MTG Jurassic Park Cards: Full List & Guide

Magic the Gathering has recently been doing various collaborations with popular franchises. The latest partnership will surely bring joy to fans of dinosaurs. A bit later in this November, we’re getting MTG Jurassic Park cards!

In this article, you’ll learn everything there’s to know about them. You’ll find the full list of all Jurassic World cards, discover where to get them, as well as some additional information. Let’s not waste any more time, and jump right to it!

What are MTG Jurassic Park Cards?

MTG Jurassic Park cards are a part of Universes Beyond. That’s a term for all Magic the Gathering cards set in other franchises. Thus, these cards will depict iconic dinosaurs, characters and/or moments from 30 years of Jurassic World movies. Yes, 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the first movie. Time does indeed fly.

There are 26 Jurassic Park cards total. Among them, 20 are mechanical unique. These might even introduce brand new mechanics to MTG. What are the 6 reprinted cards? Well, there are five basic lands, one for each type, and a Command Tower.

Jurassic Park cards will be available in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan set. This is a return to a popular plane which focused on four tribes: Merfolk, Vampires, Pirates, and… You guessed it, Dinosaurs! Thus, it makes a lot of sense to print these cards in this specific set.

All of these cards have a special set symbol:

Jurassic Park MTG Cards Set Icon

How to Get MTG Jurassic Park Cards?

These will work similar to MTG Transformer cards. Therefore, you can expect to get them in two types of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan boosters:

As you can see, Set boosters don’t give you amazing odds, with only 8.33%. From a whole booster box, you could expect to get 2-3 Jurassic Park cards on average. Collector boosters always contain a Jurassic Park card, but are pricier.

Just keep in mind that you won’t get these cards in Draft boosters. Thus, if you’re interested in opening a card from the popular Dinosaur movies, avoid Draft boosters.

MTG Jurassic Park: Full Card List

All Jurassic Park cards have been previewed. As mentioned before, the cards can be divided into two groups. In the first one, you’ll find 20 mechanically unique cards, such as a saga that flips into a land, T-Rex, Jeff Goldblum, and more. Let’s take a look:

Dino DNA MTG Jurassic Park Cards Full List

The second group of cards are the six reprints. However, these come with a twist. Each card is double-sided, even though it’s the same card on both sides. The difference comes from the artwork. The front side (left column) depicts dinosaurs before they break free, while on the backside (right column), you’ll find free-roaming dinos.

Additional Ways to Acquire Jurassic Park Cards

While the most common way to open these card is going to be with Set and Collector boosters, there’s one additional option. We’re talking about the two Bundles, released with The Lost Caverns of Ixalan set.

First, there’s the regular Bundle, which contains 8 Set boosters, plus a whole lot of additional bonus content. That includes foil basic lands, promo card, and most importantly a guaranteed Jurassic Park card. This is great news, as it’s the most moderately priced product, in which you know you’re going to open one.

Second option is the Gift Edition Bundle. It comes with similar stuff, but there’s also a Collector booster included. On top of that, the guaranteed Jurassic Park card is in foil, which is a great bonus. So, in this product you will get at least two of these cards, plus maybe an additional one in Set boosters.

In the following table, you’ll find a short summary of how many Jurassic Parks cards can you expect in different products:

Lost Caverns ProductBoostersJurassic Cards
Lost Caverns of Ixalan Set Booster Box IconSet Booster Box30 Set
  • 2.50 on average (in Set)
  • Lost Caverns of Ixalan Collector Booster Box IconCollector Booster Box12 Collector
  • 12 guaranteed
  • Lost Caverns of Ixalan Regular Bundle IconRegular Bundle8 Set
  • 1 guaranteed
  • 0.67 on average (in Set)
  • Lost Caverns of Ixalan Gift Edition Bundle IconGift Edition Bundle8 Set
    1 Collector
  • 2 guaranteed (1 foil)
  • 0.67 on average (in Set)
  • As you see, you’re best option are the Collector boosters, but if you’re looking for something less pricey, getting a Gift Edition Bundle is a good idea too.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the guaranteed card that comes with any of the two bundles, will always be one of the 20 mechanically unique cards. So, there’s no basic lands and Command Tower in that slot.

    Of course, if you’re looking for a specific card, it’s probably best to simply buy it on the secondary market.

    Emblem Versions

    There’s also a special foil variant, called the Emblem version. You can recognized them by the Jurassic Park logo (emblem) that appears on the card. Here’s one example, although it may seem a bit weird. The effect looks better in person.

    Indominus Rex, Alpha Emblem Verison Jurassic Park MTG Cards

    This emblem can appear on most of the mechanically unique cards. (That’s the first group in the gallery above.) The only exception is the flip card, Welcome to / Jurassic Park, which doesn’t have an emblem variant.

    These card will be incredibly rare, as you can only open them in Collector boosters. Even then, they only appear in less that 1% of Collector boosters. Thus, if you open one of this, you probably got quite a valuable card, and an amazing collector’s item. Don’t sell it, before you check its price online, so the other party can’t take advantage of you.

    MTG Jurassic Park Cards FAQ

    Below you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions players and collectors ask about these cards.

    When will the Jurassic Parks MTG cards going to be released?

    The release date for The Lost Caverns of Ixalan is November 17, 2023. Consequently, that’s the release date for Jurassic Park Magic cards, too.

    How many different Jurassic Park cards are released in MTG?

    There will be 26 different MTG Jurassic Park cards. This is more than previous similar releases. For example, there were only 15 Transformers cards.

    In which formats will Jurassic Park cards be legal in?

    They will be legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage.

    Can I play Jurassic Park cards in Standard?

    No, you can’t, unless that card’s version is already legal in Standard. For example, you can use Jurassic Park basic Plains in your Standard deck.

    What are the odds of opening a Jurassic card in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan booster?

    The odds depend on the booster type. Draft boosters don’t contain these cards, so their odds are 0%. Set booster offer you a 1 in 12 chance, which means there’s a 8.33% chance of acquiring one. Finally, Collector boosters come with a guaranteed Jurassic Park cards, which gives you a 100% chance.

    Are Jurassic Park cards coming to MTG Arena?

    No, they aren’t. Apart from perhaps the basic lands, which might make an appearance.

    Which movies are represented in MTG Jurassic Park cards?

    All the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies, should be represented among these cards. You’ll be able to find characters from from the first Jurassic Park (1993) to the most recent movie Jurassic World: Dominion (2022).

    What are the odds of opening an Emblem version of a Jurassic Park card?

    The exact odds aren’t known, but each Collector has a less than 1% chance of containing an Emblem card.

    How much will the MTG Jurassic Park cards cost?

    It’s hard to say. As of writing of this article, the regular versions are selling for $5-$30 on the secondary market. The emblem cards will likely be pricier. We shall learn more about their prices in the near future.


    If you didn’t find what you were looking for, let us know in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you.

    Perhaps you want to know more about the new releases. If so, check out the upcoming MTG sets, as there’s always something exciting just around the corner.

    However, if you want to know more about this specific set, there’s also plenty of content for you, such as:

    Until next time, have fun, and may your favorite dinosaur come to Magic.

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    1. Wouldn’t the jurassic park basic lands be considered a marked card due to not having the basic magic back? I doubt people will use the substitute card for thier basic lands

      • No, they wouldn’t. There are already plenty of double-faced cards in Magic. What you do need to do is to use them with non-transparent sleeves, so you can’t tell by the card’s back that you’re drawing a basic land.


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