Top 3 Cards to Upgrade Riders of Rohan Precon With

Hello, folks! Today, I’m doing a very quick Riders of Rohan Upgrade Guide, discussing 3 cards, which you should add to the deck. Nevertheless, the cards I selected should improve the deck by a significant margin.

First, let’s check the decklist, and then we’ll move to the cards.

Riders of Rohan Decklist

Riders of Rohan Commander Deck
Commander (1)
Éowyn, Shieldmaiden

Creatures (31)
Aragorn, King of Gondor
Archivist of Gondor
Bastion Protector
Beregond of the Guard
Boromir, Gondor’s Hope
Champions of Minas Tirith
Combat Celebrant
Dearly Departed
Denethor, Stone Seer
Éomer, King of Rohan
Erkenbrand, Lord of Westfold
Faramir, Steward of Gondor
Fiend Hunter
Flamerush Rider
Frontier Warmonger
Frontline Medic
Gilraen, Dúnedain Protector
Gimli of the Glittering Caves
Grey Host Reinforcements
Harsh Mentor
Humble Defector
Lossarnach Captain
Palace Jailer
Prince Imrahil the Fair
Riders of Rohan
Selfless Squire
Théoden, King of Rohan
Verge Rangers
Village Bell-Ringer
Weathered Wayfarer
Zealous Conscripts

Instants (4)
Lost to Legend
Path to Exile
Swords to Plowshares
Unbreakable Formation

Sorceries (8)
Call for Aid
Forth Eorlingas!
Increasing Devotion
Sunset Revelry
Supreme Verdict
Taunt from the Rampart
Visions of Glory

Enchantments (6)
Banishing Light
Court of Ire
Fealty to the Realm
Marshal’s Anthem
Oath of Eorl
Shared Animosity
Lands (38)
Battlefield Forge
Clifftop Retreat
Command Tower
Evolving Wilds
Exotic Orchard
Field of Ruin
Furycalm Snarl
Glacial Fortress
Path of Ancestry
Port Town
Prairie Stream
Rogue’s Passage
Secluded Courtyard
Sulfur Falls
Terramorphic Expanse
Throne of the High City
Tranquil Cove
Windbrisk Heights
Wind-Scarred Crag

Artifacts (12)
Arcane Signet
Commander’s Sphere
Crown of Gondor
Door of Destinies
Heirloom Blade
Herald’s Horn
Sol Ring
Talisman of Conviction
Talisman of Progress
Thought Vessel
Vanquisher’s Banner
Wayfarer’s Bauble

The new cards might not be in the database yet. To find them, check LotR Commander Decks Guide and MTG LotR spoilers.

Best 3 Cards for Riders of Rohan Upgrade

Eowyn, Shieldmaiden Riders of Rohan Upgrade Guide

The following upgrades are meant for the version of the deck that uses Eowyn, Shieldmaiden as the main commander.

Cathars’ Crusade

Cathars' Crusade How to Make Riders of Rohan Better

Given how Eowyn can bring lots of creatures into play, you want excellent anthem effects. (Cards that buff your whole team.)

One of the strongest ones is most certainly Cathars’ Crusade, albeit it needs some work to be at its best. You need to get creatures into play, after you’ve already played this enchantment.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem in this deck, as you already want to constantly be putting new Humans into play, in order to trigger Eowyn. On top of that, this card really buffs the Eowyn’s effect.

At the beginning of your combat, you aren’t getting just two 2/2 tokens, but you’re putting two +1/+1 counters, on all of your creatures, the new tokens included. So instead of only adding a bit of power to the battlefield, you can get a full on army ready in no time at all.

On top of that, the art of the card fits perfectly into this deck.

Outlaws’ Merriment

Outlaws Merriment Riders of Rohan Upgrade Guide

This is a solid enchantment on its own, but the biggest reason you’ll be playing it, is that Eowyn’s ability will always be active. No matter which one of the three tokens you get, there’s always a Human entering the battlefield, so you’re getting two Knights from Eowyn too.

While in a typical Humans-matter deck this card is an okay inclusion, it gets significantly better here thanks to its synergy with your commander.

Flawless Maneuver

Flawless Maneuver MTG

This last card might feel a bit boring, as it seems like a generic white staple. However, I still wanted to include it here, for two reasons.

First, you’re playing a heavily creature based deck. Each such deck needs some form of protection against mass removal spells, and why wouldn’t you just play the best one.

The other reason is that the card was recently reprinted in the All Will Be One Commander decks. Thus, its price got much lower than it was before, and is currently a very fine pickup, which you can use in many of your other white deck too.


That’s it for today. If time permits, I’ll hopefully be able to update Riders of Rohan Upgrade Guide, so check back in a week or so. Until then, here are some other articles that might interest you:

Until next time, have fun with your upgraded Riders of Rohan deck, and enjoy Magic.

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  1. Very interesting! Happy I have two of them already – and that it supports my idea this Human theme should’ve been Boros instead.

    However, I’m more interested in the monarch theme with Aragorn as commander. Will you be doing a top-3 upgrade for that too? 🙂


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