Thunder Junction Full-Art Western Basic Lands

Magic’s Wild West set is bringing us a ton of cool stuff. One of the highlights are certainly the Western basic lands. (Also known as Outlaws of Thunder Junction full-art basic lands.) Below, you’ll be able to find all five of them, as well as information on how to get them.

Full List of Western Basic Lands

All of these stunning basics are a work of Salvatorre Zee Yazzie. Each one showcases the Thunder Junction plane. The mana symbol is somewhat hidden within the art, but still easily recognizable.

Plains Outlaws of Thunder Junction Basics
Island Full-Art Western Basic Lands
Swamp Western Full Art Basic Lands
Mountain Thunder Junction Full Art Basic Lands
Forest Western Full Art Basic Lands Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Which of the five lands is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Now, let’s see how should one go about acquiring these lands.

Where to get Thunder Junction Full-Art Lands?

There are two types of Thunder Junction boosters. Play booster is the cheaper one and has a 16% chance of containing a Western land. So, approximately 1 in every 6 Play boosters comes with a full-art land.

On the other hand, Collector boosters are significantly more expensive, as they come with multiple rares, foils, and alternate arts. As far as the Western full-art lands go, there one foil guaranteed in every pack.

However, if you want a product that will give you the most Thunder Junction full-art basic lands, then you should get yourself a Bundle.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Bundle

Bundle comes with 9 Play boosters, but it also contains 30 basic lands. Among these, you’ll get 10 Western full-arts, evenly distributed. On top of that, half of them will be in foil. What’s not to like?

Given that the Bundle is a well-rounded and a popular product, this is a great way of acquiring this basics. You can find more info about Outlaws Bundle contents here.

Of course, if you don’t care about all that extra stuff, you might just want to buy the lands as singles. You can do so on TCGPlayer, where you’ll find just about any Magic card you might want.

Find Out More About Thunder Junction

At the beginning, we mentioned how there’s a lot of exciting things coming with this set. If you wonder what that could be, you can find more info in the following articles:

Until next time, have fun playing Magic, and may you always draw the perfect 7.

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