MTG Spree Rules: What’s the New Symbol in the Mana Cost?

Spree is a new MTG mechanic, which first appear in Outlaws of Thunder Junction set. In this article, you’ll learn about its rules and find answers to any questions you might have about it, like:

  • What does MTG spree do?
  • How many options can you choose from a spree card?
  • What’s the symbol in the spree cards’ mana cost?
  • And more!

With that said, let’s begin.

How Does Spree Work?

A card with spree offers you multiple options, when you cast it. You can select any number of them, as long as you select at least one.

Each option you pick increases the card’s cost. By how much? That depends on the card and its effects. The costs can be similar or vastly different.

Cards with spree can be quickly identified without reading their text box. In the top right corner of the card, just next to the card’s costing cost, you’ll notice a small symbol. That’s a reminder that a card has spree, so just paying its regular mana cost won’t be enough.

This might seem a bit convoluted, but in practice it’s much simpler, as you’ll see from the following example.


Here’s Shifting Grift, the first among leaked Outlaws of Thunder Junction cards with spree.

Shifting Grift MTG Spree Rules

Although, the card’s cost seems to be two blue mana, you’ll need to pay more, as you must choose at least one of the three options.

Say, you want to use just the second ability. That means you need to pay three mana total, and you’ll be able to exchange control of two target artifacts.

However, you might also want to swap two creatures in addition to artifacts. That tacks on another two mana, making the total mana cost five. But what if you want to do it all? That’s also possible, but it’ll cost you six mana.

As you can see, cards with spree offer lots of possibilities.

Here’s another example, which offers you just two options.

Insatiable Avarice Thunder Junction Spree Rules

Once again, you can’t pay just a black mana to cast Insatiable Avarice. You can choose the first option, pay three mana (one of which must be black), and search your library for a card and put it on the top of your deck.

You might prefer the second option. In that case, you’ll pay three black mana, to draw three cards and lose three life.

However, this card can really pack a powerful effect if you choose both options. Now you’ll need to pay five mana total (at least three black). Now you get both effects, and they happen in order that they’re written. So, you’ll search your deck first, then draw three cards and lose three life. This essentially becomes a Demonic Tutor, which also draws you a card. Now that’s pretty neat!

MTG Spree – FAQ

So, that’s the basic gist of the spree mechanic. There aren’t that many special synergies with it, so we’re moving right to the FAQ part of the article. If you read through the answers, and still don’t find what you were looking for, leave us a comment below, and we’ll get back to you.

What does it mean if a card has spree?

It means that you need to pick at least one of the presented additional costs when you cast it. You can select as many as you’d like, but they will increase the total cost of a card.

Can you cast a card with spree without paying additional costs?

No, you need to select at least one additional cost when you cast a card with spree.

What’s the icon in the mana cost of some Outlaws of Thunder Junction cards?

It’s the reminder that a card has spree, so you need to pay additional costs to play it.

Can you pick multiple choices from a spree card?

Yes, you can. Of course, if you have enough mana to pay them.

What Else is There in the Wild West?

That’s it for MTG spree rules. Now you should know how to take use this mechanic to its fullest.

That’s all about MTG plot rules. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to use this new knowledge to your advantage and win many games with it.

Of course, spree is just one of the various new things releasing with Outlaws of Thunder Junction. There’s plenty more going on in this set. If you want to learn more about them, check these articles:

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Until next time, have fun and may you go on a long winning spree!

4 thoughts on “MTG Spree Rules: What’s the New Symbol in the Mana Cost?”

    • Great question. First think you need to consider is the spree card’s mana value. That depends on its regular mana cost, in the top right corner. So, the mana value of Shifting Gridt is two. This means you can hit it with both discover 2 and with cascade spells that cost three or more.
      However, you’ll only be able to get its regular cost for free. Any other additional costs (options) still need to be payed. Thus, you’ll always need to pay some mana when hitting a spree card with discover or cascade.


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