Murders at Karlov Manor Serialized Cards: Full List & Guide

As it turns out, serialized cards are here to stay. And why wouldn’t they be? They are an amazing collector’s item, so opening them is a spectacular feeling. In this article, you’ll find a full list of all Murders at Karlov Manor serialized cards. (Also known as Ravnica City serialized cards.) We’ll also share various details about them, such as their amount, your odds of opening them, and more.

There’s a whole lot to talk about, but first, a quick explanation for beginners about what those cards actually are.

What are Murders at Karlov Manor Serialized Cards?

Karlov Manor serialized cards are extremely rare, uniquely-numbered cards that use the Ravnica City foil treatment. These can only be opened in Murders at Karlov Manor Collector boosters.

In the following video, you can see an example of how splendid such a card looks like:

There will be 7 different Karlov Manor Serialized cards. Three of them use the mythic symbol, while the other four use the rare symbol. However, the rarities matter just for non-serialized Ravnica City versions. With these, all seven cards appear at the same rate.

The reason for this is that there are exactly 250 copies of each card printed.

These cards will be extremely rare, and likely worth quite a lot on the secondary market. If you manage to open one, and decide to sell it, make sure that you get multiple offers from respectable sources. Don’t just sell it to the first person who offers to buy it, in order to get your money’s worth.

Where to Get Murders at Karlov Manor Serialized Cards?

You can either get these cards on the secondary market, or open them in the Murders at Karlov Manor Collector boosters. Those are the only boosters containing these cards.

Murders at Karlov Manor Collector Booster Box

There’s only one piece of information that Wizards released regarding the odds of opening a serialized card. In any given Collector booster, your odds of opening such a card are 1% or lower. Now, that doesn’t really tell you that much. Your odds could be 0.99% or 0.0001%. A major difference, but the “less then 1%” statement would still hold true.

Odds Calculation

However, we can take what we know from previous sets, do some math, and get a more accurate estimate.

There was a set released just before this one, called Ravnica Remastered. Wizards stated (official source) that you have a 1% chance of opening one of the Ravnica Remastered serialized cards in a Collector booster of that set. Not less than, but exactly 1%.

With that set, there were 64 different serialized cards with 500 copies each. That’s a total of 32,000 cards. With Karlov Manor, there are only 7 cards with 250 copies each, which makes for 1,750 serialized cards total.

The difference is enormous, as there are 94.53% fewer serialized cards in Collector boosters. Therefore, if there was a 1% chance of opening a Ravnica Remastered serialized card, Murders at Karlov Manor reduces that chance to 0.055%.

But wait, that doesn’t account for the fact that the print run of a regular set, such as Karlov Manor is typically much larger than that of a supplemental set like Ravnica Remastered.

Thus, the odds are even lower than 0.055%. It’s quite weird that the advertised number is less than 1%. While that’s technically true, it does seem quite misleading.

Based on all that, we can assume that these cards will be rarer and thus pricier than their counterparts from Ravnica Remastered.

Serialized Cards List

Currently, four cards have been confirmed that they get the serialized Ravnica City treatment.

The other three cards will also depict Guild leaders. Note that even if a card depicted above doesn’t use the number, the actual serialized card will have one.

Karlov Manor Serialized Cards – FAQ

Here are some frequently asked question about these fascinating cards, and their answers. More of these will be added in the upcoming days.

How many copies of a specific Karlov Manor serialized card exist?

Based on Aurelia, there should be 250 copies of each selected card, each uniquely numbered.

Which Murders at Karlov Manor serialized card will be the most expensive?

It’s hard to say, but generally the most powerful cards with significant numbers (1, 69, 100, etc.) fetch the highest prices.

Which products contain serialized Karlov Manor cards?

Only Murders at Karlov Manor Collector boosters might contain these cards.

Do Karlov Manor serialized cards appear only in English boosters?

No, these cards can appear in Collector boosters of any language. However, they are always in English, regardless of the booster’s language.

What are the odds of opening a Karlov Manor serialized card in a Collector booster?

The official odds are less than 1%. However, based on some calculations we did above, that number is probably less than 0.055%.


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Until next time, enjoy Magic, and good luck with opening your packs.

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