 16th. The maintenance starts at 8:00 PT (15:00 UTC), and takes three hours at most. Thus, the official release is at 11:00 PT (18:00 UTC), but the set might go live earlier.

When will I be able to open Modern Horizons 3 preorders on MTGA?

All preordered products can be opened immediately after the set goes live. (See the previous answer.)

Why were some streamers already able to play Modern Horizons 3?

Because they were a part of the Early Streamer Access event, which was happening both on MTG Arena and Magic Online.


That’s all about Modern Horizons 3 Arena release time. Fingers crossed that everything will run smoothly, and we’ll be able to play with the new cards very soon.

Oh, and if you don’t want to miss on more MTG news, and articles, such as draft guides, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. Besides all that, you’ll also find reminders for new codes, and some fun MTG memes too. Until next time, have fun casting the powerful new Modern cards.

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